16 Daily Foot Care Tips For Walkers At Home For Healthier Feet

Updates: 04/24/2024

Your feet move you through the world, support you to stand up to your day, and ground you. Feet are essential parts of most things you do. Whether walking, running, exercising, or just standing, having feet which are well-cared can make your experience more pleasant. Thus, knowing how to care for your precious feet is critical. The following daily naturalfoot care tips at home for walkers will help you get good feet easily.

16 NaturalFoot Care Tips At Home For Walkers – How To Take Care For Feet Daily

1. Wash Your Feet Daily

As you run from place to place all day, your feet have been exposed to plenty of dust and dirt for a long day. If you take shower early in the morning, yet not at night, then at least you should wash your feet when getting at home. This should be your night habit. Just lather up with the soap and wash carefully the spaces between toes. Afterward, wipe your feet gently. More than being a mark of careful hygiene, doing this can make sure that you will not step on the bed with dirty feet, preventing dirt from going to your place of relaxation and rest.

2. Smooth Your Feet Out

foot care tips in urduYou had better make it your daily habit to make use of a pumice stone file on your damp heels as well as calluses. By this way, you will keep the feet look good in such open-back shoes.

Initially, you should soak the feet in a foot bath or water for about 10 minutes to soften your skin. Then, you can gently eliminate the thickened skin with the pumice stone. You can use foot bath produced from black tea which includes a beneficial substance called tannic acid. This substance is considered as a natural antibacterial agent, which might decrease the risk of suffering from athlete’s foot.

3. Moisturize

In case that the heels are so cracked and dry, then you should see a dermatologist or podiatrist for a prescription remedy. In case that the condition is not too bad, you always have a lot of moisturizing products to take advantage of.

First, you can try some medicated heel pads that do not require a prescription so you can soften calluses while walking. After exfoliating the calluses, you can apply a heavy cream to moisturize dry, tough skin on the heel. You can use moisturizing foot scrubs, which are made from botanicals, like crushed fruit pits, sugar, or chemical exfoliators to abolish dead skin fast. Then, you should apply the foot cream or balm which contains shea butter or cocoa butter. It is better for you to look for heel creams or balms including salicylic acid to soften such tough calluses.

4. Beat Off Fungus 

When it comes to OTC antifungal treatments, they are available in different forms, which are creams, lacquers, spray powders, liquids, spray powders, lotions, and spray liquids. In fact, these products can work the best on some cases of athlete’s foot, and not at all with the condition of toenail fungus that is rather hard to treat.

Regardless of the form, they contain one or some of the ingredients, including tolnaftate, miconazole, terbinafine, ciclopirox, or clotrimazole. They are equally efficient.

In other words, you should make use of a medicated spray or powder in case you have sweaty feet. Powder often contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate to keep feet dry.

On the other hand, if you have dry feet, them antifungal lotion will be your option. Just remember that you should dry the feet entirely before applying the antifungal lotion or power.

Normally, good hygiene will be the good manner to prevent the condition of fungal infections. Just wash the feet frequently before drying them thoroughly, particularly between the toes. Also, you should wear new, fresh socks daily to keep the feet healthy.

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5. Enjoy Pedicure Every Two Weeks

Regular pedicures can actually make a huge difference in maintaining soft feet and keeping your feet from rough and dry skin, your own toes also neat and clean. It is not necessary for you to pain them in every pedicure routine. Especially, you do not have to spend a huge amount of cash on salon. Just with some simple tools, you can do your own pedicure in the comfort of the comfort of your home.

foot care tips home remedies

  • At first, you soak the feet for 10 minutes in the large bowl containing lukewarm water. If possible, infuse the water with several drops of essential oils, Dead Sea salts. This can keep your feet smelling good and also soften the skin. Soak your feet for longer if you wish to relax more, or if the rough skin on your feet needs additional hydration.
  • Cut your toenails straight across, as opposed to a curved shape. This will prevent ingrown toenails from happening. If you would actually prefer a rounded shaped rather than a straight square, then use of a certain nail file for smoothening the ridges and give the edges a bit of a curve. By this way, you will create a square shape with rounded edges. Make sure that your nails are cut the right length. Cut it short enough to avoid hurting yourself.

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6. Wear Sunscreen

It is the best for you to wear sunscreen on the tops of the feet. This is one of the most fundamental foot care tips you should know.
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You had better apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which is equipped with the SPF index of at least 30, to the feet when you out with barefoot or wear open sandals.

7. Get Help

foot care tips programStanding for long periods of time could make the feet sore. Therefore, you had better wear insoles to make your shoes more comfortable. Also, you need to look for insoles which contain a plastic shell at the bottom as shell make them strong enough to supply real support.

Choose the suitable shoes which fit well and protect your feet so that you will get healthy feet effectively.

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8. Do Not Forget The Toenails

The nails will naturally turn to be much more brittle as aging. Actually, some ingredients in nail polish as well as polish remover could boost the process, leading to drying out the nails. Therefore, it is suggested that people should use polish which does not contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. People are also recommended to use a free-alcohol nail polish remover.

Before painting, you should clean the nail plates by wiping over them with polish remover. This will abolish excess oils and oil polish from the nails. Therefore, the new color will go on smoothly as well as last well.

Besides, you use the toe separators to keep the toes apart, making the painting process easier and preventing a fresh painted toenail from staining another toe.

To prevent staining and to make the polish go on smoothly, you should use a clear layer of polish, also called a basecoat, under the color layer. After about 10 minutes of basic polishing, you use a topcoat to gain the longest lasting, smoothest results and a high-shine finish.

foot care tips in hindi

9. Keep Blood Flowing To The Feet

The list of foot care tips cannot be perfect if I skip this useful tip. To keep the blood flowing to the feet, you should put the feet up when sitting. Wiggle the toes and move the ankles up and down for about 5 minutes. Do it two or three times per day. Moreover, do not cross the legs for a long period of time. Quit smoking to let the blood flow to your feet.

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10. Take A Walk

foot care tips in winter

This may seem counterintuitive because walking will put stress on the feet. The muscles in your feet are similar to other muscles which need exercise to stay strong.
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You could not actually lift weight with the foot muscles; thus, the best way of exercising them is to take a walk. Actually, it is not necessary for you to take a long walk, but you should take one every day to keep your feet firm and keep the tendons and ligaments flexible. This could prevent fallen arches later in the life. Taking a walk with your dog will be a good idea and your dog will also thank you for your action.

However, in case that walking causes sore legs or feet, there are some of extra steps you could take to improve the issue. Arch support inserts will be able to keep the feet in the proper position and support your weight during walking. Fortunately, a lot of stores provide special measurement devices which will help you find out the suitable type of support for your feet. Try walking on grass, or a soft cinder track for added cushioning. Keep in mind that you should not walk on barefoot. Of course, you need to make sure that you wear breathable, well-fitted shoes when walking.

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11. Protect The Feet From Cold And Hot

When walking on hot pavement or at the beach, you had better wear shoes. If your feet get cold at night, wear socks. Test water before putting the feet in it to avoid hurting your feet.

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Make sure that your shoes suit your feet so that they won’t make you have pain. In addition, shoes used for winter may not fit for your same foot size in summer. Many people experience bigger amounts of swelling in feet during the winter. This may cause a tight fit for summer and lead to potential blisters and heel slippage for winter.

Plus, do not assume heavier socks in the winter because it may lead to your cramped toes in the front of your shoes as well as lead to numbness, discomfort and sometimes lead to bleeding under your toenails.

In general, it is recommended not wearing tight footwear in the cold weather. A pair of tight shoes can decrease the blood circulation to your toes and increase chances of nerve impingement on the food tops.

12. Keep On Running

Running is also a way to improve your foot health because when running, you achieve foot flexibility. However, learn to run in the right way, warm up first then run, if not you will get much tension on your calf and have higher risks of leg injuries.

13. Choose Right Socks And Shoes

Avoid wearing cotton socks. Ideally, you should use synthetic socks because they not only wick away moisture and help you prevent blister formation but also still keep your feet warm as good as cotton socks.

How about shoe choosing? Basically, choose a pair of shoes that account for the type of your feet in order to prevent damage to them. Plus, you should pay attention to the quality of shoes to enjoy your walk without any pain or the damage from low quality or fake shoes and some dangerous shoe chemicals.

For people who suffer from over-pronation, they should purchase a pair of shoes, which have enhanced stability and motion control.

14. Warm Up Before Walking foot care tips warm up before walking

Don’t skip doing warm up exercises before walking because this activity can help reduce foot muscle injuries. And remember warm up in the right way with appropriate time.

As a walker you may struggle with this problem. This constant flexing of your shin muscle creates soreness when you increases walking or running speed and distance.

To ward off the shin splints and other muscle injuries, warm up carefully before starting your workouts or long walk.

In addition, be sure you stretch. Flexing your feet helps build your shin muscle and Ankle rotations help with this, too. Stretch properly to keep you having healthier feet and walking for better relaxation.

15. Limit The Time Of Wearing Your High Heels

If you are woman, you should care about this issue more seriously. It’s obvious that high heels help women look taller, yet pay attention to your foot health first. Just wear pointed shoes and high heels for just special occasions. Moreover, choose right shoes for certain activities.

For instance, if you want to enjoy a mountain climbing, sandals or high heel shoes definitely are bad choices. Instead, you should wear sport shoes.

16. Avoid Foot odor

Very important! Foot odor can be referred to how good your food hygiene is. Logically, foot odor is linked to some bacteria that make you loose confidence and anxiety. Thus, care about this foot issue and handle it for good for better foot health.

It only takes a little time every day to treat your own feet well, and these 16 daily naturalfoot care tips at home for walkers will help you keep the feet healthy and beautiful all year long.

Leave your comments at the end of this post of 16 daily naturalfoot care tips for walkers at home to let us know what you think. We appreciate and will respond all soon!

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