11 Negative Side Effects Of Wine Consumption

negative side effects of wine

The effects of wine are still controversial nowadays. Drinking wine is believed to have a number of health benefits; however, it is undeniable that overconsumption or addiction of wine can result in negative impacts.

Scientists have found out that wine addiction can increase the risk of severe or life-threatening health conditions. Several studies have found the close relationship between wine overconsumption and high cholesterol.

Unless the wine is drunk in moderation, it can lead to high blood pressure, allergic reactions, liver cirrhosis, sleep deprivation, certain types of cancer, brain damage, breast cancer, inflamed pancreas, heart issues, injuries, stress, violence and even death.

Negative Side Effects of Wine Consumption – Drink Wine in Moderation

This article on VKool.com will share the detailed information about negative side effects of wine. Wine should be drunk in moderation to keep your body healthy.

1. Result In Sleep Deprivation

side effects of wine - result in sleep deprivation

Consuming wine makes many people feel drowsy. This is because alcohol moves into the bloodstream by passing through your stomach lining and intestine. However, drowsy feeling lasts in short time and result in a lighter sleep or sleep deprivation. You should not drink too much wine before bedtime because alcohol in wine has negative impacts on sleep quality and quantity. A 2024 study concluded that wine consumption is detrimental to deep sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of unwanted side effects of wine consumption I let you know in this article.

Acting as a sedative, a small amount of alcohol can lead to sleepiness. When absorbed, alcohol will affect your brain within a few minutes. Not few people think that drinking wine before bedtime helps them to fall asleep. However, using alcohol to induce sleep is not an ideal idea. Alcohol or wine consumption before bedtime may impact on sleep stages and causes lighter sleep and abrupt awakenings.

To have a restful deep sleep, you should make sure that your bedtime is the same every night. Regular exercise in the morning or in the late afternoon may reduce your body temperature, relax your mind and initiate the sleep process. When you go to bed, it is important for you to turn off all the light in your room. As a stimulant, caffeine found in soda, coffee, and tea should be avoided after 2 p.m.

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Deprivation is among the worst side effects that drinking wine overly can force people to face soon, so watch it out!

2. Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease

Heart disease has different types. The most common type is coronary heart disease that can cause sudden death. Patients with coronary heart disease often die from heart attacks. Moderate consumption of wine (especially red wine) may reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

One glass of wine is good for women and men can drink two glasses of wine daily. However, drinking more can put you at risks of some cardiovascular problems, such as heart disease. It is one of negative side effects of wine and one of the reasons why you should drink wine or consume alcohol in moderation.

It increases the risk of heart disease because drinking wine at a high level can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure triggers a stroke or a heart attack. Excessive consumption of wine can weaken the heart muscle and deteriorate heart function in pumping blood. Moreover, heavy drinking results in an irregular heartbeat.

It is a bad idea to drink wine or consume alcohol for preventing heart disease and cardiovascular problems. It is due to negative side effects of wine consumption. Although consumption may prevent heart disease, alcohol still puts you at the risk of hemorrhagic stroke or brain bleeding. To decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke, you should focus on exercising and eating a healthy diet.

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3. Cause Obesity

side effects of wine - cause obesity

This is also one of the most negative side effects of wine consumption that we need to face right from now and watch out!

For some people, if they drink a glass of wine, they may easily drink a bottle. 5 ounce of wine can provide you about 100 calories and 12 ounces of cooler wine contain about 180 calories. Dessert wines and fortified wines have higher calorie content. Drinking one or two glasses of wine may provide approximately 200 calories. Heavy drinkers often consume more than 2,000 calories from wine consumption only. Moreover, keep in mind that wine consumption may decrease exercise and make you crave foods. Drinking dry wine can drop your blood sugar. Your body has to metabolize the calories from alcohol first before food ones. It sends false signals to your brain. You may think that you need to eat something for increasing blood sugar.

Drinking wine makes you feel hungrier. It is a temporary effect of alcohol in wine. To maintain an ideal weight and keep your body healthy, you should eat quality protein before you consume wine. That may give you energy and help you prevent your craving. If you want to drink wine, make sure that you consume it in moderation. Finally, when you drink alcohol, you should avoid consuming pizza, cheese bread, and apple pie. This is because these foods may increase the absorption of alcohol in the system, leading to the drunk diet. Overweight or obesity is one of negative side effects mentioned in this article.

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4. Fertility

Knowing negative side effects of wine consumption, pregnant women should not drink wine or consume alcohol. This is because wine or alcohol has harmful effects related to pregnancy such as low birth weights and birth defects. Overconsumption of wine is harmful not only for women but also for men. Heavy drinking can lead to the slow motility of the sperm, low testosterone level, and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, not only women but also men should reduce alcohol intake. Pregnant women or nursing moms should know how to stop drinking wine.

5. Cause Pancreatitis

If consume excessively, alcohol in wine can cause acute pancreatitis. Patients with chronic pancreatitis should not drink wine because alcohol can worsen its symptoms. According to 2024 article published Journal of Pancreatology, the close relationship between wine consumption and pancreatitis has been found for over 100 years; however, the reasons have still remained unknown. A little available data showed that bad habits like smoking and drinking wine worsen acute pancreatitis. However, reducing alcohol intake can give you a relief from acute pancreatitis and relieve pain caused by chronic pancreatitis. In fact, this is also among the worst and most negative side effects of wine consumption that drinkers would be able to face soon if the overdrinking issue is going on!

6. Increase Blood Pressure

side effects of wine - increase blood pressure

Excess intake of alcohol can lead to an unhealthy level of blood pressure. Three glasses of wine may result in a temporary increase in blood pressure. Repeated binge drinking habit is associated with long-term increased blood pressure. Therefore, if you are a heavy drinker, you should reduce the alcohol intake to lower your systolic blood pressure. Reducing wine consumption can help you decrease the blood pressure level significantly. The noticeable results are shown within several days to two weeks. Moreover, because wine is high in calories, excessive consumption may result in unwanted weight gain that is a trigger for high blood pressure. Talking about a list of unwanted negative side effects of wine, you should not ignore this impact.

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7. Increase The Risk Of Liver Cirrhosis

It is believed that wine consumption may lead to liver cirrhosis. It is due to alcohol in wine. In men, daily consumption of wine can put them at the risk of liver cirrhosis. Moreover, wine addiction also deteriorates the function of the liver by forcing your liver to work excessively. The liver plays the important role in filtering blood and removing harmful chemicals and waste in your body. Besides liver cirrhosis, wine addiction also leads to liver inflammation and even liver cancer.

When you drink wine in parties, make sure that you drink in moderation. Drink not more than two glasses of wine a day. It is recommended drinking red wine since red wine contains more health benefits and less negative side effects than white wine.

Moreover, do not combine medication with alcohol because this combination can increase the risk of liver failure. If you get diagnosed with liver disease, you should avoid consuming alcohol completely. This is because alcohol can cause ongoing damage to your liver.

You can drink one or two glasses of wine but not on a daily basis to avoid this one out on the list of side effects of wine all people will have to face if the overdrinking issue is still going on day over day.

8. Have Allergic Reaction

White wine is often drunk in parties and celebrations; however, not all people can drink white wine. Millions of American people are an allergy to white wine but they do not know it. The allergic reaction is due to sulfites contained in wine. Compared to red wine, white wine has more sulfite reservations that are used for maintaining the colors and delicate flavors of wine. People who have sulfite allergic reaction suffer from allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, asthma, skin rash, GI distress, and nausea. If you have these allergy symptoms due to sulfites, you should avoid drinking wine and adding the reservations in your diet.

9. Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer

side effects of wine - increase the risk of breast cancer

This is, of course, one thing I want to mention on the list of the worst side effects of wine consumption that everyone should think carefully about and watch out!

Up to now, studies and research have found out many health benefits of red wine such as a reduction in the risk of degenerative diseases and heart disease. Is drinking a glass of wine per day harmless and beneficial? However, it still remains confusing and there are not enough evidence for a logical conclusion. Many researchers and scientists found out that daily consumption of wine can put a human at the risk of breast cancer. According to some studies, there is a close link between alcohol consumption and a variety of cancers such as liver, colorectal and esophageal cancer. Heavy drinkers are more likely to get those cancers. Scientists have investigated to find standard drinking that can affect the risk of cancer. Drinkers who consume more than 118 milliliters of wine or 15 grams of alcohol or 355 ml of beer are more likely to have that risk. Human is still unaware of the close relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer, including the breast cancer. Therefore, it is important for the manufacturers to put the mandatory health warnings on the alcohol labels.

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10. Cause Brain Damage

Overconsumption of alcohol or wine can cause brain damage. That is one of negative side effects of wine. According to researchers, drinking three glasses of wine per day can cause mental unbalance, memory loss and impaired mental agility. Unfortunately, heavy drinkers do not notice the negative changes in their mental health until the symptoms become worse and worse. Wine addictions affect the learning and memory ability in heavy drinkers. Heavy drinkers also suffer from significant problems related to processing speed, working memory, executive function, attention, and balance. To protect the cognitive function, you should drink wine in moderation. It is recommended no more than two glasses a day for men and one glass for women but not on the daily basis.

11. Increase The Risk Of Violence And Injuries

This is the last one out on the list of the worst side effects of wine consumption that we would like to reveal in the entire article today

If you get drunk, you may be likely to get into violence and injuries. This is because wine makes you unable to control your emotion and action. Getting drunk can lead drunken guys to fight and be vulnerable to injuries. This is a reason why people who get drunk must not drive.

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Wine, including red wine, contains many wonderful health benefits. But you should drink it in the moderation. It is important for you to be aware of negative side effects of wine consumption. Finally, I would like to introduce the article “25 Interesting Facts About Alcohol Use And Abuse” to those who are interested in alcohol and wine. Alcohol is still a controversial topic in terms of laws, health, accidents and age. People consume alcohol in their life; however, not many people know any facts about it. In this article, the author shares 25 interesting unknown facts and the impacts of alcohols on a human. All those facts are proven by science with a lot of exact evidence so that readers should not look down yet watch them out for good!

In the entire article today, I have mentioned 11 negative side effects consumption. I do not mean that wine is totally harmful. Wine can give you some wonderful health benefits if it is consumed in moderation. If you have any questions to ask, please leave them in the comment section. I will answer as soon as I can.

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