How To Improve Your English Skills – Top 17 Tips Revealed!

how to improve your english

There are various reasons why people from all over the world try to improve their English: for pleasure, for learning, for business, or because they are going to live in an English speaking country.
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Here are some of the most effective yet simple tips on how to improve your English skills fast. Check them out now!

How To Improve Your English Skills – Tips To Be Master In English

1. Create Your English Blog

How to improve your english speakingFor those who do not have to write in English, writing regularly can be a good way to learn new vocabularies they need to describe their own life as well as interests. Yet, the problem that many of you have is that you do not know what to write about. So, the recommendation is to write an English dairy. In a more modern way is to write a blog. The common topics contain your own experience in learning English or your experience when studying abroad, and so on. Whatever you think it is interesting and can express yourself.
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2. Listen To MP3

This is a popular way to improve your English listening skills. Though purchasing music on the Internet is becoming more and more popular, not so many people know that they can download speech radio or audio books. This is a great way to practice your listening; also you can expand your knowledge related to different fields.

3. Listen To English Music

Listening to music when doing something else could help you get used to the natural rhythm and tone of English speed naturally.

4. Read The Lyrics Song

Along with listening to music, it is better for your English skills if you can learn the words of chorus by reading the lyrics of the song with a dictionary. If the lyrics are not given in the CD booklet, you can find them on the Internet. Yet, please note that some websites contain lyrics which put some errors into their lyrics for copyright reasons. Thus, you should combine listening and reading to check out the lyrics.

It could be good manner of understanding how sounds change in natural, fast, and informal speech.

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5. Sing Karaoke In English

How to improve your english guideAfter understanding and remembering a song, the next step to improve your English skills is to sing it. Though some words have their pronunciation modified entirely to fit in with a certain song, most of the words have the same stressed syllable as well as sounds in normal speech.

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6. Search In English

How to improve your english skillsAnother motivating and easy manner to boost your reading skills is to switch your search engine to the version of English language. Often, Google is used as the main searching engine. This could be a good way for you to practice fast reading for certain information in English. Moreover, you will have a wider choice of websites to opt for compared with your mother language.

Also, changing the operating language of your mobile phone, video recorder and other devices to English could be an easy way of ensuring you use the language everyday.

7. Skip The First Ten Pages

If you have given up with a certain book in English or are reading it so slowly, now you should try to skip the first ten pages. The starting sentences of most books often contain a lot of difficult vocabularies and tend to be general description.  This hardly helps you understand what is happening and does not motivate you to continue read the next page.

Once the book is too hard for you to keep up even after the introductionary section is ended, it may be time for you to give that book up and try reading it again after you have read easier things.

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8. Read Comics Of English Language

The best option is to read books with a lot of dialogues to up your English learning skills. Nevertheless, if you think that reading books with many dialogues is rather hard for your current English level, then comics in English could be easy to understand. Moreover, it is packed with idiomatic language because it is informal language. However, some comics contains slangs, or hard to understand jokes, or dialogue with speaking language rather than normal spellings. Thus, you had better choose comics to read carefully. Adventure and serious comics are much easier to understand compared with funny comics.

9. Read English Language Magazines, Guides

To learn how to improve your English, if possible, you had better read entertainment guides or magazines in English. There are usually two versions of the same magazine which could help readers understand it easier.

10. Surround Yourself With English Speakers

How to improve your english speaking skillsIf you have some friends that are good at in speaking English, then hanging out with them regularly will help you improve your English skills in terms of speaking and listening. Do a language exchange, where you can teach other your mother language and they in turn will teach you theirs. Immerse yourself in every possible situation as much as possible.

Set time aside to speak English every night, even just one hour can help you improve a lot. Keep everything to English, such as your TV, radio, or anything else.

11. Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

This is basic rule for those who want to improve their English skills. Making mistakes is not something bad. If you do not, you will not know what is right and wrong. If not, you will not truly understand the concepts you are learning. It is embarrassing, yet it is essential.

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12.  Practice Speaking English As Much As Possible

How to improve your english Wherever you could, you should practice speaking English by taking every chance. If you live in an English speaking country, then it is much easier. Yet, not everyone can have such a good chance. If not, you could talk to visitors.

Just do not be shy and worry about your mistakes like I said above. You are able to create chances. For example, when you see someone you think speaks English that is taking a photo, just ask him if you can take it for him.

13. Think Or Say What You Do In English

When doing something, try to create sentences describing what you are doing in English. This will help you get used to brainstorming and speaking in English without translating. Also, it could be a good way for you to see simple vocabulary that is around you each day that you do not know yet.

14. Watch Film With English Subtitles And Soundtracks

When it comes to learn how to improve your English skills, this is an interesting yet effective way to get your purpose. If you watch an American movie with English audio and subtitles, your English vocabulary, grammar, and even slang will improve rapidly as you read and listen to English concurrently. If you do this just 15 minutes per day, within one month, then you will see a huge improvement in your English.

Besides, you should also watch the same TV episode or film over and over again in order to learn the language without having to study it. Some comedies could be funnier when you watch and understand them clearly, particularly when you watch them without subtitles.

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15. Label Things In Your Office Or House With Post-Its

how to improve your english programIn fact, the easiest vocabulary to remember is the vocabulary of things you see as well as use in your daily life. If you could write the names of things around you on the slips of paper and stick those papers on the appliances or furniture in your house. This will be beneficial in learning everyday vocabulary. If you could leave them there over there next days, even weeks, it is an easy way to revise those vocabularies until it is well learnt.

16. Use An English-English Dictionary

Instead of using a bilingual dictionary, you can use a monolingual one to help you stop translating in your mind when speaking or listening. Another useful English vocabulary may come up with when you us this type of dictionary.

17. Record Yourself

You might know how should it sound, yet how does it sound when the words come out of your own mouth when speaking? This might be different. Thus, recording yourself could help you find out your strengths and weaknesses. It is rather hard to listen to your voice initially, yet it will go away soon. After that, you will see your progress easily.  Just take time to study pronunciation patterns. There is no fast or hard rule with English as it is a conglomeration of a bunch of languages. Yet, there are general patterns.

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The tips on how to improve your English skills above are just some of the most effective ways to master your English day by day. None of these suggestions takes very long and could really be done for just a small amount of time each day. Thus, you can make use of them right instantly.

Leave your words at the end of this post to let us know your thoughts about the topic of how to improve your English skills. We will respond all soon!

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