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Information is crucial when it comes to shopping for weight loss supplements. Plenty of people end up wasting their money every year because they don’t have adequate information about the products they’re buying.

That’s why we say you should always do your research about anything you buy, especially if it has to do with your health. There’s one such product that we’ve seen pop up in lots of searches recently, so we went in and tried to figure out a little more information about it. Read our review below to see what we learned.

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Lipozene Overview

Lipozene is a weight loss pill that’s supposed to be a safe, healthy, and natural way to lose body fat. It comes in bottles of 60 pills, and is meant to be taken in doses of two pills 30 minutes before every meal. At a rate of 6 pills a day, each bottle is only going to last 10 days, which means that if you want to take the product for longer than that for your weight loss regimen, you’ll have to buy more (four bottles for a full month). The product doesn’t look expensive at first – $20 to $30, depending on where you look – but the price quickly goes up once you realize how many bottle you’ll need if you even want just one full month of using the product as directed.

Lipozene is made by Obesity Research Institute, LLC, a dietary supplement company based in Reno, Nevada. This company doesn’t have a great reputation with customers. There are over two dozen complaints from customers on their Better Business Bureau page, many of them complaining about hidden charges that the company sneaked in while offering a “free trial” of the product. Other complaints feature reports of the pills causing people pain. The company only has a “B” rating from the BBB, in light of their customer service history. The company was also fined $1.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission for making “misleading statements” about the active ingredient in their product.

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Lipozene Claims

Lipozene is supposed to be a clean, natural, plant-based weight loss pill that won’t make you jittery (since it contains no stimulants) and is “clinically proven” to make people lose weight – even without exercise. Furthermore, they claim that the weight people lose is going to be largely body fat, as per the supposed scientific trials the ingredient in the pills was subjected to. They claim that they’ve sold over 30 million of these pills, proving that they’re popular and effective.

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Lipozene Ingredients

Unlike most diet pills we’ve looked at, Lipozene has only one active ingredient:

  • Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber derived from the konjac plant that’s supposed to cause increased body fat and weight loss in people who take a certain amount of it over a certain period of time. They claim that a clinical trial proved this by showing that people who took the glucomannan lost “4.93 more lbs” than those who took the placebo, over an eight week period.

It might sound like a slam-dunk, but the truth is that there are a number of things wrong with this ingredient.

First, there was a review in 2024 of trials that featured glucomannan and its claimed weight-loss abilities, and they found that there’s never been any “statistically significant” weight loss observed (Onakpoya, I, et al: “The efficacy…” Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2024).

The ingredient also has potential health hazards: Health Canada warned potential customers that the pills with glucomannan could cause choking unless they’re taken with 8 oz of water (Health Canada Advisory).

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The Science Behind Lipozene

As we’ve seen, there actually isn’t much science behind Lipozene. The folks at Lipozene don’t tell us exactly how the glucomannan is supposed to speed up the weight loss process and to burn specifically body fat – all they do is point us to a clinical trial whose results are, as we learned, not to be relied on. With no other ingredients in this product we’re left with a product that has one low-quality ingredient that has no claim to any sort of weight loss-related medical benefit at all.

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Word on the Street About Lipozene

We looked at a cross-section of reviews and found that this product hasn’t had a great reception from customers. Some people liked it, saying that they were “skeptical at first” but that the pills “worked to help me lose weight.” Others said that it helped them lose as much as “50 lbs in 7 months.

Others said it was a “waste of money” since it’s “just fiber, that expands in the stomach and makes you want to eat less – doesn’t burn fat.” Customers “tried it for weeks” but “saw no results.” Another customer noted that it “prevents glucose absorption” so it’s not good for hypoglycemics.

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Is Lipozene Worth Trying?

In a word, no. Everything with this product is wrong from top to bottom. The company behind it doesn’t have a great history with customers, and has been fined by the FTC for misleading the public about the ingredient in their product. You don’t get a full month’s-worth in each bottle, making it expensive over time. There’s also only one ingredient in it, glucomannan, an ingredient that not only has no statistically-significant proof that it works, but it could even hurt you due to the choking hazard it poses.

Lastly, a huge percentage of customers whose reviews we read are quite bad, saying that it doesn’t work and isn’t worth the month.

What do we think overall? It’s this: skip Lipozene.

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Lipozene vs Hydroxycut

These products are both supposed to help you lose weight, but Hydroxycut claims it works best when you follow a diet and exercise plan, while Lipozene says it works alone. They both claim to burn fat away effectively. Lipozene contains no stimulants, while Hydroxycut contains caffeine. Lipozene has only one ingredient – glucomannan – while Hydroxycut uses several extracts from fruits and plants. Hydroxycut also gives you more usage per bottle, while Lipozene’s bottles don’t typically last more than 10 days.

Lipozene vs Alli

These products are entirely different from each other. Lipozene is a dietary supplement, while Alli is a pharmaceutical drug. That means Lipozene can be bought over-the-counter, while Alli requires a doctor’s prescription in order to buy it. Each only contains one active ingredient. Lipozene’s active ingredient, glucomannan, is supposed to act as an appetite suppressant and a fat burner, while Alli’s is  orlistat, a chemical that prevents the breakdown of fats so they can be excreted without being absorbed.

Lipozene vs Lipodrene

These similarly-named pills have the same goal, but are functionally very different. Both are supposed to make you lose weight quickly. Lipozene is a glucomannan supplement, however, which is supposed to work by limiting the appetite and making your body burn more fat. Lipodrene on the other hand contains ephedra, a substance that increases the metabolism for increased fat burning. Lipozene can be purchased from Walmart and Ebay, while Lipodrene is much harder to find due to the controversial ingredient ephedra in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the results of taking Lipozene?
    They claim you’re supposed to experience accelerated weight loss, but customer reviews often differ from that.
  2. Are there any complaints about Lipozene?
    Some customers complain about it not working, or about it causing them discomfort.
  3. What ingredients are in Lipozene?
    Glucomannan is the sole ingredient.
  4. Can I get Lipozene at Walmart?
  5. Do Lipozene really work?
    Many people say it does not work, and there’s little science to back up its claims.
  6. What side effects come from taking Lipozene?
    Stomach upset, constipation, and diarrhea.
  7. Can I get results from Lipozene in one week?
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    It’s not likely that you’ll get any results strictly from taking Lipozene.
  8. Where can I read reviews of Lipozene from 2024?
    You’re bound to find some in the customer review sections of websites.

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