How To Increase Focus And Attention Span Naturally

Exactly, it’s hard to find 100% focus but it’s possible for you to increase your concentration on doing something if you try. In this article on VKool site, in the line of Mind & Body, you are going to explore top ways on how to increase focus and attention span naturally. If you care about this topic, search for these tips to improve your focus immediately!

How To Increase Focus & Attention Naturally

1. Write It Down

how to increase focus

There are simple yet effective ways to increase focus. Simply, if you are in a conference call and you want to raise a great point, but you do not want to butt in, write something down!

Jot down some keywords to remind what you think they are important, then you will fully attend. In another way, keep a random though pad on your hand, whether you’re at your folding laundry or computer. Enter any important reminders and brilliant ideas, which pop into your mind, you as a result will be less distracted when working on your present task.

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2. Map It Out

how to increase focus

Like writing something down, mapping something out is also effective among ways on how to increase focus and attention span.
A research from the journal Science showed human’s brain can simultaneously deal with 2 complicated tasks. Though adding a third, the brain cannot keep up. Those who lose track of original tasks can begin making mistakes, the study revealed.

It’s not necessary to keep it in the head. Map your day out every morning, including errands, also refer to a “road map” through your day. It can help visualize the things like an athlete does before a game.

3. Create The Right Environment

how to increase focus

When it comes to tips on how to increase focus, pay attention to external factors like environment. Make it work for you. For instance, if you are working at the office, and your colleagues are making some noise, request a quite space, or you can find somewhere else to focus on your thoughts. If you are at home, you’d better arrange a working space to focus on your work. Don’t let someone disturb you while you are working.

Closing the doors, window, wearing earphones or working at last night and so on, they are some ideas for you to create the right environment for attention span.

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4. Prioritize Tasks

how to increase focus

You have to pay the bills? Is there any more “mind-numbing” task? Actually, you are procrastinating and the late fees are piling up. The tip is to make this situation a priority!
Schedule your time to plow through thicket of envelopes. Also, avoid doing anything else until the job is done. You should elicit your partner’s or your spouse’s help. Have her or him bring you cookies and a cup of hot coffee or do anything to ease your monotony.

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5. Take A Quick Break

how to increase focus

Next to tricks on how to increase focus and attention span naturally, give you a short break. Just some little rest can help you regain your energy and concentration for productivities. For instance, you can get up, walk around, take a sip of coffee or tea, have some Yoga stretches, breathe deeply, or have a quick talk with someone.

Also, when you’ve finished a task, you can give yourself a little time to regroup and feel relaxed.

Though, be careful, not to get into procrastination or let a break morph into hour-long Skype or Facebook chat with some friends.

6. Set A Timer

how to increase focus

Time can give you some pressure and affect your concentration on doing something. If your on-time schedule is suffering, it’s perhaps because you are squeezing in last minutes of your tasks before you “head out” the door to set a practical departure time.

When it comes to tricks on how to increase focus, figure out how long your task will really takes to reach where you are going as well as let technology and working tools work for you.

Set a timer, program your cell phone to alert you as it is time to go or start doing something. For instance, if you are going to go to bed, simply set a timer the time you will have to get up in the next morning. This way will force you to get up and start your new day with your plan.

7. Plan Some Joy

how to increase focus

It’s great to reward yourself as you’ve been stick with your task until it has completed. This is the best expected moment you want to enjoy. Make sure that you plan something that is enjoyable and that you really want to do. For instance, you can have some coffee with your friends; or you can go out to watch a movie or take a walk with someone at your local park.

By enjoying comfortable time and joy, along with social relationships, you absolutely can refresh your mind and increase your concentration after then. In other words, beside study and work, you should do other things to balance your life and be productive in work.

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8. Delegate

how to increase focus

Your job that’s well done does not mean doing all things by yourself.

As a smart person, you should know when to work on your own and when to delegate; or know what you can do well, and what you have to need other people’s help. The last advice for you is to know your strength, focus on it and ask for any help if you need.

9. “Chunk” It

how to increase focus

If you get any trouble on shifting gears or estimating time from an activity, approach your tasks for limited time. For instance, give you 2 periods of 15 minutes to complete something with some short break in among.

Psychologists call this “chunking”. Simply, you can understand, chunking is to break your work into manageable pieces so that you can work with increased focus and work more productively.

If you are in the middle of a big task, some rest is allowed. It is time for you to switch gears as well as move on to relaxation.

10. Record It

how to increase focus

Nowadays, many people use gadgets to work. And in fact, gadgets seem more effective than pen and paper for keeping reminders and lists.
Just find and do what really works for you and electronic organizers seem wonderful for many. Among them, smart phones are great solutions as digital sound recorders. With these smart working tools, you can input things to your appointments, upcoming events and to-do list.

11. Set Up A Positive Feedback Cycle For Concentration

Next to ways on how to increase focus and attention span naturally, consider setting up your positive feedback cycle for your focus. Below are steps for you to create this positive feedback cycle:

a. Start Small

how to increase focus

First, think about a single task. Focus on each one for each minute at first. Focus on important task and clear other things away. Remember to do it for quick time without switching. Actually, it’s not easy to do at first, yet if you focus on your focusing consciously, you are able to complete it successfully.

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b. Reward Yourself

When you can complete the first step of doing small first, reward yourself for some stretches, deep breathing, or email checking within 1 minute or 20 seconds. You can get up, walk around, make a call, massage your neck, drink some water, visit Facebook or do whatever in 1 minute to reward yourself.

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c. Repeat


To maintain your focus and attention span through the day, you have to remember to repeat your 1-minute focus and 1-minute or 30-second break. Repeat it about each 30 minutes with 15 times of each. As you are done, repeat these steps later in the next day. Don’t worry about some boredom as there are different ways for you to enjoy your break time as mentioned above.

d. Increase In Small Steps

To increase your productivity, you have to increase your focusing time in small steps. Yesterday, you had follow 1-minute focus, today, increase the time to 2 minutes and 3 minutes tomorrow. But don’t change the length of breaking time, keep it 1 minute and repeat this for each 30 minutes. Feel free to do 3 focus sessions per day if you want.

Bottom line:

In short, it is not really hard to increase your focus if you practice it regularly and make it your skill. For any feedback on this article of ways on how to increase your focus and attention span naturally, please drop it at the comment box! Thanks for reading!

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