How To Dress Slimmer, Taller And Avoid Looking Fat

You are following a healthy meal plan and applying a proper fitness program. Yet, the weight loss seems so slow. You want to be slim, and now:

The solution is so simple. Just use your wardrobe as a powerful weapon. Though it will not help you lose weight but it will help you look thinner while you are slowing down your weight. To achieve your dream appearance, learn how to dress slimmer with top helpful tips right here!

How To Dress Slimmer – Slimming Advice From Fashion Experts

1. Know Your Body

how to dress slimmer reviewThe first trick on how to dress slimmer is to determine your own body shape. There are some common types of body shape, such as pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, and straight. If you acknowledge your own body shape, then it is necessary for you to keep the upper and lower halves balanced. If your body is likely a small-chested, full-hipped pear, then go for a simple shape on the bottom with a bold blouse on top. Those people with broad-shouldered triangles should consider more a fitted top and a flared skirt. In other words, straight and hourglass body types could use belts to stress or create waistlines.

2. Pay Attention To The Face

In order to deal with a fat face, you should embrace angles. Ditch the glasses and pump up the makeup, contouring the cheekbones and add false eyelashes. However, do not make it too extreme. 

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3. Avoid Undergarments Which Offer No Support

Thin bikini bottoms and thongs cover the bare minimum. It is better for you to use briefs, shorts, and other styles that help you pull in your buttocks, thigh, and stomach. These cuts will create a smoother, tighter appearance.

4. Use Body-Slimming Undergarments

how to dress slimmer guideIf you want to create a shapely figure and keep the excess fat in check, then take advantage of a body shaper. These undergarments will slip over the stomach as well as thigh and prevent these areas from jiggling around too much. At first, you might choice somehow excessive for casual wear, yet it is particularly useful for special occasions.

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5. Make Your Top Half Small

To create a smaller shape visually, you should apply these tips:

  • Use V-necks, such as tees, camis, cardigans, or anything possible. Actually, the downward diamond shape will elongate you.
  • Wear a minimize bra. The right bra will help you shape the silhouette by keeping the chest in check and the waist defined. You had better avoid such styles which might flatten you entirely or styles that enable the bust to sag.

6. Manage Your Middle

To get a slim tummy, fashion gurus suggest people to:

  • how to dress slimmer pdfPurchase a pair of high-waisted, super controlling shaper shorts. Shapewear can make you more conscious of your posture. It can smooth and reshape, but also helps you stand taller. Just investing in a high-waisted shaping bike short will help you slimmer your shape. It is really one-stop shopping for your stomach, hips and thighs. Yet, it is also critical to not purchase clothes which are too fitted in that area. Just increase one size then modify them according to your dimensions so they will fit you perfectly.
  • Wear jackets with such feminine details for drawing the eye upward. The best silhouette is fitted at the shoulders as well as bust and hits at the top of your hip.
  • Take advantage of monochromatic dresses. Styles like an A-line without natural break in the center could whittle the waist. Also, you could put a wider belt about 3 inches over your tummy. Use the belt in a darker color.

7. Do Not Use Too Tight Clothes 

This mention to how your clothes fit, not about the buffet table or your current fling. When wearing tops, skirts, T-shirts, pants, and dresses, such fabrics which gently graze your body without clinging to you can be the most flattering. When you wear leggings or skinny jeans, choose things that are looser on your top in order to balance the look out.

There are a lot of useful ways to help you dress slimmer, taller and avoid looking fat, so if you want to know more, How to Never Look Fat Again is the best guide you should read.

8. Downsize Your Hips And Thighs

how to dress slimmer downloadOpt for skirt styles that flatter, like pencil, straight, and trumpet

  • Look for straight-leg trousers or jeans with the built-in panels for smoothing buldges. Avoid buckles, pockets if possible as they are falttening.

9. Body-Lengthening Clothes

Everything should be body skimming. The most popular misconception is that bigger clothes will make people look slimmer. In reality, you should use lightweight veritcal clothes, such as long cardigans, scarves, necklaces for building a body-lengthening look.

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10. Structure Fabric

Choose fabric wisely. You had better avoid hard, stiff, or heavy fabrics, as well as clingy fabrics which magnify every ripple and bulge. The good choice is to opt for fluic fabrics which drape the body and softly follow the curves. The target is to see your overall shape, not the only shaoe of each body part.

Dresses made from a structured fabric conceal imperfections, while crisscross detailing visually cinches in the middle. You should go for the dress which is hourglass, coming in close to the body and then slightly draping out.

11. Fool The Eye

how to dress slimmer systemEvery designer knows that ladies want styles that can slim them down, so keep an eye for clever cuts while shopping. Fashion experts recommend people to look for such dresses which have dark side panels in order to narrowing their frame or color-blocked garments which can give them some shape. On the other hands, such prints which are placed strategically could also bring an efficiency of increasing or minimizing the human figure. If you are a fan of prints, then there are some key rules when choosing clothes with prints. Large prints could make you look larger; thus, choose smaller ones. Besides, go straight ahead for vertical stripes over horizontal ones because these will draw the eye up and down instead of across, elongating your shape and helping you look slimmer

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12. Break The Regulations

Actually, when it comes to fit and fashion, there are no fixed rules. You may hear a cowl neck is only suitable for those small-chested women, or maxis just compliment tall people, but you have to listen to your voice. Once you have confidence, you could wear whatever you want – of course, if you wear it with a smile.

13. Wear Heels

While wearing heels daily is not good for the human health, if you wish to look thinner for a great night out, then using heels could make a big different. Heels immediately make the legs look longer and more toned. Also, it makes women appear slimmer and taller. For a much more comfortable alternative, you should choose kitten heels or wedges. It is essential for you to avoid shoes with ankle straps that could make your legs appear chunkier.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you should avoid thin, strappy sandals, especially if your own foot is wide or chubby, and thin or tiny kitten heels. Rather than, you should choose chunky heels.

14. Wear The Right Sized Clothes

how to dress slimmer programThough it seems so obvious, a lot of people make the pitfall of choosing for a smaller dress size to make them feel thinner of for baggier, larger clothes to hide problem areas. Nevertheless, wearing ill-fitting clothes is one of the worst things you could do if you hope to look slim. In order to create a slimmer shape, you had better go for well-fitted clothes that modify your shape.

15. Draw Attentions To The Best Parts Of Your Own Body

In order dress slim, you also need to spend time on working out your body shape and think about what is the best for you figure. Those women with large legs might want to avoid any item which cuts off at the widest part of the body, like cap-sleeved for those with large arms. To get the most realistic view about your shape on different styles of clothing, you can take a friend and a camera and see what stresses your own best parts.

16. Go For Dark Colors

When it comes to tips on how to dress slimmer, most women, especially those with excess weight, know the power of the little black dress for creating a slimmer silhouette, yet, if you are tired of putting on your body black for every night out, then darker shades like dark purple, navy, and brown have a similar slimming impact. In other words, light shades such as beige or white may add on the weights.

17. Wear Slimming Underwear

If you want to reduce a dress size immediately, then take a secret from the celebrities and opt for some slimming underwear. Though they may not be the sexiest of items once your own clothes come off, using them underneath your outfit will amazingly smooth out lumps as well as bumps and pull in any wobbly bits, giving the illusion of a slimmer, firmer body.

After reading the whole article of how to dress slimmer, hopefully you can get some unique lessons of dressing for a slimmer body. No matter how your body shape is, you can become a beautiful woman if you understand your body as well as dress wisely.

Leave your words at the end of this post of how to dress slimmer to let us know your thoughts. We will feedback soon!

There are a lot of useful ways to help you dress slimmer, taller and avoid looking fat, so if you want to know more, How to Never Look Fat Again is the best guide you should read.

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