13 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation

signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation

As we all know, sleep is an important and essential pattern for our life and health. Sleep requirements are different from one individual to the next depending on physical activity levels, age, general health as well as other individual factors. Children will need from 9 to 10 hours a day. Some researches show that increasing their sleep by half an hour can help improve their school performance in a dramatic way. Teenagers need 9-10 hours a day too. Teenagers need an increased requirement of sleep at the time when peer pressure and social engagements cause a sleep time reduction. Adults need 8 hours a day, depending on some individual factors. They tend to need less sleep because they are getting older. However, their sleep are guided by their own state of alertness, so if you feel tired after a long working day, you should aim to sleep more.

Signs And Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation- The Most Common:

Sleep deprivation is a term to describe a condition caused by inadequate quality or quantity of sleep, including involuntary or voluntary sleeplessness as well as circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Sleep deprivation occurs at any time that you have less sleep than your body requires. The degree of sleep deprivation can range from acute sleep loss to chronic sleep deprivation because of a decrease in your total sleep time. This can happen over only one night or over weeks, months or years. That said, we look at the symptoms of sleep deprivation together right now.

In this article, we would like to introduce some of the most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation, so remember to keep your eyes on these following health facts and the common signs of sleep loss. The symptoms readers will have chance to discover right after this introduction section are:

1. Age Your Skin

symptoms of sleep deprivation - age your skin

This is the first in the list of the most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation that I  introduce in this entire article & want you to learn and find the way to deal with for good!

Almost all of people in the world have experienced puffy eyes and sallow skin after several nights of missed sleep at least once in their lives. However, when it turns out chronic sleep loss, it can lead to fine lines, lackluster skin as well as dark circles around the eyes.

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The fact is that when you do not have enough sleep, your body will give off more the stress hormone called cortisol. And in excess cortisol amounts, it can destroy your skin collagen as well as your protein that has effect in keeping your skin smooth and elastic. Researchers found that sleep loss is involved in reduced skin health, reduced the ability to recover after sun exposure and increased signs of premature skin aging. Besides, sleep deprivation can cause your body to give off too little growth hormone that helps increase thicken skin, muscle mass as well as strengthen bones.

Sleep loss can make to age your skin, so sleep enough!

2. Make Gain Weight

symptoms of sleep deprivation - make gain weight

When mentioning body weight, sleep deprivation is likely to relate to an increase in appetite and hunger, and maybe to obesity. According to a research done in 2004, people who have sleep that is less than 6 hours a day were nearly 30% to become obese than other people who slept from 7 to 9 hours a day. Besides, a recent study has focused on the relation between the peptides that affect your appetite and the sleep. Not only does sleep deprivation appear to encourage appetite, it also encourages cravings for high-carbohydrate foods and fat foods.

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In fact, the inability to sleep can lead to increased intake of unhealthy and high-calorie snacks. A study found sleep deprivation disrupts our food consumption in two ways. First, it dampens activities in brain areas where are responsible for appetitive evaluation, which is the ability to sort different foods based on what we want. Second, it increases the brain’s amygdale, which is responsible for controlling our salience of food. And sleep deprivation impairs our decision-making abilities while making an increase in our desire for high-calorie foods. It affirmed the link between a sleep deprivation and an increase in body weight and obesity. Thus, some studies are considering whether enough sleep should be a part of the program of weight loss.

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This is, in fact, one of the most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation that people should know & try to sleep more to get good body shape.

3. Get Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

symptoms of sleep deprivation - get excessive daytime sleepiness

How sleepy you feel in a day can help you consider whether you are getting symptoms of deep deprivation. You might get sleep loss if you often feel like that you can doze off while sitting and reading or watching TV, sitting quietly in a public place, and sitting in traffic for several minutes, etc. This is because sleep deprivation makes the brain exhausted, so it cannot perform well. And the most obvious symptom is sleepiness. You will find yourself yawning a lot and always feeling sluggish.

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In fact, this is among the most common symptoms of sleep deprivation so that people should get good sleep at night in order not to feel sleepy in the daytime.

4. Make Memory Loss

symptoms of sleep deprivation - make memory loss

When you are most tired, you might find that you are most unfocused and forgetful. The fact is that sleep helps you refine how you store memory, but a sleep deprivation can result in permanent cognitive issues like memory loss. According to some studies, they found that memory might be getting stuck in the hippocampus which is a part of our brain related to memory forming, storing and organizing. Due to the poor quality of sleep, they are overwritten by new memories. Besides, sleep deprivation can cause brain deterioration that probably helps explain the circumstances of memory loss in the elderly.

This is, in brief, among the most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation so that people should try to deal with sleep problems and memory loss.

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Keep reading this article to discover other symptoms of sleep deprivation!

5. Get Low Sex Drive

symptoms of sleep deprivation - get low sex drive

In case you have a sexual appetite, remember not to spoil it with a sleep deprivation. Men and women who get lower libidos will tend to get less interest in sex because of less energy as well as sleepiness. Men with sleep apnea are also able to be at risk for abnormally low testosterone levels and low sex drive. A study found that nearly half of the men with severe sleep apnea secreted lower than the levels on the average of testosterone in the night.

This is actually one among the most common signs of sleep deprivation that a lot of people are suffering from due to sleep loss.

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6. Lead To Heart Diseases

symptoms of sleep deprivation - lead to heart diseases

Another out of the most common symptoms of sleep deprivation that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want all of you to learn is that sleep loss can lead to heart diseases.

Due to our attempt to get a work-life balance, sleep deprivation has become popular in our society and also put our heart health in danger. Having six hours or even less each night can make the body produce more chemicals as well as hormones that can result in heart disease. These chemicals and hormones can make an increase in the risk of stroke as well as other conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

7. Make Brain Damage

symptoms of sleep deprivation - make brain damage

This is also one of the most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation that people should know for good. For men, it is important to have enough shut-eye to protect the mental health. Researchers found that one night that has no sleep could make an increase in molecule levels that are known as biomarkers for brain damage. Besides, an increase in the brain molecules called NSE and S-100B have been damaged or a fault in the brain blood barrier has occurred or sometimes both.

8. Cause Depression And Stress

symptoms of sleep deprivation - cause depressive and stress

Another one in the list of common symptoms of sleep deprivation is that sleep loss can cause depressive and stress.

Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives in the world today. It can bring a huge negative effect to our body and brain. Some research suggests that sleep deprivation can lead to stress, anxiety, fear as well as worry. Besides, not having enough sleep can contribute to the depression. And most of the people who were diagnosed with depression were more likely to have problems in sleep. The most popular sleep disorder, insomnia, has the greatest connection with depression. In a study, people with insomnia were five times as likely to get depression if compared with those without.

In case your stress and worries are causes of insomnia as well as sleep deprivation, natural help can be useful to treat sleep problems, resulting in helping depression and its symptoms.

9. Dumb You Down

symptoms of sleep deprivation - dumb you down

Sleep plays an important role in learning and thinking. Sleep deprivation hurts the cognitive processes in some different ways. Firstly, it impairs alertness, concentration, attention, reasoning as well as problem-solving. This will make it more difficult for you to learn well. Secondly, during the night, sleep cycles play a critical role in consolidating memories in your mind. In case you do not sleep enough, you will not be capable of remembering what you experienced and learned during the day. Besides, sleep loss can hurt the ability to make good judgments as we cannot probably assess situations accurately and then act wisely. A sleepy fatigued person is more likely to make bad decisions. Staying away for 24 hours causes a reduced hand-to-eye coordination, contributing to road accidents as well as work injuries. If you work in a place where it is important to judge the level of functioning, sleep loss can be a big problem.

In fact, this is among the most common symptoms of sleep deprivation so people should improve their sleep as soon as possible in order to study and work effectively.

10. Cause Moodiness

symptoms of sleep deprivation - cause moodiness

Emotionally, you may find yourself more irritable and lower in mood due to insufficient sleep. A sleep survey revealed that people suffering from poor sleep were twice as likely to get low mood as people who sleep well. Your emotions are affected, making you have a more short temper as well as mood swings. Besides, sleep deprivation also makes you less friendly and less hopeful.

If you are curious of other common symptoms of sleep deprivation, continue reading this article to discover them!

11. Cause Micro Sleep

symptoms of sleep deprivation - cause micro sleep

A symptom of sleep deprivation that I would like to reveal in this article is micro sleep. That happens when you are asleep for a few seconds or minutes, but you do not realize that. If you get sleep loss, microsleep is out of your control and this is extremely dangerous in case you are driving. It can make you have accidents and injuries due to falls and trips. According to the research, sleep deprivation has partly played in tragic accidents involving in ships, airplanes, and nuclear reactor meltdowns.

12. Weaken Immune System

symptoms of sleep deprivation - weaken immune system

When you sleep, your immune system produces infection-fighting antibodies and protective cytokines. It uses them to fight off bacteria and viruses, defending against illness. Sleep deprivation means that your immune system cannot build up its forces. Your body will not be able to defend against respiratory problems such as common cold and influenza. It may take you longer to recover from your illness. Long-term sleep loss increases your risk of getting chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

This is also a great one on the list of the most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation, which people should know and find to deal with your sleep deprivation as soon as possible in order to reduce the risks of getting diseases and illness.

13. Increase Sensitivity

symptoms of sleep deprivation - increase sensitivity

This is the last but also the common out of the signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation.

One thing you may realize right away is that you will increase the sensitivity to pain. Studies have also shown that the sensitivity to heat as well as pressure pain is enhanced when you do not get enough sleep. Besides, there is reported to increase sensitivity to pain in the esophagus as it might happen in the setting of gastroesophageal reflux disease or nighttime heartburn.

Sleep is very important to our body as water and food, but many people do not get enough sleep. You may not realize how sleep deprivation affects your daily routine. Some people say that we can learn to get by on little sleep without getting negative effects. However, research showed that getting an inadequate quality of sleep, insufficient sleep and disruptions to the sleep wake cycle cause some consequences for the way we function in the daytime. In order to find out whether you get sleep deprivation, try getting a sleep diary for a few weeks. Write down how much you sleep every night, how alert you feel in the next morning and how sleepy you feel in the daytime.

Another thing that I want you – my readers to do after viewing these common symptoms of sleep deprivation is to read another article that reveals some of the negative side effects of sleep deprivation- the 7 Negative Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation article. This is actually an interesting article that readers should not skip to be aware of negative effects of sleep loss more clearly.

This is the list of 13 most common signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation that everyone wants to know whether or not they are sleep deprived. In fact, there are a lot of people in the world are suffering sleep loss. Although scientists still debate the functions that sleep brings us, it is obvious that sleep loss is associated with physical and mental dysfunction. If you think that sleep as a waste of time, it may be time to change your thoughts.

After reading this list of signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation, if you feel that this list is good for your health condition, and this can help other people who are having health issues as above, you should share this article with them, encourage them to find causes of their sleep loss and then deal with them as soon as possible. One more thing, do not forget to leave any of your comments below, I will reply you soon.

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