7 benefits of hemp seed oil for hair care

Hemp seed oil is high in essential fatty acids as well as vitamins and protein. This oil is effective for people with all hair types. Hemp oil is considered as one of the most effective organic moisturizers for hair and skin. The oil is also one natural moisturizer that enhances scalp health, shoring up your intercellular matrix, which will protect against moisture loss. Maintaining your scalp healthy can help minimize irritation as well as prevent dry scalp. Especially, hemp oil is good to apply in the winter. In this article, VKool.com will show you top 7 benefits of hemp seed oil for hair. The writing collected a list of benefits of this oil from reliable sources. Keep reading this writing to learn these 7 benefits of hemp seed oil for hair!

Top 7 Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil For Hair You Should Know

1. Hair Structure Improvement

hemp seed oil for hair-hair structure improvement

Generally, hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) that tend to greatly improve your hair condition as well as contribute to keratin formation, thereby making the hair stronger and healthier. As well, gamma-linoleic acid is also one ceramides source that plays an important role in keeping protein and water.

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2. Elasticity improvement

hemp seed oil for hair-elasticity improvement

Hem seed oil that helps you deal with some health problems also helps you improve your hair.

Due to the lipids, present this oil, the increase in volume, elasticity and shine is observed.

3. Softening

hemp seed oil for hair-softening

One of the benefits of hemp seed oil for hair is to help it be softer. Due to fatty acids and Vitamin E present in this oil, emollient action takes place that make the hair softer and also prevent dehydration.
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4. Hair Conditioner

hemp seed oil for hair-hair conditioner

Hemp oil contains many properties to create a good conditioner for scalp and hair. The most necessary property is that this oil delivers emollient action. Generally, the main function of the emollient is to preserve one good amount of water on your skin. As it prevents the water loss, the oil also softens the scalp. Plus, a combination of essential fatty acids and vitamin E contained in this oil provides complete nutrients in order to maintain the good conditions of the scalp and hair.

5. Hair Moisturizer

hemp seed oil for hair-hair moisturizer

One of the benefits of hem seed oil for hair is keeping moisturizer. When one substance performs well in restricting water loss, it will keep moisture conditions as well. This oil is able to hold water, so it as well works as a moisturizer for hair and scalp. It directly acts on the roots of the hair. If you meet problems with dry hair or scalp, hemp oil can be one good solution. The essential oil is especially perfect when applied during the winter because it may accommodate cold air outside as well as warm temperature inside perfectly.

6. Hair Growth Stimulator

hemp seed oil for hair-hair growth stimulator

Surprisingly, the most useful fatty acids present in hemp oil are omega 6, omega 9 and omega 3. They are the polyunsaturated fatty acids which can speed up good hair growth.

The use of the oil for hair may also combat or cure dryness. You may even consume the hemp oil directly or simply use this oil for salad dressings.

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7. Strengthening The Hair

hemp seed oil for hair-strengthening the hair

The hair is mainly protein, so your hair needs perfect supply of the nutrient to keep overall strength and beauty. In addition, other than vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this oil is 25% protein. Especially, the protein is able to strengthen the hair, repair cell damage and contain emollient properties that keep moisture condition.

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Additional tips

How to use this oil for hair? You can use it as follows.

  • You can mixthe oil in with your conditioners and shampoos.
  • You can apply this oil directly to scalp and your hair, massage in and leave the entire night before rinsing it the next day.
  • You can cover your hair with a saran wrap or shower cap after applying this oil, heat a wet towel after that wrap it around a shower cap for about half an hour before conditioning and shampooing. Heating this oil for long periods of time is not a good idea since it degrades the properties.
  • Or, you can prepare a hemp seed oil mask by mixing hemp seed oil (5 tablespoons), 3 teaspoons of honey, avocado oil (5 tablespoons),a banana and about 5 – 10 drops of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oil. Then, mix all of these ingredients together in one blender, apply to the hair, secure with a cap and leave for about half an hour, then wash out and style. The amounts can be decreased or increased depending on your hair length.

To get more information related to effective ways for hair care, go to our main Hair Care page. After studying the writing of top 7 benefits of hemp seed oil for hair care, hope that this article will help you learn more the positive effects of this oil on your hair. However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before using hemp seed oil. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other benefits of hemp seed oil for hair to us.

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