11 Health Benefits Of Parsley Leaves And Juice For The Human Body

health benefits of parsley

Parsley, also known as Petroselinum hortense or Petroselinum crispum, is a herb originated in the southern Italy, Tunisia, and Algeria. It is a predominantly tropical plant that needs ample sunlight and moisture to grow and usually used in 2 forms known as leaf and root. The benefits of parsley are expressed through various cuisines, especially in European countries, and many types of medicine as a medicinal component. Its leaf and root are used to make salads, garnishing, stocks, and sandwiches also gradually become more and more popular nowadays.

Parsley is the rich sources of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, minerals such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folates, choline, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, and potassium, and other essential compounds like carbohydrates, protein, fat, and energy. This is the reason why parsley is very helpful in controlling diabetes, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis besides preventing osteoporosis, relieving pain and gastrointestinal issues, and strengthening the immune system.

At present, VKool.com showed you 11 health benefits of parsley leaves and juice for the human body. All of the mentioned benefits of this herb are found and consulted from reliable sources, so you can absolutely believe in it. For those who don’t know or wonder how beneficial parsley herb is, just spend a few minutes reading the article to have more information!

11 Health Benefits Of Parsley Leaves And Juice For The Human Body

1. Prevent Cancer

benefits of parsley - prevent cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is known as the first one of the benefits of parsley for the health. This herb has a high content of flavonoid including myricetin and apigenin that help it reduce the danger of several cancers like skin, breast, alimentary canal, and prostate cancer. And along with its ability to prevent cancer is its role as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

More clearly, Myricetin is a flavonol presented in parsley also other plants is proved to give chemopreventive effects to skin cancer. Some other plants like sweet potatoes, cranberries, and black currants along with parsley are estimated to contain 100 grams per one which is considered as the highest presence of myricetin. In addition, the concentration of chlorophyll in this herb has been indicated to be effective in sealing carcinogenic effects caused by heterocyclic amines that are generated after grilling foods over high temperatures since then protecting the human body against various diseases. Therefore, if you are about to consume grilled foods, make sure to combine with parsley and other green vegetables in order to negate these effects.

Besides myricetin, apigenin is also a flavonol found in parsley is very helpful in decreasing the size of a tumor in the form of breast cancer, which has been proved before. And it is also believed that apigenin will be an amazing non-toxic treatment of cancer in the near future.

2. Prevent Diabetes

While people are facing more and more risks of diabetes, a very dangerous condition especially for the older, and becoming more careful in choosing foods for their diets, parsley is really an ideal suggestion for them. Preventing the risks of diabetes is another of the health benefits of parsley which is due to its certain chemicals. In fact, myricetin has been evaluated for the effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. A number of studies before conducted on animals have shown that this chemical can lower the blood sugar level over a month indeed as well as reduce insulin resistance and bring anti-hyperlipidemia and anti-inflammatory effects to the body, which all means it can be used to control diabetes. And it is also the reason why parsley has been added to many medical treatments for diabetes for a long time in some countries.

3. Improve Heart Health

Improving the heart health is one of the benefits of Parsley for the health. This herb contains a high level of folic acid that is known as one of the most necessary B vitamins and plays important roles in the health regulation. For example, folic acid participates in the process in which homocysteine is converted into benign molecules in the body, which directly relates to the cardiovascular health indeed. The reason makes this process important is that Homocysteine is a very dangerous molecule that can damage the blood vessels if remained at high levels thereby probably increasing the risks of stroke and heart attack in people with atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. Because the benefits of parsley come from the presence of folic acid, you should enjoy it along with other kinds of foods also rich in folic acid to prevent and relieve these diseases. In addition, folic acid plays an important role in the proper division of cells since then significantly preventing the risks of cancer, especially in the 2 areas of the body owning rapidly dividing cells known as the colon, the cervix in women as well.

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4. Protect Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

benefits of parsley - protect against rheumatoid arthritis

Protecting the human body against rheumatoid arthritis is one of the important benefits of parsley. You may have heard about the bad effects of consuming high doses of vitamin C on osteoarthritis that is known as a type of degenerative arthritis occurring when you ages, but vitamin C, presented much in vegetables and fruits including parsley, protects the body against inflammatory polyarthritis that is known as a form of rheumatoid arthritis associated with 2 or more joints as well. And along with vitamin C is beta-carotene that is also found in the herb and they both have anti-inflammatory properties to control arthritis. The consumption of parsley on a regular basis is believed to stimulate the process of removing uric acid that is related to symptoms of arthritis.

To be clear, a study was conducted recently on more than 20,000 subjects who were absolutely arthritis-free at the time the study started in order to find out the connection between the consumption of vitamin C with the risks of arthritis. It was indicated that those who consumed the least amount of foods rich in vitamin C experienced more than 3 times to develop arthritis than the others who consumed the highest amount. That means you should add parsley to your dishes as a garnish because it can really help you prevent the risks of rheumatoid arthritis indeed. In addition, you can use parsley to clean your palate as the ways people used to don and clean your breath as well after a meal.

5. Prevent Inflammation

Due to certain properties, the health benefits of parsley also include preventing inflammation, which makes it widely used to treat some conditions like insect bites, toothaches, bruises, and rough skin. According to the studies before, parsley possesses both anti-inflammatory properties that reduce internal inflammations and anti-hepatotoxicity properties that help clean the liver as well.
As mentioned above, preventing rheumatoid arthritis is one of the benefits of parsley, which also associates with its anti-inflammatory properties as well. This herb can help you lessen the pain and swelling caused by arthritis condition. In addition, it contains a volatile oil named eugenol that is believed to prevent arthritic diseases besides its powerful anti-inflammatory effects thereby significantly curbing swelling within the joints.

6. Strengthen Immune System

Strengthening or boosting the immune system is another of the benefits of parsley for the health, which depends on the rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants presented in itself. The presences of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and niacin give different effects on the immune system. For example, vitamin A directly acts on white blood cells or lymphocytes thus increasing their effect. In addition, the chlorophyll included in parsley has antifungal and antibacterial properties as well.

Not only natural parsley but parsley essential oil is also beneficial for the health. This oil has been indicated to suppress a stimulated immune response thereby playing an important role in fighting against autoimmune, allergies, and persistent inflammatory disorders.

7. Give Diuretic Effects

Another of the health benefits of parsley is giving positive effects to urinary tracts.
In fact, this herb has been used for many centuries now as a diuretic in order to control a number of diseases like kidney stones, gallbladder stones, and urinary tract infections that are all annoying conditions or diseases indeed.

Edema is a condition in which the patients retain more fluid in the body than what it needs to hold under the normal circumstances and this fluid accommodation makes the body swell then. And if you are suffering from this condition, you should consume a few teaspoons of parsley juice to relieve it quickly. In addition, the roots of parsley are also very beneficial in counteracting kidney stones. An advice for you is adding parsley roots to boiling water then drinking regularly to clean your body as an effective natural cleanser.

The benefits of parsley also include treating urinary tract infection, which makes it listed as one of the herbs applied as a natural remedy instead of an antibiotic for this condition. And if you want to consume this herb as a treatment for urinary tract infection, you should ask your physician initially to have a right application.

8. Improve Bone Health

benefits of parsley - improve bone health

The rich sources of vitamin K and calcium make improving the bone health one of the benefits of Parsley. While the deficiency of vitamin K can cause a higher risk of bone fracture, this herb, with a high content of vitamin K, can help you prevent this bad condition. An adequate consumption of this vitamin K which is equivalent to the consumption of 10 sprigs parsley helps modify the bone matrix proteins, improve the absorption of calcium, and reduce urinary excretion of calcium thereby improving the bone health.

In fact, the consumption of vegetables, herbs, and fruits is absolutely related to decreasing in the risks of many negative health conditions. The more natural foods you consume, the healthier you become and it is also necessary to realize that the concentration of a vitamin or chemical from food does not result in the same good benefits as taking it in the whole food form. Therefore, you should consume parsley among a wide range of foods in your diet instead of any other supplements.

Osteoporosis is known as a common condition occurring to the bone when aging, which can be effectively prevented as one of the benefits of parsley. This condition occurs because of an amino acid named homocysteine and the exerted level of calcium in the bones. However, this amino acid is broken down by the effects of folic acid that can be taken by the consumption of parsley. Therefore, you should consume this herb to supply your body with folic acid and calcium to improve the bone health.

9. Be Rich In Antioxidant Nutrients

A number of benefits of parsley for the health come from its antioxidant nutrients indeed. This herb contains flavonoids, particularly luteolin, that have been considered as antioxidants that associate with potentially reactive oxygen-containing molecules or oxygen radicals thereby preventing oxygen-based damage to the cells. And the antioxidant capacity of blood is also improved by the consumption of parsley’s extracts, which has been proved among animals before.

In addition to flavonoids, vitamin A and vitamin C found in parsley play a role as antioxidants as well, which is highly appreciated by the concentration of the pro-vitamin A known as carotenoid and beta-carotene.

Vitamin C, as you know, has a wide range of functions to the human body. It is known as the primary water-soluble antioxidant that helps remove dangerous free radicals existed in all water-soluble areas out of the body. And while a high level of free radicals can cause the precession and development of many diseases like colon cancer, atherosclerosis, asthma, and diabetes, that vitamin C removes these radicals means it helps prevent and relieve these diseases indeed. It is the reason why you should take in as much as vegetables rich in vitamin C including parsley as much as possible to improve your protection against dangerous diseases.

As mentioned above, Beta-carotene is another important antioxidant found in parsley which creates some benefits of parsley for the health. It acts in the fat-soluble areas through the body that helps reduce the risks of procession and development of some conditions like colon cancer, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. In common, it has similar effects to vitamin C which is shown by its ability to reduce the severity of osteoarthritis, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A, known as a very important nutrient to a strong immune system in particular and the whole health in common. Therefore, you should take in this herb because of various benefits of parsley for the health.

10. Detox The Body

Detoxing the body is another of the health benefits of parsley. In fact, apigenin and myristicin presented in this herb help boost the productivity of the liver’s enzymes, which detoxes the body indeed. And as you know how important it is, particularly in detoxing your body under its proper functioning. In addition, a study conducted on apigenin found that the flavone compound can also improve the effects of drugs that are used to treat colon cancer.

11. Possible Side Effects

Despite various benefits of parsley for the health, it is possible to have some other effects along with the consumption of this herb, so you should pay more attention as follows:

  • Headaches

A headache can occur along with a high utilization of parsley and it usually passes when you become accustomed to this herb. If you face this problem, stop adding this herb to your diet and speak to your healthcare provider to get more suggestion.

  • Kidney Damage

Kidney damage can also occur because of the over-consumption of parsley. It is the time you needed medical care to check your complete health as well as treat this kidney damage as soon as possible to prevent more serious conditions later.

  • Convulsions

An over-consumption of parsley can also cause seizure activity like convulsions. This imbalance in the mind can force you to be out of control with writhing and jerking movements or to blank out. If you are experiencing convulsions, take a visit to a healthcare center to justify your condition early.

  • Risk for pregnant women

The over-consumption of parsley can induce uterine contractions among pregnant women, which is very risky at any stage of pregnancy indeed. In brief, avoiding excessive consumption of parsley during pregnancy and breastfeeding is always reminded.

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After reading the article on 11 health benefits of parsley leaves and juice for the human body in our main Health page, hope that you can see how well this herb brings to your health so that adding a suitable amount of parsley to your daily diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of parsley if you know more.

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