10 Side Effects Of Obesity On The Body You Should Know

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Obesity and being overweight are more and more frequently reminded in the last decade. This condition has known as an epidemic in the US. The Centers for CDC (Disease Control and Prevention) reports more than 34.9 percentages in the total of 78.6 million adults in the US are obese.

When you absorb more calories daily than burning them through physical activities and exercise, the extra calories will build up day after day and cause obesity. A BMI (body mass index) of more than 30 is defined as obesity.

There are some common reasons causing obesity such as a lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, genetics, inactive lifestyle, pregnancy, age, and the changes of hormones in your body. People sometimes gain weight because of medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Obesity is a very serious problem that can negatively impact on several systems in the body as well as raise the risk of many health problems. Today, in this writing, VKool.com will introduce top 10 side effects of obesity on the body. This article listed the side effects of obesity on the body from reliable sources. However, it is for the informational purpose. Keep following this writing to know if you are in this condition!

Top 10 Side Effects Of Obesity On The Body You Should Know

1. Osteoarthritis

effects of obesity - osteoarthritis

Obesity contributes to causing osteoarthritis which is a popular joint condition of the hips, lower back, and knees.

The extra body weight can put much pressure on your joints and even make the cartilage and tissue normally protect your joints get worn away.

A study published in 2001 reports that there is a relationship between knee osteoarthritis and obesity and then suggests controlling obesity to help reduce the risk of this condition.

Another study in 2024 also indicates that obesity may contribute to the progression and incidence of osteoarthritis, especially at the knee.

Besides, the British Society for Rheumatology also confirms in a 2002 study that the obesity has a moderate impact on the growth of hip osteoarthritis.

Hence, if you suffer from obesity and osteoarthritis, you should lose weight to help in improving your symptoms. Losing weight will reduce stress on your hips, lower back, and knees as well as ease inflammation in the body. Plus, doing exercise daily can also aid in losing weight, reducing pain and increasing your joints’ flexibility.

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2. Effects Of Obesity – Gallbladder Disease

effects of obesity - effects of obesity - gallbladder disease

Gallstones and gallbladder disease commonly occur in people having obesity.
Excess cholesterol is one of the main reasons causing pebble-like materials and gallstones which develop within your gallbladder.

Studies have reported that if the BMI of someone is abnormally high, this person is prone to gallstone disease than usual. In fact, fat in the abdominal area can increase the chance of gallstone disease.

A study tin 2004 highlighted the relationship between the rate of symptomatic gallstone disease and adiposity in the abdomen, independently of BMI.

Another study in 2024 also carried out a survey of 510,000 children at the age from 10 to 19. This study concluded that children having obesity, particularly females, were prone to gallstones.

Later, a 2024 study also had a research with 77,679 participants in Denmark and as a result, women having obesity were at a higher risk of gallstones compared to men.

Researchers showed that this disease often affects to females having less physically active.

By keeping a healthy weight, you may get rid of gallstones and also other gallbladder diseases. When you want to lose weight, you should avoid rapidly losing weight and only lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly.

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3. Sleep Apnea

effects of obesity - sleep apnea

Another of top 10 effects of obesity is sleep apnea. This is a popular sleep disorder and if you suffer from this disorder, you will have brief pauses or shallow breaths during sleeping. It makes you sleepless during the night and caused sleepiness and fatigue during the day. Besides, it also leads to heavy snoring.

Obesity belongs to the list of leading risk factors causing sleep apnea. Those being overweight can have fat buildup much more around their neck, which, in turn, makes their airway narrow and difficult to breathe.

A 2024 study reports that obesity or being overweight is the potent risk agent for the growth of sleep apnea and is caused because of the adiposity’s distribution between the peripheral and central compartments.

Besides, this study also indicates that when patients suffering from sleep apnea have weight loss, the disease severity and upper airway function are significantly improved.

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4. Heart Disease And Stroke

effects of obesity - heart disease and stroke

Because of the increase in BMI, the risk of heart disease is also increased. Obesity causes the plaque buildup inside your coronary arteries supplying blood rich in oxygen to your heart. This plaque will inhibit the blood flow to your heart.

Plus, obesity can contribute to changing the cardiac function or structure. The risk of a stroke and suddenly dying due to heart is also increased with being weight.

In addition, obesity induces the higher risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure and both of two conditions also increase effects of obesity and the chance of strokes or heart disease.

Circulation reports in a 2006 study that obesity is known as a chronic metabolic disorder. It is related to cardiovascular problems and contributes to increasing mortality rates.

A 2024 study also notes that being overweight directly affects to the cardiovascular system. This study also highlights that having necessary steps to reduce obesity can decrease the cardiovascular diseases in human.

If you have obesity, you’d better lose some pounds, particularly around the waist area, to keep a stroke or heart attack at bay.

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5. High Cholesterol

effects of obesity - high cholesterol

People having obesity are prone to high cholesterol. This is a problem in which the low-density lipoprotein level and triglycerides are extremely high while the high-density lipoprotein level is too low.

In fact, abnormal levels of fats in the blood can cause coronary heart problem.

A 2004 study analyzed the association of total cholesterol, BMI and age in females and males.

Researchers concluded that public people should direct health measures at the obesity prevention in young adults because obesity can increase the chance of excess cholesterol in the blood.

Besides obesity, other health problems such as excessive drinking, smoking, genetics, increased age, high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver or kidney disease may also cause high cholesterol.

To combat obesity as well as high cholesterol, you had better lose weight. It is reported that sustained weight loss can effectively raise the HDL levels in people having obesity.

In particular, doing exercise to lose weight is highly beneficial in increasing the levels of HDL compared to dieting.

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If you want to more side effects of obesity on the body, stay with us for our next post!

6. Cancer

effects of obesity - cancer

Cancer happens when cells in your body abnormally grow or even out of control. Cancer is the second factor causing death in the United States.

There are many risk factors contributing to developing cancer, including obesity. Obesity may stimulate the development of certain cancers such as colon, breast, uterus, rectum, kidney, and gallbladder cancer.

In fact, the rate of death caused by cancer in people having obesity is also high.

A study in 2003 reports that the higher BMI in both women and men will make the rates of death caused by the stomach, esophagus, rectum, colon, gallbladder, liver, breast, pancreas, cervix, kidney, and uterus cancer significantly higher.

Another study also highlights the relationship between cancer and obesity.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain a healthy weight by eating and doing physical activity in a healthy way to reduce effects of obesity and the risk of cancer.

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7. High Blood Pressure

effects of obesity - high blood pressure

High blood pressure is another of top 10 side effects of obesity that you should notice. According to the CDC, about one-third U.S. adults (approximately 70 million people) suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure.

One heartbeat can help to pump blood through your arteries to other body parts. 120/80 mm Hg can be considered as a normal index of blood pressure.

If the first figure is over 140 while the second figure is over 90, it can indicate that you have high blood pressure.

This condition is the main factor causing heart disease. It is found that the age and weight gain have an impact on high blood pressure.

The Ochsner Journal highlights in a 2024 study about the association between hypertension and obesity. This study indicates that although losing weight is difficult, you firstly must do it to aid in treating hypertension.

In another study in 2024, 885 apparently healthy adults in Nigeria participated in a survey. As a result, Nigerian adolescents having obesity had a high rate of hypertensive range blood pressure.

While obesity is related to hypertension, people can also experience hypertension because of various reasons such as excessive drinking, genetics, a lack of exercise, high salt intake, birth control pills, and stress.

Whatever the reason causes, you’d better lose weight. You can follow the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, limit the high sodium diet, moderately drink fluid and do exercise every day.

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8. Type 2 Diabetes

effects of obesity - type 2 diabetes

When your body cannot produce enough insulin to control the levels of blood glucose or the insulin that is produced cannot work effectively, it causes a metabolic disorder called as Diabetes.

Obesity can increase the risk of having Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care published a study in 2024 and this study confirms the connection between Type 2 diabetes and obesity. It also highlights that preventing obesity is very beneficial in reducing the rate of this condition.

Public Health England claims in a 2024 report that obesity or being overweight is the main factor causing Type 2 diabetes, which can be modifiable.

According to this report, in England, 90 percentages of adults suffering from Type 2 diabetes had obesity or were overweight.

In addition, Nature Medicine also reports in a study that obesity can cause inflammation, which will induce Type 2 diabetes.

While effects of obesity are prone to diabetes, this condition is also the leading factor causing coronary heart disease, early death, kidney disease, blindness, and strokes.

To reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, you should have a balanced diet to help in losing weight, get enough sleep and do exercise regularly.

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9. Fatty Liver Disease

effects of obesity - fatty liver disease

This is one of top 10 effects of obesity you should know. Fatty liver disease (both nonalcoholic and alcoholic) is popular in people having obesity. In this problem, fat builds up in your liver day by day and then causes scarring or inflammation.

It can ultimately cause severe liver damage like cirrhosis or even liver failure.

It is reported in a study that liver disease related to obesity is a popular liver problem in Western countries.

This study also highlights that a healthier lifestyle can assist in reducing the risk of liver disease associated with obesity.

Experts recommend that people experiencing fatty liver disease should lose weight by having a healthy diet, do physical activity frequently as well as avoid drinking beverages and alcohol.

Besides, always remember to choose a sustained and gradual weight loss target because sudden weight loss may damage your liver.

10. Reproductive Problems

effects of obesity - reproductive problems

Obesity may lead to menstrual problems and infertility in females and cause several sexual health problems such as low sperm count and erectile dysfunction in males.

A study in 2024 reports that being overweight are capable of increasing the risk of several complications during pregnancy and also is related to decreased fertility, increased chance of miscarriages, and menstrual dysfunction. This study even advises that young women should lose weight before pregnancy.

Another 2024 study also highlighted the effects of obesity in females on the result of fertility cure.

Sustained and gradual weight loss can aid in regulating menstrual periods and stimulate the spontaneous ovulation as well as conception in obese and overweight women.

Besides, obesity may also affect to fertility in males. A study published in 2024 reports that men being overweight or having obesity are prone to infertility. They may not have any viable sperm or only have a low sperm count, compared to men having normal weight.

Women during pregnancy who have obesity are at a higher risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

In addition, babies born to obese or overweight mothers also have a high risk of neural tube defects or stillborn.

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If you want to know further about other effects of various conditions & diseases, visit the main Health page. After learning the writing of top 10 side effects of obesity on the body, hope it can help you know the side effects of being overweight on the body. As the article is for informational purpose; you should see the doctor to get the exact diagnosis. Also, if you know more side effects of obesity on the body, share with us.

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