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Calorad is a liquid collagen supplement made by the company, Nutri Diem. While collagen has many benefits, the makers of Calorad have opted to sell this product as a weight loss supplement.

The official website highlights the many problems associated with excess weight—heart disease, joint strain, diabetes, and so on, and hold up Calorad as a way to combat these health issues.

While we like the idea of such a simple product, it seems like if collagen alone could help users lose weight, more people would know about this. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find any definitive information backing these claims. Regardless, let’s take a closer look at the product.

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Calorad Overview

Interestingly enough, Calorad was initially developed as a formula for keeping chickens healthy—eliminating fatty liver syndrome in the birds. a product that would eliminate the ‘fatty liver syndrome’ in chickens, a condition which prevents them from laying eggs.

But, as research emerged regarding the role of collagen in weight loss, the maker of this product began selling this as a supplement for humans. The reformulated product, according to the official website, was found to help users lose weight and help them gain lean muscle.

That said, there isn’t a ton of research that backs the use of collagen on its own as a better weight loss tool than your average protein shake. And, we’re not sure that this product is the best resource for people trying to lose weight. Why? Some people say this has the opposite affect and might lead to weight gain.

Based on this product’s history and it’s many reported uses, it seems that the makers of this product have attempted to market this product across several channels.

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Calorad Claims

Calorad is a collagen supplement that claims to be a weight loss aid. According to the Calorad website, this product is a collagen-based supplement that contains a number of nutrients that may be able to help with weight loss. But, Calorad offers more than your average weight loss product.

The product is rich in amino acids that can help with hair growth and prevent the breakdown of lean muscle—meaning, taking this supplement may help you retain muscle, even as you lose weight.

Additionally, this product may help ease chronic pain from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as reduce joint pain.

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Calorad Ingredients

The Calorad formula mainly consists of collagen. Oddly enough, while there are some mentions here and there about collagen and the role it plays in helping users lose weight, Calorad themselves fail to make this link any clearer.

Calorad is made from either bovine collagen or marine collagen–you’re able to choose which source you prefer. Both options provide your body with the protein, which may help increase muscle mass with use.

Collagen is one of the most satisfying proteins, in that, it may help you stay full for longer, thereby, reducing the amount of calories you consume throughout the day. With that in mind, it seems that collagen does have the potential to create a feeling of fullness, that could help you lose weight. But, it’s really a matter of whether or not you’re consuming less calories than you burn.

So, Calorad could give you some nutrients that give you energy during workouts or it could potentially allow you to eat less without feeling deprived, but there is little evidence that this ingredient can stimulate your metabolism or act as an appetite suppressant.

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The Science Behind Calorad

Unfortunately, Calorad’s formula isn’t too robust. The formula is made up of amino acids and collagen—essential elements that keep your body running smoothly, but on their own, aren’t going to help you lose a whole lot of weight.

The makers of Calorad, for whatever reason, seem to think that selling this product as a weight loss tool is the best course of action. The website lists a number of studies that highlight the benefits of taking a collagen supplement—again, it helps keep your hair, skin, and nails in good shape, reduces the appearance of cellulite, keeps joints healthy, and more.

What’s strange is, all these amazing benefits don’t seem to be the key selling point of Calorad. Sure, some people have mentioned that the product helped them lose weight, but a few anecdotes here and there are not the proof we need in order to feel confident recommending this product to users seeking a weight loss aid that really works.

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Word on the Street about Calorad

Reviews from people using Calorad for weight loss aren’t great. Some users reported that this product had an unappealing taste and smell. Other mentioned that this product helps regulate bowel movements and seems to have a positive effect on the skin.

What’s interesting about the Calorad website is, all the studies posted on the site are linked to things like pain management, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and skin elasticity. Not weight loss. The site just states that the product has been shown to help users lose a few pounds per month, but does not seem to have any proof.

According to the reviews on Amazon, several people saw no results from using the product as directed, while others mentioned they thought the product improved their weight loss efforts. But, it’s worth pointing out, most reviews were not especially descriptive. Users could have been exercising, eating less, or taking another supplement, but without these key details or any studies backing the claims, we can’t know for sure.

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Is Calorad Worth a Try?

Calorad has few reviews scattered across a variety of platforms, and of those reviews, users highlighted different benefits. Some saw improvements with their skin and hair, while others saw nothing at all. A few people claimed they loved it, but didn’t explain why, while a couple people here and there mentioned that the collagen supplement did help them lose weight.

The problem here is, there are no definitive studies that demonstrate the use of this product or any other collagen supplement for the sole purpose of helping users lose weight. Users who claim that this worked may have changed their diets or started exercising, but we don’t have any way of knowing.

With all this in mind, there don’t seem to be any negative effects associated with the use of this product. So, users who wish to add some collagen to their diets can do so safely with Calorad. But, if you’re on the hunt for a product that can help you lose weight, this likely isn’t it.

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Calorad FAQ

  1. How much does Calorad cost and where can I buy this item?
    Calorad is available on Amazon, as well as on the website. You can buy the liquid drops or get this product in capsule form. A 30-day supply of capsules retails for $45.00, while 30 servings of the liquid will cost $40.95. if you purchase multiple containers at once, you’ll be able to save a few bucks.
    Additionally, the Calorad website seems to offer promotions here and there—currently, they’ve got a deal offering three bottles at $69.
  2. What are the key benefits of using Calorad?
    Though the product is marketed as a weight loss tool, the main benefits associated with taking collagen are improved bone health and connective tissue strength, soft, elastic skin, better sleep, stronger hair and nails.
    When we lose collagen, our skin becomes weaker and prone to the visible signs of aging. We also may become tired or experience joint pain. So, of course there are benefits to taking a supplement like Calorad, there’s just little evidence it is an effective weight loss supplement. It seems as if it has been marketed for the wrong indication.
  3. Is this product safe?
    Yes. The product consists of collagen and amino acids, so it should be safe for most people.

What Actually Works?

Weight loss supplements should stimulate the metabolism and stave off hunger. So, you’ll need something more potent than collagen.

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