8 Ways On How To Treat Scoliosis Naturally In Adults And Children

how to how to treat scoliosis naturally

Scoliosis is a common phenomenon that often occurs in the children particularly for those who are at the starting time at school. It presents in the spine with an abnormal curve and its symptoms, most commonly curvature, base on the age and causes of developing the curve but almost patients have no awareness of its causes.  Scoliosis leads to the bone deviation and a wrong bone build-up which makes it important to know how to treat scoliosis as fast as possible.

The risks of scoliosis consist of the age (from 9 to 15 years old), genes, and female sex. It has been indicated that girls have a double higher risk to develop this condition than the boys. A physical exercise and imaging technique like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs are used to give a diagnosis. And depending on the levels of the curve and its risks to get worse, a doctor can decide how to treat scoliosis by the observation, bracing, and even surgery.

At present, VKool.com is recommending 8 ways on how to treat scoliosis naturally in adults and children. All the recommended treatments are suitable for the levels of scoliosis and the age of the patients. All the supplied information as well as the treatments are consulted from the reliable source and really helpful for you. Now, just spend a little time reading the article to understand the disease and more ways to treat scoliosis suitable for your condition.

8 Ways On How To Treat Scoliosis Naturally In Adults And Children

1. Take Medicine

how to treat scoliosis - take medicine

Taking medicine is recommended as the first way on how to treat scoliosis. When you have to experience the scoliosis pain, you may find some treatments to relieve the pain instead of correcting the curve and painkilling medication is often suggested for this target.

Scoliosis is able to cause back pain that can be treated by some medical practices. It is suggested to apply the counter pain medication like NSAIDs and anti-inflammatory injections for the more severe pain. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are the 2 painkillers are usually recommended. Conserve your GP when these don't work well. They are considered as stronger painkillers or associate with a special pain management clinic.

There are some cases in which local anesthetic or corticosteroids are injected into the back to soothe the scoliosis pain caused by the spine bones irritating or compressing near to the nerves. These injections, however, just give effect in a short term while being beneficial in working out where the pain comes from.

On the other side, if your scoliosis is caused by the osteoporosis of your spine, you should take in supplements or medication to strengthen the bones.

It is possible to use acupuncture to relieve the pain of scoliosis.

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2. Wear Braces

Bracing is a way on how to treat scoliosis effectively. This method is used for those with developing curves, or over-25-degree curves in immature patients (boys between 12 to 14 and girls between 11 to 13 years old). Bracing, however, cannot be used for those who are almost mature or already skeletally mature. In a case of an older child being mature and having curve more than 30 degrees, her or his curvature is only treated with observation because the bracing cannot do well with her or his little growth.

Using braces cannot straighten the present curve but can stop the development of the spinal curve provided the child is continuously growing. Therefore, the child has to maintain wearing the brace till she or he is already skeletal mature. Although Braces are impossible to cure scoliosis in adults, they can relieve the pain significantly. And this method is known as the alternative one of surgery when you are not ready for an operation.

There are 2 types of braces known as hard plastic braces and soft braces, and which ones should be used depends on many factors including the size and location of the curve, the age and working levels of the patients. Particularly, girls get a higher risk of scoliosis than boys, so the sex is also an important factor. Some braces are only worn at night but others are used 23 hours a day, so you should wear your own as often as necessary to get the best result. And although these braces bring discomfort to the patients, especially the children, it is really important for them to wear it enough t treat scoliosis.

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3. Apply Physical And Water Therapy

how to treat scoliosis - apply physical and water therapy

Applying some therapies and chiropractic manipulation are other ways on how to treat scoliosis. In cases of scoliosis, when the back pain occurs, the increase in mobility and back strength can relieve the pain thereby preventing the further pain. And the treatments highly recommended for this purpose are listed below:

  • Physical therapy: a physical medicine and rehabilitation to cure impairments, improve the function, mobility, and life quality through diagnosis, examination, prognosis, and physical intervention.  A proper physical therapy program is able to bring a stretching and strengthening routine which is helpful in keeping the joints limber, the soft tissues, and beginning to strengthen muscles.
  • Water therapy (pool therapy). When the body’s buoyancy counteracts the gravity, the patients can exercise easier and more comfortably thereby conditioning their muscles without any stress on the facet joints.

4. Use Chiropractic Manipulation

Getting chiropractic manipulation is a way on how to treat scoliosis effectively. This method bases on an exercise program essential for preventing the scoliosis progression in adults. Some studies conducted on the patients of scoliosis with chiropractic treatments showed positive results. The positive physiologic benefits were exhibited as soon as the completion of the treatment and they continued giving positive effects 24 months later.

If you choose chiropractic manipulation as your scoliosis treatment, ensure to find a licensed chiropractor who can help you as well as possible. You should also ask him or her about the chiropractic procedure, how it runs, and how it reduces your symptoms. The effects of chiropractic manipulation are different in others, so in some cases, it just gives pain relief to the patients but not a complete treatment.

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5. Do Necessary Exercise

There are many exercises recommended to strengthen and stretch the back thereby controlling the pain caused by scoliosis and improving the flexibility and general posture.

Besides, doing exercises helps maintain a stable weight and a good health which also give positive effects on the reduction of the strain on the back.

Some patients may people may go to physiotherapy in which they are taught to carry out specific exercises for their back pain.  Others choose massage or yoga to relieve their back pain. Although there have not been any evidence proving these methods are beneficial for scoliosis patients, they are safe and effective in dealing with the back pain by loosening and strengthening the muscles.

6. Try Biofeedback

how to treat scoliosis - try biofeedback

If you are wondering how to treat scoliosis, biofeedback is an excellent treatment as well. With this method, you can be aware of what your body reacts and how to control it by your actions.

A study conducted on the patients of scoliosis was notified from the biofeedback device that they often had bad posture and needed to correct it. And approximately 70% of patients found the improvement after trying this course.

7. Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation (ES) is a way on how to treat scoliosis in children. This method is applied to a child who has a less than 35-degree curvature in the spine, idiopathic scoliosis for at least 2 years of skeletal development. And ES has to be done in a combination with physical therapy. More clearly, electrodes are put directly under the arm, between the ribs of the torso or chest, and in line with the back area that is affected by the curve.

Electrical stimulation is particularly conducted on the muscles overnight for more than 8 hours while the child is sleeping. Which level of stimulation is and how effective it brings are then followed by the physical therapist.

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8. Carry Out Surgery

When the curve in the spine is more severe, it is recommended to carry out a surgery, particularly for adults. When your condition becomes more serious, the back pain effects on standing with an abnormal posture and the spine nerves are compressed indeed. Carrying out a surgery is another way on how to treat scoliosis in adults. There are 2 types of surgery:

  • Decompression surgery: decrease the pressure on the nerves when a bone or disc presses down on them.
  • Spinal fusion surgery: Use screws, plates, or metal rods to improve the position of the spine before using bone grafts to fuse it into place.

Spinal fusion surgery is known as the last method for treating severe cases of scoliosis associating with breathing problems, deformity, or heart diseases. It is only suggested after a patient reaches puberty, experiences bracing process without any result, and curvature of the spine is increased.

Spinal fusion surgery relates to the connection of vertebrae so that the spine cannot curve. A metal rod is implanted by the doctor to prevent the spine from increasing the curvature after surgery. And the procedure of surgery is different from others due to the age of the patient and the type of scoliosis. For example, the patients with neuromuscular scoliosis usually have to experience this kind of surgery so as to control the curve in their spine.

There are sometimes unexpected results after a surgery including the infection, blood clots, the failure of pain relief, and the damage to the spine nerves in some severe cases.

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There are many ways of treatment for other diseases available on our main Health page, so you can go by to get more. With the article of 8 ways on how to treat scoliosis in naturally in adults and children, hope that you all understand more about scoliosis symptoms along with its treatment. You can carry out some treatments that are suitable for your condition provided consulting your doctor carefully. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below then they would be answered as soon as possible. And feel free to share your experience or other treatments of scoliosis.

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