Plexus Block Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Plexus Block is a dietary supplement that aims to change the way your body processes food–ideally, resulting in fat loss. In this review, we’ll examine the various components that go into Plexus Block, plus whether we found this product to be an effective tool for weight loss.

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Plexus Block Overview

Plexus Block is a vegetarian dietary supplement designed to change how your body processes sugar and carbs.

According to the maker of this product, Plexus Block works to block the absorption of up to 48% of sugars and carbs by reducing the body’s production of glucose.

The idea is that the product aims to keep blood sugar levels within a reasonable range–allowing you to eat whatever you want.

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Plexus Block Claims

The Plexus website claims that their solution will help you have your cake and eat it too. But, in all honesty, it seems too good to be true. The formula is meant to block the body’s natural processes, which takes this beyond a tool that keeps you full to manage weight, but rather, something that messes with glucose production and more.

We tried to take a deeper look at the product, but most of the information provided is by the maker, Plexus Worldwide, a multi-level marketing company, that relies on brand ambassadors to make sales in exchange for a discount on wholesale supplies.

The product comes in pill form and is meant to be taken once a day–two pills per day to be taken before your highest carbohydrate meal. Plexus Block isn’t supposed to block the absorption of beneficial nutrients but doesn’t go into depth about how this works.

The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee–stating if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return, no questions asked.

While Plexus Worldwide does subscribe to the subscription business model, you’re not required to enroll in autopay to try it for yourself.  The product is $39.95 for a one-time purchase of a 30-day supply. Shoppers can subscribe and save 15%.

The site does keep your credit card information on file if you opt for the latter option, but they do claim you can cancel at any time. We didn’t see any complaints from users who felt that the auto-ship function took advantage of them, which is a good sign.

Legitimate shopping experience aside, it’s hard to say whether or not Plexus Block can live up to its claims. The site doesn’t go into too much depth explaining how this product works; rather it seeks to highlight the benefits of taking a pill that essentially blocks carbs and sugar from causing weight gain. And while in theory that sounds great, if this really worked, wouldn’t we all know about it by now?

On top of all this, the FDA issued a statement back in 2024, stating that Plexus Worldwide had made claims that their products were intended to treat, cure, and prevent diseases. Which doesn’t sound so bad, but these intentions fall outside of the scope of what supplement makers can claim.

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Plexus Block Ingredients

The official website mentions a long list of ingredients aimed at keeping you full, while simultaneously providing the nutrition needed to help you power through the day. According to the official product label, this product contains the following ingredients:

  • White kidney bean extract
  • Brown seaweed blend
  • Chromium picolinate

Plexus Block is a fibrous supplement used to make you both feel full, and block the effects that carb-rich foods can have on your weight loss goals.

The product relies on ingredients like white kidney bean to brown seaweed to yield its promised results.

White kidney bean is used as a carbohydrate blocker. This ingredient reportedly inhibits the digestion of starches, which leaves them undigested in the gut. The starches are then excreted before the body absorbs the calories.

Brown seaweed is a large, leafy sea vegetable. Its low in calories and may be used in place of pasta or other starches.

Brown seaweed contains a substance called fucoxanthin, which is thought to affect weight loss.

The sea vegetable also has some nutritional benefits associated with its use. You’ll get vitamins B2, B9, and B12, plus iron, magnesium, and fiber. The fiber works to boost digestive health and promote regular bowel movements.

In a study published by the journal, Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism, researchers found that a combination of pomegranate seed oil and the pigment, fucoxanthin might work to reduce liver fat and promote weight loss in obese women.
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Chromium picolinate is a chemical compound used as a nutritional supplement. The supplement is thought to affect conditions ranging from high blood sugar to depression, PCOS, and weight loss.

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The Science Behind Plexus Block

It’s a real mixed bag with the Plexus Block ingredients. White kidney bean extract seems to hold some promise, but there’s not much research on the substance at this time.

Brown seaweed seems to be this supplement’s greatest asset. The sea vegetable boasts a variety of key nutrients like iron and B vitamins and has shown some promising results as a natural means of fighting obesity. That said, this product does not contain pomegranate seed oil, which factors greatly into the study we referenced above.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that chromium has been linked to some adverse effects. It’s sold all over the place, but it may cause you harm if you suffer from liver or kidney disease, have diabetes, mental illness, or a thyroid disorder. The effect on weight loss is likely minimal, and some users reported issues like diarrhea, hives, headaches, and vertigo with use.

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Word on the Street about Plexus Block

There aren’t too many reviews available from neutral, third-party sources who tried this supplement first-hand.

That said, Amazon has a few reviews of this item, which ranges considerably. A couple of people mentioned that this product caused them to experience chest and stomach pains. Others said it helped them ward off cravings and keep their weight under control.

There were a few comments here and there on forums like Reddit, where consumers shared their thoughts on the supplement. Again, it seems people had mixed feelings about it. Plexus does seem to affect appetite suppression, but it came with some unwanted side effects.

According to Plexus Worldwide, side effects associated with this product may include nausea, constipation, and stomach pain.

Additionally, green tea extract may have an effect on how the body absorbs iron from foods.

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Is Plexus Block Worth a Try?

It’s hard to say. There weren’t enough customer testimonials from people who weren’t part of the “ambassador program.
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” On top of that, there were a few complaints from people who mentioned this product caused them some discomfort with use.

On the plus side, the ingredients listed in the formula don’t seem to pose any risk to consumers aside from giving them a range of mildly uncomfortable stomach issues.

That said, there were a few things we didn’t love about this company or this product. For one, Plexus Worldwide is a multi-level marketing scheme, that takes advantage of people who “want to work from home” or “be their boss.” You don’t have to become an ambassador to buy the products, but these situations can be exploitative to lower-income women, in particular.

We also didn’t like that the website, was that it failed to give readers a quick science lesson. We would have liked to see more information regarding how the product works, not just a general “you can eat desserts and not gain more weight” type of throwaway statement.

Starch blockers in general, aren’t the miracle supplement they sound like at first blush.  Many of supplements in this class are used as a diabetes treatment, as they help regulate blood sugar. WebMD warns against taking non-prescription starch blockers, as they may contain unlisted ingredients. Supplement makers do not have to prove to the FDA they are safe for consumption–at least not to the extent a prescription drug does.

Additionally, the price of this product seems high, given there’s not much evidence to support the use of Plexus Block and others like it, as far as weight loss is concerned. Plus, you risk side effects like cramping, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and gas. Nothing too dangerous, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

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Plexus Block FAQ

  1. Where Can I Buy Plexus Block?
    Shoppers may purchase the product exclusively from Plexus Worldwide for $37.95 per 30-serving bottle.
  2. What are the main Plexus Block Pros and Cons?
    Plexus Worldwide recommends taking this supplement alongside other products. If users opt to do this, they may end up spending a considerable amount of money on this weight loss plan.
    Carb blockers are seen as a relatively safe ingredient and most people won’t experience any issues with them—aside from minor issues like gas or bloating. That said, it may be worthwhile to focus on changing your diet instead of relying on blockers.
  3. How long do I have to take Plexus Block?
    The site doesn’t say how long users should take the product.
  4. What are the Plexus Block usage instructions?
    The official website states you should take this product no more than twice a day.

    Ideally, one should take this supplement before a meal containing sugar or carbohydrates.

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