Neuro PS Gold Plus Review (UPDATED 2020) – Is It Safe?

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This supplement is incredibly expensive and it’s not supported by enough positive reviews. It would take a lot of money to keep using this and unfortunately, the official website is bare as they fail to provide a good enough reason to try this.

Most of the formula is fairly common to nootropics and the only unique ingredient is a patented extract that has limited details about what it can do, or if it’s safe to take over time.

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Neuro PS Gold Plus Overview

Neuro PS Gold Plus is a nootropic supplement that claims it can offer comprehensive support. Nowhere on the official website is there any proof for any of this, nor do they offer a descriptive overview of the claims. It also doesn’t many any sense why they would charge such a high amount of money for a basic blend of common ingredients, most of which can be sourced from food.

The other herbs are decent but far too commonly seen in nootropics. We also take issue with a key patented additive which has no official website to explain what it’s all about. This is also a patented form of a basic additive which the body makes and which is already extracted from common foods.

Overall there isn’t enough here to justify the incredibly expensive price tag. Other brands use the same basic formula for far less.

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Neuro PS Gold Plus Claims

The official website keeps their claims to the point and without any further explanation. Essentially this is made to help those who may be concerned with the natural loss of brain function as we age.

There’s a quick summary offered on the front of the bottle which says it can help with focus, memory, and overall brain function through various means. They don’t offer anything else but this quick explanation as well as a few details on a key ingredient.

Because they do not go into specifics, it’s then reliant on the customer to do research on the formula. Nowhere on the official website do they go into detail about the ingredients, showing what it’s meant to do and evaluating the importance of each additive.

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Neuro PS Gold Plus Ingredients

  • Neuro-PS
  • DHA
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Gotu Kola
  • Choline Bitartrate

Neuro-PS offers a patented additive that provides the natural chemical known as Phosphatidylserine. This is used by the brain in order to improve impulses and to aid brain function. It’s highly important and essential to good brain health, which is why it is found naturally in many foods.

DHA is a useful omega-3 fatty acid that is effective at supporting heathy skin, eye, and brain health. This can help reduce inflammation and overall nerve function.

The ancient herb Ginkgo Biloba is used to aid circulation and reduce the breakdown of healthy cells. It is most often supplemented by people who are concerned with developing Alzheimer and other memory related potential complications.

Gotu Kola works as an ancient herb that has been used for improved mood, anxiety reduction, and improved digestion. There is potential concern as certain people may be allergic to this.

Choline Bitartrate offers a version of choline which the brain uses to support overall memory and health. Choline is naturally sourced from whole foods of many different kinds, and it is important for regulating cognition.

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The Science Behind Neuro PS Gold Plus

The biggest flaw with this brand is the lack of an explanation. All they claim is that the key active ingredient, Neuro PS, is used to help reduce cognitive decline. They add that the way they process in which it’s made keeps it free from impurities and that it can provide the support needed to combat age-related cognitive decline.

The effects are targeted to fight against mild issues related to focus and aging. Their capsules are also meant to offer fast acting support, though they fail to explain exactly what makes their capsules special.

Overall there really isn’t much said about this brand. The details are brief and worse yet, they fail to publish any evidence. This is especially a problem with the main patented ingredient Neuro PS; we couldn’t find any reliable data about this additive from the official website or from any other website.

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Word on the Street About Neuro PS Gold Plus

Very few reviews are offered online, but on Amazon the less than 10 experiences show that it offered some relief for users. The problem with this however is the fact that people still said it was expensive, which may make it not worthwhile to use daily as it’s suggested.

There also has to be more reviews in order for people to know exactly what is to be expected with repeat use. With so few opinions to examine, we can’t say for certain if it’s going to be reliable.

At least a few more reviews should be offered so potential users can learn about what’s a likely result.

Is Neuro PS Gold Plus Worth a Try?

Due to the high price, lack of a suitable explanation by the company, and only a handful of reviews, it’s clear there is better support elsewhere. For people interested in getting a supportive supplement, this wouldn’t fare well over time. Not only is most of their formula basic, but the only unique ingredient is lacking any evidence to show what makes it better than its regular version. We’d have to be able to examine more science to see what this additive can really do.

What’s also concerning is the incredibly expensive price. You can find many other nootropics with the same basic blend but without the patented version of PS and get it for a lot cheaper. They fail to add any evidence to justify the extremely high cost.

Overall it’s not price effective or well-balanced enough formula to recommend it as a suitable nootropic.

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Neuro PS Gold Plus FAQ

  1. Are there any Neuro PS Gold Plus side effects to worry about?
    There weren’t many reviews to examine but so far there haven’t been any side effects mentioned.
  1. What are the full Neuro PS Gold Plus ingredients?
    This contains an active blend of DHA, ginkgo biloba, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, gotu kola, choline Bitartrate, and Neuro-PS.
  1. What are the intended Neuro PS Gold benefits?
    They highlight that it’s good for memory, focus, and overall brain function through different forms.
  1. What is Neuro PS Gold Plus?
    This is a nootropic supplement that has a blend of common ingredients.
  1. Where can I find Vitamin World Neuro PS Gold reviews?
    The best sources are their official website and Amazon.

So What Really Works?

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Many positive reviews can be found of people stating how useful it was and how it offered noticeable improvements. Customers also enjoyed its possibility to be used daily without a concern for cycling or careful timed dosing. It can be used any time of the day and it’s made to provide even better support the more it’s used. The company also offers a full GMP certification which ensures that the facilities are maintained by 3rd party reviews. For all the details on this top rated nootropic, we suggest clicking here to learn more about Memotenz.

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