How to stop blushing all the time for good – 7 tips

how to stop blushing

Blushing is a natural thing of the body. Normally the body gets too hot because of the weather, doing exercises, fever or something like that will lead to blushing. In this case, blushing occurs to help cool your body down.

Or it is also a sign of an emotional response like anxiety, embarrassment, fear. The blushing people often suffer social anxiety. Another reason causes it is from some foods and medications like spicy burrito or medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism. However, if your blushing with abnormal amounts of time after, it can be an early sign of rosacea.

How To Stop Blushing All The Time And Feel More Energy And Confident

Normally, blushing is natural and rather cute for some people. However, most of them don’t like this expression. If you have the blushed face and want to stop it. You can consider cosmetic and medical solutions like pulsed-dye lasers and beta-blockers or home remedies for blushing. Here are some natural ways on how to stop blushing all the time for good that can be effective for you including:

1. Relax: 

how to stop blushing

Blushing is a sign of your embarrassment. At first, blushing may be worse because you feel embarrassed about your embarrassment. When you start to blush, the blood will be forced to your face. So if you feel that it is coming on, you should relax your body, at the same time, push your stomach out. This action can help limit your blushing if you practice regularly.

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2. Manage Stress: 
how to stop blushing

According to some researches, relaxation techniques may help make a stimulated nervous system quiet down and help the blood pressure associated with anxiety lower. Some relaxation techniques are good for you including meditation and deep breathing. According to a researcher, focusing on breathing will help you not be able to focus on anything. It can help prevent your face from blushing.

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3. Learn To Direct Your Blood Flow: 

how to stop blushing

It seems crazy but it is proven that you can control your blood flow by your imagination. You are able to practice by taking 5 minutes per day to imagine your hands heating up around an open fire. Do it regularly can help you direct your blood into your hands more easily. By using these remedies, you can control your blood flow in different parts of your body while you are blushing. Since then, you will change your temperature from your face to other parts and your blushing can be prevented.

4. Rehearse Mentally Staying Cool:

how to stop blushing

This way is a form of self-hypnosis that is found to be effective in stopping blushing effectively. The way to do is quite simple. Firstly, you need to breathe deeply and imagine putting yourself in the situations looking cool and calm when you feel relaxed. Or you can imagine a cool breeze that can make you feel more comfortable. You can do it with the event that makes you nervous. This is also a good way to control your feeling well that can be effective in meetings or speaking in front of the public.

5. Rewrite History: 

how to stop blushing

Rewriting history exercise seems strange for you but you can stop blushing with this exercise. With this practice, you have to think about the times that you blushed and revisit in your mind. When doing it, you should close your eyes and watching yourself again. You can realize that it is very easy to change your memories. Imagine the past situations as if you did not blush at all and you kept cool and relaxed. When practising this exercise, your mind remains the fact that you blushed in those times but your conscious mind will begin to feel as though it had never made up. Gradually, you will not feel embarrassed again.

6. Avoid All The Costive Foods, Spices, Smoking And Caffein: 

how to stop blushing

The costive foods and spices can be the risk of blushing if you eat too much. Caffein is a substance that makes your face blush. Hence, you should limit the intake of the costive foods, spices and caffeine so as to control your blushing better. Of course, you needn’t give up your favorite foods completely. Smoking is also a negative factors for your blushing that you should give up absolutely. It not only has influence on your blushing but also on your whole health, especially on your lung and the upper jaw.

7. Give Up Your Feeling Of Inferiority Complex: 

how to stop blushing

Giving up your feeling of inferiority complex can help you remove blushing completely. There are many ways to help you feel more confident about yourself like doing exercise, taking more interest in your appearance, or visualizing the situations that can happen. Some exercises that can useful for you include breathing, jogging, walking or something like that. When moving, you will remove all the nervousness and anger that you faced before, at the same time feel more energy and do the work more effectively. Or you also visualize all the situations that can happen in some events and imagine the best way to deal with. With this action, you can remove your feeling of inferiority complex and gradually, you will become cooler and more confident. Your appearance also affects on your feeling. Your appearance must be suitable for the situation and bring the confidence to you.

And the last is your smile. A nice face with a standing smile will make you easy and cool and other people more comfortable and happier.

Here are 7 ways on how to stop blushing all the time for good that I want to show you. However, if your blushing gets more serious and all the above remedies cannot help it better, it can be a sign of other diseases.

In this case, you should go to visit your doctor to ask for advice to get the best treatment. Remember that you can write your idea or question in the following of this website and we will be reply as soon as possible.

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