Top 11 Tips For Pairing Wine And Food For Delicious Meals!

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All people know that drinking wine will help people lower cholesterol in the blood, and it also have some good effects if they drink in a small amount. People’s problem is pairing wine and food. But, with this list of useful tips for pairing wine and food with many basic rules, it will not be your problem anymore. In my blog, I will show people all basic rules that people should know first. Then, I will reveal many tips for paring wine and food in the tasty meals. This article describes useful information for all people to pair wine and food in order to take all advantages of these food and wine.

I. Pairing Wine And Food: Problem Foods

Some kinds of foods are very difficult to pair with the right kinds of wine. Chocolate is a good example for this problem. If people have to serve the special chocolate-based dessert, I recommend that they should combine it with some other kinds of coffee, or they can read the below part of this blog to get more solutions for this problem. One other problem of paring wine and food includes egg dominated meals or eggs, so I suggest that people should use the white wine with the low levels of acidicty for this situation. Moreover, the acidic foods, such as vinaigrette dressings or tomatoes, can be the biggest problem of paring wine and food. Therefore, I will give people a good advice of matching these foods with the acidic wine. Paring wine and food, especially for spicy foods, can be a big problem.

pairing wine and food chart_optII. Pairing Wine And Food – General Principles

1. Rule 1: Red Wine With Red Meat, White Wine With White

You will be surprised with this rule, but this is a perfect and simple general principle. People need to know that one kind of red wine can overwhelm the white fishes, as well as, while a ethereal, light of the white wine can be too much mighty along with a joint of roast beef.

2. Rule 2 – Don’t Sweat The Exceptions

However, people should know that there are some common exceptions to the rule of “Red with Red”, but they will be tasty exceptions. Although the tasty roast chicken can be a “white meat,”, but it will work well with some red fruits. They will be able to serve red wine with some kinds of meat such as fresh tuna, and salmon.

3. Rule 4: Similar Characteristics

All people should know the simple rule of combinations basing on common characteristics of the foods and wines. Every wine has unique characteristic aroma and taste from the fruit, herbs, and spices. These tastes and aromas come from the grape or the production process will be natural additives for these wines. The wines’ own characteristics can be influenced primarily by the region where the grapes are grown. People will find wine’s own characteristics on the bottle’s label. All the wines with the spicy characteristics will complement all spicy dishes. Some kinds of wines have the herbal taste or aroma and these wines’ fruity characteristic need to match with all dishes.

4. Rule 5: Contrasts

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This rule will encourage separating all similar tastes. Dishes have the high level of acidity, bitterness, or sweetness will not suit wines with the similar dominant taste; such similarity can emphasize these tastes. All sweet foods will be complemented by contrasting an acidic wine with sweetness.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a step by step guide that shows you how to pair wine and foods properly, you should read the Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies book.

5. Rule 7: Simplicity And Complexity

Some meals can suit a very complex wine. Heavy sauces can add complexity to all dishes, and all the wines need to be complex. Some simple fishes and meat dishes can complement certainly young wine.

III. Tips For Paring Wine And Foods – For Each Kind Of Food

1. Pairing Wine And Food: Red Wine With Fish

This rule isn’t difficult, but it is a good point for paring wine and food. All the red wines can contain many tannins. People can use this rule for combination of cheese and many red wines for providing the agreeable taste. Therefore, fresh, acidic, and unoaked white wines, such as Muscadet, Sancerre, or Chablis will be the good combinations with fishes (and cheeses).  These kinds of wines do not have the tannins, but have the acidity which can cut down the oily richness of all of the dishes. Those red wines, have the low levels of the tannin, will be good combinations with the fish dishes.

2. Pairing Wine And Food: Sweet Foods With Dry Wines

People should not continue drinking some table wines with their main course, right after the dessert, because the effect of a heavy sweet pudding can coat their palate, and completely change the tastes of the dry wines with sugar. People can quickly notice the unpalatable taste of this wine. The best idea is opening a delicious dessert wine with the sugar pudding, and then leaving this wine to a side, and returning to it after the end of the meals. pairing wine and food infographic_optThese are 2 simple and basic rules for paring wine and food, and these rules illustrate nice. Paring an acidic and fresh white wine and fish dish with the high level of oil is a good example of the contrast, where the white wines are different in the character to the other foods, but still complementary. The paring of a sweet wine and pudding is a good example for the complementing of wine and food; both of them are working together via their own similar sweetness, and trait.

3. White Wine With White Meat, Red Wine With Red Meat

This rule is good standard, but the paring of different wines with different meats will be a pleasure for all people to try. The Rhône wines are a good pairs well with the red meats. It will be worth bringing in mind anything comes with the red meats, however, as an acidic sweet fruit sauce, like cranberry, can wreak havoc with these combinations. People should know that some kinds of the white meats, such as roast turkey, pair completely well indeed with some kinds of the red wines.

4. Sauternes And Blue Cheese

The sauternes and blue cheese is a good classic combination. The botrytis can influence white wine of Sauternes, and Bordeaux with the blue cheese, such as Roquefort. Many people can swear by this combination, the luscious and sweet nature of the white wine working in the contrast to the high potent and the salty nature of the blue cheese. Personally I suggest that people should pair Stilton and Port, which are based on the similar premise. Pairing wine and food is all about serving the good combinations that will work well for all people.

5. Asparagus

Asparagus has distinctive and unique flavor which can make it an odd wine combination, but with the rule of “match likes with likes”, you will choose a Sauvignon Blanc for a nice combination in the natural herbaceous style. pairing wine and food diagram_opt

6. Barbecue

The spice and smoke meats and the sweet sauces can make delicious barbecue become unfriendly to the finest wines. This is the reason for other good combination of the cold beer in the longneck bottles with the smoky barbecue. If people want to bring their BBQ dinner with a big glass of spicy wine, I will give them a suggestion that they should use the fruity, quaffable, and simpler wines with their barbecue. They can choose Zinfandel for a good and natural match, and a quintessentially wine with the long -term traditional food of the US.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a step by step guide that shows you how to pair wine and foods properly, you should read the Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies book.

7. Beef

pairing wine and food recipes_optThe steaks or roast beef call for a tannic, and dry red wine: Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, and Bordeaux; Syrah/Shiraz, or Rhones; and the Northern Italian red wines from Piemonte (Barbaresco, and Barolo) to Tuscany (Brunello and Chianti).”

8. Caviar

The Russians like to chase the Caviar with a glass of the ice-cold vodka, but I think that the good wine choice for this food is Champagne. This is simply indulgent, because Caviar is one of the most overpriced foods over the world with a high priced wine. Moreover, Champagne will be the best match with the grainy of the natural caviar. And the tart nature of the Champagne balances nicely this kind of salty fishiness of caviar.

9. Chicken

One of the biggest exceptions to the long traditional rule of “red meat with red wine, white meat with white wine” is the roast chicken. We cannot indisputably that roast chicken is not a “white meat”, but we have a good solution for this problem is choosing the red wine. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Dolcetto, and Beaujolais, or fruity Zinfandel will match well with these versatile birds; but so do Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Chardonnay. The chicken-breast sautees or the cream sauces will tilt the equation to a white. Cheesy entrees, tomatoey, such as chicken cacciatore or the chicken kin will be pair with dry red. Perhaps an Italian (Bardolino, Chianti, Valpolicella) can make a nice match.

10. Chocolate

The traditional combination of the chocolate is Banyuls. This is a red sweet vin doux naturel in the romantic French Pyrenees. These desserts with dark-chocolate will work well with the framboise (as raspberry liquor) and some fruit sweet juice or wines. Some people will like chocolate with some herbaceous-styles such as California Cabernet Sauvignon. pairing wine and food guide_opt

11. Desserts

Sweet wines are better sipped not with food. You can find some matches of a few traditional sweet wines, including Sauternes with foie gras and or some great dessert wines; Stilton (a blue cheese) and Port with walnuts; and a creamy. This is not sweet creme brulèe with a good dessert wine. The Banyuls is the sweet red wine from French Pyrenees that can become great match with the delicious desserts of the dark chocolate. But almost sweet dishes may be throw all dessert wines out of the balance and accentuate the wine’s acidity. People can check out our website to know how to make fine wine at home or how to make beer at home. This is a full list of amazing and useful tips for pairing wine and food which can help all people get healthy and delicious meals. People can share this for other people if they think this list covers a lot of helpful information. Or they can leave the comment at the end of this post.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a step by step guide that shows you how to pair wine and foods properly, you should read the Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies book.

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