How to read body language of men & influence them

Are you falling in love? Do you want to understand your boyfriend more? Actually, men’s mind is as complicated as women’s mind. So if you want to read what he is thinking, what he wants in his life, you have to understand the signals that he sends to you. Recently, has released an article about how to read body language of men and influence him more easily. Keep reading this writing and learn more.

Getting Tips How To Read Body Language Of Men And influence Him

1. Understand His Emotions 

how to read a man

In fact, men are more emotional than women. According to a report from Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, men have stronger reactions than women and they have strong emotional expressions, as well. How to read body language of men when they do not express their feelings like women do? When he is silent, it does not mean that he does not think about the issues in life.

2. He Is Lonely 

how to read a man

When men are growing older, they will feel lonelier and they seem to be too vulnerable. Loneliness can toll on people’s brain and health. A man will be healthier if he has a stable relationship with a woman. This relationship may help him feel less stressed. So you can help him feel better through your relation with him.

3. He Concentrates On Solutions 

how to read a man

Almost of the men do not want to say about the problems. They like doing than saying about things. Men want to focus on the solutions of the problems. If he is busy, probably, he is seeking for the solutions for his issues. Actually, male brain does not reply stressful things while some people feel stressed or express the feelings out.

4. Pay Attention To Him 

Pay Attention To Him

If you are finding how to read body language of men, you should pay attention to them much more than previous time. They like that. If you, a woman like him concern about you, he will have the same wish. Sometimes, you have to guess about his feelings. He may be happy, sad, or disappointed. Everyone always wants to receive consideration from people. Likewise, your man also wants you notice him more.

5. Be Easy With Him 

how to read a man

Easy here does not mean you have to be cocky with him. If you want to learn how to read body language of men, you have to remember this secret. Teasing a man is one of the best ways to attract him. But, you should not be cocky with him and admire him too much. By the way, you will read what he is thinking about you.

6. Be Prissy 

how to read a man

Are you ready to have date with a man who always pays his attention to your assets? Do you hate him? One of the most useful secrets on how to read a man’s thoughts is to check him through daily issues. You may catch his goals via the sentences he talks with you or something he works every day. If he wants more things that you cannot give, you should be prissy. By the way, you will know who he is.

7. Men Love Sports 

how to read a man

Almost of the men in the world like sports, which help them build muscles and improve health very perfectly. Understanding some sports he is following and give opportunities to play with him. I am sure that you will understand him much through daily physical activities. Men also like watching champions, team sports like baseball or football. They like watching the games such as swimming, biking, and running.

8. Be Confident

how to read a man

I mean that you have to be confident when talking with him. This is very important if you really want to discover more about him. Obviously, you cannot read what he is thinking when you are afraid of him. Of course, you should not talk with him all about you and your family. Who knows, he is not as a good man as you think.

9. Be Crazy

how to read a man

Sometimes you may test or check his feelings by doing something crazy that is not like you. Just some fun and notice his reactions. Do not obtain boundaries, let improve your relationship and try to learn how to read a man’s feeling through the activities. Do you need to be crazy to learn his mind? I think you need to try because it is a spice of the life. Some people may think it is mad, but you may understand him more through the madness.

10. He Is Complicated 

how to read a man

People are different including men. They are very complicated with different mixed signals. Sometimes you are very confused because he does not express his feelings, but he is curious or stressed on mind. Just need your patience if you want to know how to read a man’s thought. It is so hard to know him. In some situations, they also feel confused and they do not know what they wish.

11. He May Test You 

how to read a man

You may be blunt and straightforward in everything, but he may test you some cases. He wants to see how you react to the issues and react to him. He may pretend to be shy and silent, but he actually hopes you will answer the signals from him.

12. He Is Not Ready 

how to read a man

You see him seducing you and following you, and then he seems to be far from you. What is he thinking? Are you dazed? Probably, he is not ready for something serious in his life. He does not feel comfortable to build a relationship with a girl. As the result, you do not immediately conclude he has another girl or he just has joke with you.

13. He Is Curious About Sex 

how to read a man

In some cases, he will send you signal about sex. He wants to get the advantages of relationship with you and want to see the opportunity he will obtain. He could test your mind and your willingness, how far you can go with him in this life. Almost of the men are curious about women’s body. They feel proud of making a woman happy in sex life. He will feel happy if you are satisfied about sex and stimulate him.

14. Put Yourself In His Shoes 

how to read a man

Do you want to learn how to read a man’s belief? You will not know him constantly except he talks with you. One of the best ways to understand him more is to put yourself in his shoes, it means that you imagine you are in his situation and think about the problems. By the way, you may guess what he is tending to.

15. Do Not Miss The Signals 

how to read a man

You may pass his signals from time to time although they are very clear. The reason is that you try to reach more information about him and forget the signals he is transferring to you. Be sure you get all the messages and read him without taking time to discover.

16. Alcohol Influences Him 

how to read a man

When you are trying to read his mind, you may get misunderstood when he drinks a lot. Almost of human’s personalities change when they get alcohol. So, it may not true if he becomes more confident when talking his problems or interests. Men may want to have more sex when they are drunk.

17. Make Friends With His Dears

how to read a man

Talking to his dears including his friends, his family member will be a good way to get his point. You will know how he behaves with women and his close people, and he may act to you alike. In addition, his friends may like your influence and he may have the same feeling. Friendship is very important to him and that is the reason why you should make friends with his dears.

18. Test Him 

how to read a man

Are you wondering how much he loves you and how far he wants to go with you? Try to test him by hanging out with the guy. You may invite your friends to go with him in some parties or activities; you will know how he behaves with you and your girlfriends. You may think some difficult solutions or urgent cases to check.

19. He Is Polite And Nice 

how to read a man

Excellently, there are many polite men in this world. They behave with people around very politely including you. Sometimes, you will think that he is nice and he likes you.  But that is a part of life and that may make you confused. Well, he seems to be complicated and you need to get secrets and techniques to read his mind.

20. Men Like Helping Girls 

how to read a man

Almost of the men like helping girls who are known as weak gender, therefore, you should not do all things without his help; try to make him present his willingness. Men think they are powerful and helpful. Helping a girl is also a good chance to express his love.

21. Men Forget Things 

how to read a man

Men really forget what they talk before due to many reasons. He may forget calling you although he promised it. The reasons are multiple; he may be very busy in works, he may have a lot of phone numbers to remember, or he is sick and cannot call you on time, etc. He may not remember birthday of his mom, even yours because men between ages of 30-60 forget things more than women.  This problem may be due to aging process. They forget names, numbers, and dates more frequently.

22. He Does Not Want A Serious Relationship 

how to read a man

If he is hanging out with you for a long time while you are waiting his response, you may come to think that he does not anything wrong. Actually, he is not ready for a long term relationship or he does not want to have a serious relationship with a girl. His work may be more important than love at that time.

23. He Just Wants To Show

how to read a man

Men always feel that they need to champion all things like upholding in front of friends. He will show many signs of interests with his friends but he gives attention when there are not friends around. You must understand that he just wants to show and want you be proud of him a bit. Let him do it and avoid humiliating him.

24. Communicate With Him 

how to read a man

One of the most effective ways on how to read body language of men is to communicate with them more and more. Be sure that you take time to learn from his signals and figure out what he is thinking about. Communication is a key to go straight a solid relationship, and it is a key to tackle all problems between you. Communication will give you a lot of clues about his life and works. Personality of a person will be express through daily communication. If you do not talk with him, you cannot understand his manners.

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25. Men Like Beauty

how to read a man

It is undeniable that almost of the men like beauty. He likes the appearance first, but he will respect your characters for a long time. If he likes you, he will be attracted in your smile, your hair, your way of behaving with people, and etc. So you should not believe that he wants you just because of your appearance only.

26. Notice His Habits 

how to read a man

On the way of finding how to read a man, you will not get through this rule. Do you know his habits? What does he like after works? What does he usually do at the weekends? What foods does he want to eat? Many questions appear on your mind. Many men like smoking, and it is not a healthy habit. You will have a good point when considering this habit and advise him to give up smoking. Or he always likes traveling, chatting with friends at the weekend, and reading books at free time. I cannot tell what your boyfriend likes, but you can.

27. Men Are Scared 

how to read a man

He might be scared that you do not like him as much as he likes you. Everyone is fear of denial. If he is confident at first but he is backward a bit, probably, he is afraid of rejection from you. He just needs to be assured in the relation. Do you know that he also worries about the first date with you? He does not know what to wear, he does not know what to say with you, and he is confused about brand of perfume he will spray. Obviously, he is not confident at all time.

28. Ask Your Friends 

how to read a man

If you cannot guess his actual feelings, you should have supports from your friends. Have a friend and ask him what is problem, and then you will receive the answer from your friend. It could be an easy way and almost of the women use when they cannot get the answer by themselves.

29. Have Jokes With Him 

how to read a man

Jokes make your life more interesting and beautiful. They bring laugh to you and your friends, family. When talking with him, you may have some jokes to reach his mind. He will laugh and respond to your stories if he is a funny man. This is also a great way to help him reduce depression or anxiety naturally.

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After reading my writing about 29 secrets how to read body language of men and their emotions, I hope that you have learned the most useful information to influence him. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Are you ready to read him now?

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