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Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse is a 20-day herbal-based cleanse that consists of six different supplements that work together to ensure that your entire body functions at its peak. This will help you ensure that your immune system, respiratory system, digestion, and circulation, as well as your organs, vessels, and more are running as they should be.

So, while this product might affect your weight, Dherbs was created as a means of flushing out all the toxins and giving your body a fresh start. According to the website, Dherbs also was designed to improve the user’s overall health—helping to clear the skin, maintain the libido, and help reduce sugar and junk food cravings.

The Dherbs system isn’t necessarily designed to make users lose a bunch of weight, but there’s the possibility that it might make a difference for some consumers. We’ll look at the herbal ingredients below, as well as the claims, reviews, and safety associated with this cleanse. Let’s take a look:

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Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse Overview

Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse is a six-supplement cleanse system. This system features the following herbal blends: Blood & Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, Liver, Spleen & Gallbladder, Lungs & Respiratory, Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals, and Colon & Digestive Tract.

As a whole, this extensive set of pills contains a long list of herbal ingredients. The idea is, over 20-days, you’ll consume this long list of supplements, and they’ll work together to fight the damage caused by various toxins, pollutants, and radiation you come into contact with on a regular basis.

Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse, unfortunately, seems like it doesn’t have a whole lot of scientific data standing behind it, instead relying on videos by the likes of daytime TV stars like Steve Harvey.

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Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse Claims

Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse is sold as a 10 or 20-day cleanse kit. According to the website this product aims to help with weight management, boost the immune system, and increase energy levels.

The web copy says this 20-day all-natural program supports the body’s eliminative channels and may help users lose approximate 10-30 pounds. There are no cited studies backing this claim, rather, Dherbs claims that this is user reported data.

In addition to the claims outlined in the above section, this full body claims helps dieters maintain healthy skin and a glowing complexion, improve mood and “outlook on life,” clears the mind, improves libido, and helps users control sugar cravings. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

Unfortunately, these claims are just perpetuated by the makers of Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse. Amazon shoppers have reported that the cleanse made them very sick or just wasn’t effective. The site uses language like, “supports eliminative channels” which should be a key indicator that this product is a laxative of sorts and should be approached with caution.

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Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse Ingredients

The official website mentions a long list of ingredients aimed at keeping you full, while simultaneously providing the nutrition needed to help you power through the day.

One such example: the heart health pills. These contain cinnamon, garlic, hawthorn berry, ginger root, motherwort leaf, mistletoe leaf, eleuthero root, lily of the valley, dandelion root, reishi mushrooms, ginkgo leaf, prickly ash bark, cayenne pepper, myrrh bala root, and more.

The blood and lymphatic system cleanse, according to the site is made from herbs that help your circulatory and lymphatic system’ eliminate toxins in your blood and lymph fluid like waste or external pollutants.

According to research by MedlinePlus, a website linked to the National Institutes of Health, all components of lily of the valley are quite poisonous. The site doesn’t ever say how much of this ingredient must be taken before the toxic effects kick in, but this ingredient has been linked to side effects like dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, and even, in rare cases, death.

There are so many ingredients in each of the six different supplements that we’re a bit wary of how this cleanse stands to affect its users. Herbs can have interactions with one another, and this company seems to be doling out medical advice without being linked to any credible medical institutions.

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The Science Behind Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse

This product seems to be made by a company that promotes a long list of herbal supplements without any medical studies or doctor-endorsements to go along with it, and frankly, it seems a bit dangerous. In addition to selling this product designed to help you “get rid of toxins and waste,” the makers of Dherbs claim that cooked food will render this cleanse ineffective.

In 2024, Dherbs was hit with a notice from the FDA for making false claims. The company was selling products that claimed to treat kidney stones and prevent strokes–but these supplements were never approved.

Overall, there are too many ingredients present in this formula for users to get a clear picture of what this stands to do to their system. Some items like ginger, reishi mushrooms, and cinnamon are known for their health benefits and haven’t been linked to any ill effects. That said, items like lily of the valley are essentially poison, and while being poisoned may help users lose weight, it’s (obviously) not the best laxative you can buy.

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Word on the Street about Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse

The Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse is featured in several videos and has a decent web presence. You can find this product on channels like Amazon, where people have left reviews spanning a range of experiences.

Several users reported that this product made them sick and that they could not complete the cleanse. No word on whether or not this product was an effective weight loss tool, but vomiting or diarrhea may lead to weight loss–just not healthy weight loss.

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Is Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse Worth a Try?

Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse seems like it could be dangerous. The brand makes all these claims but has not been studied by any legitimate healthcare institutions. The website claims this product will make your organs work properly, improve quality of your skin and your sex life, and completely rid the body of toxins. On top of all that, users can (reportedly) expect to lose up to 30 pounds. Yet, they offer nothing to the customer to prove these claims are valid.

Dherbs does not have the best track record with the FDA. The organization has issued a range of complaints—stating that this company is selling unapproved supplements that have no proven effect on the conditions mentioned in the sales copy.

Dherbs appears to be untrustworthy, and this cleanse may have some negative effects on users. This product made several users sick and contains some ingredients known for their negative side effects.

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Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse FAQs

  1. How long do these herbal supplements last?
    The Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse lasts for three years when kept in a cool, dry place.
  2. Why is a raw food diet recommended?
    For the cleanse to be effective, Dherbs recommends users follow a raw vegan diet. According to the site, raw foods offer the maximum nutritional content, like vitamins, minerals, and other elements are lost through cooking or heating. Dherbs claims that the raw diet will keep your body’s pH in check as you go through the cleanse.
  3. Speaking of which, what is a raw food diet?
    A raw food diet excludes all food that has been heated to 115° F or hotter. So nothing baked, toasted, grilled, and so on.
    According to the website, to do this cleanse correctly, one must limit their diet to raw fruits and vegetables, sea plants, nuts,  and seeds; raw herbs and plant oils. A raw-food diet is vegan, and as such, no animal products like meat or dairy are to be consumed during this cleanse.
  4. Where can I buy Dherbs Full-Body Cleanse?
    Shoppers may purchase this item from Amazon for $79.99 for a 10-day cleanse or $120 for the 20-day cleanse.

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