18 Black & White Pepper Health Benefits & Risks Research

Pepper is considered magical spice. It has been used by human for over 4,000 years. Today, we can buy it and consume it as a common spice for different cuisines like salads, cottage cheese, eggs, steak, and more. In ancient times, this spice was highly prized. It was used to exchange goods, not different to money. Pepper can be used in 2 forms, whole pepper and ground pepper. It is characterized by strong flavor and it cannot be absent in certain recipes. In fact, pepper not only attracts people by its flavor, but also is its good effects. This article will reveal more information about the 11 black and white pepper health benefits and risks research.

18 White & Black Pepper Health Benefits And Risks Research – Learn To Consume This Spice Right

I. Black And White Pepper Health Benefits

1. Pepper Helps Regulate Cholesterol 

pepper health benefits - pepper helps regulate cholesterol

According to a report of British Journal of Nutrition, pepper can help you mange or regulate cholesterol level. You should add hot chili, capsaicin, and peppers more in your daily diet. This is one of the easy ways to protect cholesterol in blood. Regulating blood pressure is one of the most important health benefits of peppers that you should not forget. In fact, many people think that pepper is hot and it can increase high blood pressure.  Contrast, it will reduce bad cholesterol in your blood.

2. Pepper Helps You Cure Arthritis

pepper health benefits

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases, especially for the older adults. Eating for half of cup of sweet peppers will provide you necessary vitamin C amount and help you reduce arthritis significantly. Peppers have some crucial nutrients to become a useful ingredient for arthritis and the most important vitamin is vitamin C. This is a vital vitamin to fight inflammation and reduce risk of arthritis condition.

3. Pepper Supports You Prevent Stroke And Heart Diseases 

pepper health benefits

Pepper is full in B vitamins and this is one of the most precious health benefits of peppers you should take advantage of. Do you know that one cup of chopped pepper will give you 10% of folate and 36% vitamin B6? And Japanese people usually eat peppers every day. The result is they get lower risk of death from heart diseases, stroke and other cardiovascular-related diseases in women. Eating healthy foods is a smart way to improve your health and prevent dangerous conditions.

4. Pepper Helps Your Taste 

pepper health benefits

Pepper is hot and it is a common spicy in your meal. Adding some teaspoons of white pepper or black pepper, you will feel good taste when eating foods. Actually, this is a perfect spicy almost of housewives and famous cookers use to make the recipes more delicious. Pepper is nutritious food for your health.

5. Pepper Helps You Prevent Liver Problems

pepper health benefits - pepper helps you prevent liver problems

That is truth! Peppers include necessary antioxidants that can help you fight free radicals in some harmful problems such as cancer, strokes, and liver problems. You may have higher risk of liver conditions if you have routing getting away from peppers. This food can improve liver health while improving metabolism system.

6. Pepper Helps You Prevent Ear-aches 

pepper health benefits

If you fear to get some ear-aches in the near future, you should eat more peppers by adding into your diets. One of the best health benefits of pepper is to prevent ear-related problems and pepper is also a natural ingredient to treat ear infections. So you can consume peppers every day to prevent ear problems, particularly when you are older and older.

7. Pepper Helps You Cure Insect Bites 

pepper health benefits

If you are unlucky to get mosquito bites or other insect bites, pepper is a helpful home remedy for treating it. You can apply a little amount of hot pepper sauce into the affected area to reduce inflammation.  You can store hot pepper sauce in refrigerator and use it whenever necessary.

II. Black And White Pepper Health Benefits

1. Pepper Helps Improve Your Digestion

pepper helps improve your digestion download

One of wonderful black and white pepper health benefits is to aid digestive system. According to scientists, when eating pepper, taste buds will send signals to the stomach to boost hydrochloric acid so that you can digest food easily.

Besides, pepper also works to detox your body to reduces your stomach upset and prevent intestinal gas.

For those who have mild anorexia, this spice can help to stimulate their taste and boost their appetite.

So, enjoy all dishes that include pepper!

2. Pepper Helps Improve Congestion

pepper helps improve congestion download

If you suffer from congestion, consume pepper daily by drinking mint teas with a little bit pepper added. This drink will help you get rid of chest cold and break up your congestion.

3. Pepper Helps Heal Your Bleeding

pepper helps heal your bleeding download

This is another awesome benefit of black and white pepper. When you accidently cut yourself, you can sprinkle a little bit of pepper on this cut. This remedy helps to stop your bleeding on minor cuts. Moreover, with anti-bacterial properties in pepper, it also helps you kill germs as well as boost your healing effectively.

4. Pepper Helps Slow Down And Prevent Cancers

pepper helps slow down and prevent cancers download

According to a study from University of Michigan, pepper might help fight off skin cancer and breast cancer. The scientists in the research explain that pepper includes cancer-preventing properties, which are combined with turmeric to beat cancer cells.

If this information is helpful for you, set all dishes included pepper to your eating choices.

5. Pepper Helps You Get Clear Complexion

pepper helps you get clear complexion download

You can make your own pepper skin scrub and use it regularly to achieve smoother skin. According to beauty experts, pepper can help stimulate circulation on your skin by delivering nutrients and oxygen to your skin surface and it effectively slough off dead skin cells, remove toxins on your skin, give you a radiant and soft skin, and prevent your skin from acne.

The following is a guide to create homemade pepper skin scrub. Firstly, prepare a medium-sized bowl. Combine a half of massage oil and 1 cup of sugar together. Next, add 6 drops of orange oil, a pinch of ground pepper and mix them well with a spoon. Rub this scrub onto your wet skin for some minutes, wash off and then enjoy your buffed skin.

Besides, pepper is also helpful in treating vitiligo. Many vitiligo sufferers used this spice as a natural remedy and they successfully eliminated pigmentation in their skin and regained a whiter and healthier skin. Actually, this is a simple and safe treatment for vitiligo. If you suffer from this disease, try this natural cure once!

In addition to pepper health benefits on improve vitiligo, this magical spice also helps to treat other skin problems like wrinkles.

According to scientists, pepper is rich in antioxidants so that it protects your skin from signs of premature ageing like dark spots and wrinkles. Instead of using expensive lotions and creams, why don’t you add this spice to your daily meals and see miraculous improvement on your skin?

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