How to look taller and slimmer – 5 tips

An ideal height is the dream of many people who are not high. However, you absolutely can improve this problem if you know how to choose suitable clothes and accessories without having a direct impact on your body.

5 Tips On How To Look Taller – Best Ways To Apply:

How to look taller? There are many ways to increase your height, for example: wearing high heels, choosing matching outfits, regularly practicing exercises, eating reasonable diet … Here are 5 tips on how to look taller and slimmer that all men and women should know to improve your height:

  1. Hair Styles
  2. High Heels Or Paddle Heels
  3. Costume
  4. Tiptoe When Taking Photos
  5. Lift Head, Straight Back, Puff Up Your Chest

1. Tufting Hair On The Top Of The Head Or Using Hair Spray Glue

how to look taller - tufting hair on the top of the head or using hair spray glue

This is actually the very first tip on how to look taller that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and make use as soon as possible.

Hair updo is an excellent choice for women because of its usability, simplicity and dynamism, especially in the hot summer. Similarly, ponytail, combed backwards not only help you show your lovely forehead and neck but also add a few centimeters in height. This is the useful methods for women on how to look taller that women should try.

The boys also have secret methods on how to look taller. With using hair spray glue, the man can change the hair familiar and look to be stronger in the eye of the women. Besides, their height will be improved due to this type of hair. Although using spray glue hair style is very effective and easy to apply, you need to consider in combination with the helmet and avoid going out with the rainy.

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2. Wearing High Heels Or Padded Heels

how to look taller - young woman massaging his feet

High heels not only help you on how to look taller and elegant but also make women take steps to smoothly and softly like a cat. However, when you take high heel too much, your toes can be put pressure on it. Then you will be fatigue and soreness. So instead of torturing your feet with high heel shoes, padded heel or hide heel sneakers would be a safe option for you. Nowadays, high heels are considered a woman’s prerogative in modern life because of its effective solution to increase the height fastest. However in the process of how to look taller in the heels, you should choose for yourself the true matching shoes. Such as:

– Shoes must fit the size of your foot, you should go to the shoe store directly to be able to choose for yourself the real feet and comfortable shoes.

– The second thing you should note is that the style of the shoes. In addition to keeping touch with luxurious style shoes trend, you should also pay attention to your body weight. If you are overweight, you should limit the use of pointed-heels shoes.

It will make you sore feet and uncomfortable, even pain.

Now, not only women want to find the way on how to look taller, many man also need to improve their height with high-heeled shoes. This type of shoes can help you taller from 3 to 5 cm. Today, markets have also sold a lot of shoes to increase height for men. Like women, men also should pay attention to these problems to be able to choose for themselves the true matching shoes. Thus, the process of how to look taller by choosing for themselves the high-heeled shoes will definitely help you a lot to improve your height.

High heels not only makes you more charming but also help you look taller. So try it out!

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3. Costume

how to look taller - costume

Costume is one of the most important factors on how to look taller. The first thing you should do is paying attention to the design of the clothes you wear. A fitting suit will help you tidy and slimmer while baggy clothes will make you lower. Simultaneously with the right size clothes you may move freely without fear bin cramped or untidy.

Secondly, noticing to the color of your costumes plays a significant role on how to look taller. Color coordination is very important to respect the beauty of your physique. However, if you do not know the way to apply color, you will get trouble because of counterproductive. A dress or a suit closely with the same colors will attract glances from the top to the down without segment and make the opposite people feel you are taller. You will see surprising effects when wearing trousers and shirt with similar colors.

Next, besides using suitable colors, you should choose clothes with stripes motifs. Stripes motifs will create the illusion that people feel your face look smaller and taller. However, you should not overuse stripes on a set of items, it is best to choose high waistband stripes pants and a simple shirt or a striped skirt.

Moreover, jeans shorts and white shirt with low-heeled shoes can be a suitable item for you to go out. This item seems to be too familiar and intimate for fashion followers. Especially in the hot summer days, this item increases more popular. Your height and body shape are increased when you wear this item. The combination of high waistband jeans shorts with a shirt will help you show off your long slender legs and so you will look taller. Celebrities also choice this style downtown on summer days.

Besides depending on colors, designs and mixing items also plays as a part on how to look taller. These mixing items call “wearing at the rate 1/3 and 2/3”. This rate means that you do not divide your body to a main road and create two equal halves. Instead, you should choose pants or skirt with a high waist so that from the waist to the leg must account for 2/3 your body height. If you use the dress or jumpsuit, you should use small to help your legs feel a lot longer.

With the men, dresses with dark colors and vertical stripes also affect to improve physique and avoid the segment between the parts of the body. These guys have large shoulders and chest can confidently select V-neck shirt which help show the body and improve height.

4. Tiptoe When Taking Photos

how to look taller - tiptoe when taking photos

This must be an esoteric tactics but not secret that many people apply in photographs with friends. This tip is useful tips on how to look taller everywhere especially effective when talking photo with a half of your body. All the things you have to do is straight back, tiptoe, leaning as possible and find a fulcrum such as the neck, shoulder your best friends or the people beside you to make friendship and avoid falling. This action will make you taller when taking the photo and helps you have beautiful pictures to share with your friends.

5. Lift Head, Straight Back, Puff Up Your Chest

how to look taller - lift head, straight back, puff up your chest

Walking styles seem to be simple but very big impact to your height and decide the effective outfits. To get the perfect physique, you always remember the formula “Lift head, straight back, puffed up” to walk like the angels on the catwalk.

The same as women, the man should avoid stooping, bowing your head and shoulders hanging because it will make you look like a hunchback person when he walked beside your women. Lift head, straight back and puff up your chest are the important rules on how to look taller that all men and women should know to not only having a fashionable walking but also improves your height.

This is the best useful and fast tips on how to look taller. Moreover, to develop a safe and sustainable height, these quick science solutions below can help you:

– Living in moderation, staying away from cigarettes, alcohol or stimulants

– Early and enough sleep will stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone

– Doing exercise regularly, focusing on stretching exercises, supporting increased height, such as swimming, athletics (high jump, long jump …), volleyball, basketball…

– Eating healthy foods containing calcium, vitamin D and MK7 which are good at absorption and metabolism of the minerals in the bone to support height effectively.

After introducing the entire article today with some perfect tips on how to look taller, I personally hope that all my dear readers will also spend time reading another writing that comes with the similar purpose – the How To Dress Slimmer, Taller And Avoid Looking Fat article. This is actually another good collection of tips and tricks coming with the purpose of helping people learn how to look prettier, not about how to increase height but about how to dress for better appearance and look slimmer.

This article is actually perfect for people who are a little bit plump and want to learn ways to hide the appearance of their extra pounds. Actually, the tips and tricks contained in this article are very simple to follow and safe for health so anyone who wants to look prettier should make use of this article besides the article of how to look taller I reveal above.

The article today gathers the top 5 tip on how to look taller and slimmer that all men and women should take time to read on and try making use as soon as possible. Then people also spend time to visit our how-to page to study about tips and tricks which are useful and good for your life. After reading my writing, if you have any question, do not hesitate to leave your comments and feedbacks below and wait for my response. I will reply you as soon as possible.

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