12 natural home remedies for scabies in humans

home remedies for scabies

Scabies is caused by Sarcoptes Scabiei. It makes you feel uncomfortable. Generally, scabies appears on the shoulder blades, around the waist, under the breasts, on the knees, between the fingers and in the armpits. Do you want to know which natural remedies will help you improve and treat scabies? In this article, your question will be answered, VKool.com will show top 12 natural home remedies for scabies in humans. They are collected from reliable sources. Keep reading this article to understand more!

Top 12 Natural Home Remedies For Scabies In Humans

Here are 12 best natural home remedies you are looking for:

1. Aloe Vera 

home remedies for scabies

As you know, aloe vera is a good natural remedy for skin care. Aloe vera contains many natural medicinal properties and antimicrobial properties that can treat scabies and insect bites. This remedy is easy to follow. Firstly, you apply aloe vera gel on the troubled skin. And then, you leave it on for 30 minutes and at last wash it off with lukewarm water. You should repeat two or three times daily for a few weeks until you notice improvement. The other option is to add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and mix it in well. Next to apply the paste on the affected skin and let it dry on its own. You should do this twice daily for a few weeks for complete recovery.

2. Tea Tree Oil 

home remedies for scabies

Tea tree oil is one of best natural home remedy for scabies because it contains terpinen-4-oil that helps kill the parasite causing scabies. Furthermore, disinfectant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitic and the anti-inflammatory in tea tree oil help treat scabies. You can apply two ways as follows:

  • You can mix one tablespoon each of tea tree oil and olive oil. And then, use a cotton ball to apply the solution on the affected area. Follow this twice daily for two to three weeks. It will help decrease pain and swelling while speeding up the healing process.
  • Simply, you add 10 to 12 drops of pure tea tree oil to a bathtub of lukewarm water. Take a bath in this water twice daily for a few weeks.

Note: Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using tea tree oil. If you have sensitive skin, test the treatment on a small area first.

3. Neem Oil 

home remedies for scabies

Neem oil is a botanical pesticide used tocure many skin problems including scabies. This oil contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fungus trapped in the skin and eliminate bacteria.

You can apply pure neem oil directly on the affected area and massage gently until the oil penetrates deep into the skin. And then, you wait some minutes and take a bath. You should do this once daily for several weeks to prevent the infection from spreading.

4. Neem Leaves 

home remedies for scabies

Neem leaves also list in number list of natural home remedies for scabies. They are good for treating scabies because of their antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can make a paste out of a handful of fresh neem leaves by crushing them with a pestle and mortar. Wash the affected area thoroughly and then apply the neem paste. Let it dry naturally and then take a bath to wash it off. Do this daily to speed up the healing process.

5. Cayenne Pepper

home remedies for scabies

One of cayenne pepper benefits is to burn and kill the mites. You mix one cup of cayenne pepper in hot bath water. And then, you soak in the bath water until the water gets cold. Be sure not to get the water in your eyes, as the pepper will cause a burning sensation. Lastly, you rinse off the cayenne pepper with cool water. You should repeat once daily until the scabies is treated.

6. Turmeric 

home remedies for scabies

Turmeric is a wonder herb with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can greatly relieve the symptoms of scabies. First step is to mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder and some drops of lemon juice and water to make a thick paste. And then, you apply the paste on the affected skin and keep it on for 30 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this once daily until you notice significant improvement.

7. White Vinegar 

home remedies for scabies

The acidic nature of white vinegar changes the pH level of the skin. It helps kill mites. You can mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water thoroughly in a bowl. And then, you use a cotton ball and apply the solution on the affected skin. You should leave it on for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You should repeat three times daily for 10 to 15 days to fight the infection completely.

8. Pure Lavender Oil 

home remedies for scabies

One of natural home remedies for scabies must list is pure lavender oil. Easily, you add five drops of pure lavender oil to warm bath water. Soak in this bath water for at least 15 minutes. This will help soothe the skin and provide some relief from the itching. You should do this once daily for a few weeks.

9. Bleach 

home remedies for scabies

Bleach is another natural home remedy for scabies. Simply, you only mix together one part of bleach with four parts of water. After that, you apply this mixture on the affected area twice daily.

10. Bitter Gourd Juice

home remedies for scabies

Bitter gourd juice is high in fiber and is the source of minerals and vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, C, magnesium, zinc, iron, folate, phosphorous and manganese. You can add 1 tablespoon of lime juice to a cup of bitter gourd juice. It is suggested that you should drink this mixture every day for a week because it helps prevent and cure scabies.

11. Bush Tea 

home remedies for scabies

Bush tea is good for treating scabies. This effective plant has been used for many medicinal treatments for infections. Bush tea contains anti –inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic properties that are great for scabies.

12. Rosemary 

home remedies for scabies

The herb rosemary helps to stop the infestations of scabies. You can pour very hot water of rosemary, dried leaves, let it cool and wash the infected skin. You should do 3 times a day.

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To get more information about effective home remedies for health problems, go to our main Home Remedies page. After reading the writing of 12 natural home remedies for scabies in humans, hope that this writing helps you find out the best solution to treat scabies effectively. However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before applying any natural home remedy. If you have any question, please leave them below, I will respond you soon.

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