15 Good Home Exercises For Kids – Easy And Fun

home exercises for kids

One of the best ways to get children to exercise is to find ways to get them active without making it feel like actual exercise. In this article, from VKool.com, we will give you some ideas about good home exercises for kids which are so fun and easy for every kid. Some of these exercise can get your kids doing exercise without even knowing it and some will bring really good physical and emotional effects. Check out below!

15 Exercises For Kids – Get Your Kids Moving

1. Child’s Pose

exercises for kids

In this list of exercises for kids, this is a good way for children to start and/or end a stretching session; many yoga sequences begin with this pose. It is super relaxing.

Initially, kneel with the toes touching and knees spread apart. Some kids prefer to have their knees together. Then, slowly bend over and touch the forehead to the yoga mat or ground. Arms could be at sides, along legs, palms facing up, or extended in front of the head with the palms on the ground. Next, inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Keep this post for 3-5 breaths.

2. Cat-Cow Stretch

Cat-Cow Stretch

This yoga-influenced stretch is really great for the human spine and strengthens those abdominal muscles. Begin with all fours on the floor with the spine and neck in a neural position. Back flat and eyes looking straight down to the floor. When inhaling, you drop the belly down and slowly lift the head and neck up. This is the cow half of the pose. Next, on the exhale, lift the stomach as well as spine so the back will be arched like a cat’s. Eyes should be looking towards the bellybutton.

3. Overhead Arm Stretch

exercises for kids

This is an effective yet simple stretching exercise which works the upper body, arms, and shoulders. Then, stand up with feet together. With the back straight, reach the arms straight up and forehead, without locking the elbows.

The hands could be touching, as the girls show on the right, or apart, or the boys demonstrate on the left. You could also do a gentle back bend here. If you opt for bending backwards, keep your chin and neck lifted.

4. Outstretched Arms

exercises for kids

Exercising this routine will work both the shoulder and arm muscles. Stand with the arms outstretched, and thumbs pointing down. Push the arms back gently as if you are squeezing a ball between your own shoulders blades.

Or, you can rotate slowly your arms so that the thumbs will be pointing up. Keep the position and rotate back to the first position. Keep the position for a second again, and squeeze the arms back. Do this routine for several times. Remember that you should move slowly while practicing this exercise.

5. Shoulder Stretch

exercises for kids

To start, reach your right arm straight out and in front of you. Then, bend the left arm and put the left wrist on your back arm, above the elbow. The left palm will be coping with the side. Use your left arm to press gently the right arm across the body till you feel a real stretch. Keep this position for 10-30 seconds.

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6. Tricep Stretch

exercises for kids

This stretch can work the tricep, a muscle on the back of the upper arm. Then, raise your right arm straight up overhead, your palm facing in toward the head. After that, bend your elbow so the fingers gently touch the middle of your upper back. Next, grab your right elbow with the left hand and pull back gently till you can feel the stretch in your right tricep. Keep the stretch for 10-30 seconds. Switch the arms and repeat.

7. Knee Lunge

exercises for kids

This might seem a leg stretch, yet it really works the muscles in the groin. Begin with kneeling on the floor or the mat. Keep the back straight, then place the left foot on the floor and gently press forward till your knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. This will stretch the left hip and groin.

After that, place the hands as well as elbow on the left stabilize and keep for 20 seconds or so, without bouncing. Switch up your legs and repeat on the opposite site.

8. Plank



The next one in the list of exercises for kids is plank. To start, you lie with your face down, resting on the forearms, keep the body straight. Draw the belly button towards your spine, and squeeze your glutes and abs, keep for 30 seconds. Take a 1-minute rest and then do the movement once again. When you get familiar with the exercise and get stronger, tack on more time n 15-second increments.

9. Chest Press

exercises for kids

Sit on a stability ball with your legs slightly wider than your hip. Slowly walk your feet out till the ball supports head and shoulders. Remember your knees, hips, and shoulders should be in a straight line. Keep a proper weight in each of your hand with your arms bent to 90 degrees. Slowly lift the arms above the chest. Exhale and steadily raise them back to the beginning point. Do the exercise 8-15 times.

10. Chair Squats

exercises for kids

Stand approximately 6 inches in front of the chair with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your toes pointed forwards. With your weight on your heels, you inhale and slowly lower the hips till the butt can tap the chair. You then exhale, and straighten the legs and turn back to the beginning point. Practice this exercise from 8 to 15 times. If you could do 15 repetitions, you can hold the dumbbells within the hands and rest them on the shoulders.

11. Bent-Knee Push-Up

exercises for kids

With this exercise, you first get on your knees and hands. Keep the hands wider than shoulders slightly and your knees aligned with hips. Keep the abs tight, then inhale before bending your elbows to about 90 degrees. Exhale and push up before straightening arms. Repeat the exercise 8 – 15 times. When you can do this exercise for 15 times, you can switch up to the traditional push-ups with the legs fully extended and the weight supported on the toes.

12. Biceps Curls

exercises for kids

You start with your feet apart, your knees bent slightly. Press the elbows into torso and let the weights rest on the front of the thigh. Keep the dumbbell in each of your hand with an underhand grip. Then, inhale, bend the elbows and curl weights to shoulder. After that, exhale and slowly return to the beginning point. Do this exercise for 8-15 times.

13. Straddle Stretch

exercises for kids

When it comes to home exercises for kids, this is one of the easiest ones. Start by sitting on the floor with the legs apart in a straddle position. The width of the straddle depends on you, without causing pain.

After getting seated, you bend slowly over the right leg, next to the center and over the left leg. Keep each position for at least 20 seconds, without bouncing. By doing this exercise, you will work your lower back, inner thighs, sides, and hamstrings – which are the large muscles on the back of your thighs.

14. Quadricep Stretch

exercises for kids

This exercise will stretch the quadriceps – the group of large muscles on the front of your thighs used for running. You start by standing facing the back of the chair (a tree is okay). Use your left arm on that chair for getting balance. Bend your right leg and grab it with your right hand. Press gently the foot towards the buttocks till you feel a good stretch right in front of your thigh. Keep the position for 20 seconds or so before switching to the other leg.

Also, you could do this stretch with the opposite arm keeping your foot. It is a little bit more challenging to get the balance this manner, yet having a tree or chair will support you in this case.

15. Calf Stretch

exercises for kids

To do a calf stretch, start by placing your forearms on a wall or tree. Stand with one leg near the wall or tree. Then, extend your other leg gently back, also keeping the heel on a mat or the floor till you feel a good stretch in your calf muscle (back of lower leg). Hold for about 20 seconds without bouncing. After that, switch up the sides before repeating on the other leg. This stretch should feel good after running or walking and can help muscles recover from that exercise.

Above are top 15 easy-to-follow good home exercises for kids that you can add some or all of them to the exercise regime of your kids. That way, you will help your kids improve physical health while still giving them great moments of having fun.

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