How To Find Inner Happiness And Peace Within Yourself

how to find inner happiness

It’s not easy to find happy and calm in modern life. Though you are young or old; you are a student or an employer, you often have to deal with pressure of time, load of work, exam, deadline, family, relationships and so on. How to find inner happiness and peace within yourself? What is the key to open the door to a peaceful land and enjoy your life completely? Read this article on VKool and find your inner happiness as a healthy lifestyle with ease.

How To Find Inner Happiness And Peace

1. Eliminate Distractions

eliminate distractions

If you want to have inner happiness, eliminate all distractions from your life such as toxic relationships, dissatisfying work, bad moods, negative thoughts, excess weight, diseases and conditions and anything that distract you and stop you to happiness and success.

Be ware of the present. Save the present moment and chill out. Engage your sense to view blue sky, smell fresh air or make daily date with the sunrise. Simply, enjoy miracles of your life that naturally surrounds you. Reduce stress as much as possible. Learn to control your mood and you will get rid of distractions more easily.

2. Find Your Balance At Work & In Life

find your balance at work & in life download
When it comes to ways on how to find inner happiness, try to find your balance. Work-life balance is an art that require the maker to make everything combined in harmony. When you stay in the balanced condition of your mental health and physical health, you will have inner peace and happiness. The problem is that you are a normal person and you can solve all problems well at the same time. For this reason, do not force yourself to become a hero or a super person. Just try your best and satisfy with your effort. Step by step, you will balance things in your life. Remember to get rid of perfectionism. If not, you will have negative thoughts about life, about yourself and other people. As a result, you will never find good things in life and feel happy.

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3. Mediate


There are numerous amounts of researches indicating that meditation techniques can change the circuits in brain related to happiness, contentment and stimulate “feel-good” or positive factors. Practicing meditation on kindness and love makes people much happier! So don’t hesitate to try it today.

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4. Acknowledge Sadness, Failure And Move On

acknowledge sadness, failure and move on download

No one get rid of failure and unhappiness completely because they are a part of life. After experiencing and overcoming these difficulties in life, you will be stronger and more mature. Learn to acknowledge sadness and struggles in your life, then you will be more confident to challenge more complicated difficulties. Simply think that failure is just a lesson of life. You have to overcome the fear of failure and keep moving on. Never stop watering the root of happiness, as you will collect sweet fruits soon.

acknowledge sadness, failure and move on download

Also, do not take yourself to be too serious. At the hard time such as illness or loss, you may forget your humor and it is easy for you to get involved in negative thoughts. Remember to get rid of some boring rules. Be yourself, be flexible to handle different situations in your life. Open your mind to learn new things, be positive and keep moving on. You will be happy and gain everything though this is hard to solve, will still have a potential solution.

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5. Handle Your Life’s Details & Basic Needs

handle your life’s details & basic needs download

Next to basic ways on how to find inner happiness, remember to handle basic needs in your life. Basic needs include foods to fill your stomach, a place to stay and sleep, water to drink, money to expense, a friend to talk, a family to reunite. At least, you have to be alive and be aware of your existence in the present, then you will foster your soul and mind to find your inner happiness.

handle your life’s details & basic needs download

However, it depends on the way you think. Nowadays, young people consider internet and cell phone are essential parts of life. If they don’t have these things, they feel upset. Actually, there is no rule or limitation to definite basic needs of different people. Do anything that is essential for you, and then you will feel happy. For instance, if you love music, listen to the songs you like. You can repeat your favorite activity daily and make it become an important part of your life.

handle your life’s details & basic needs download

Also, there is a combination between your mental health and physical health. If you just act with your subconscious and uncontrolled mind to enjoy a happy thing, it may harm you in a certain way. Go back to the example of listening to music. If you love music and find your inner happiness with this hobby, but you do not have a proper daily routine, your health and condition will “go on strike”. As a result, you will lose the balance of life and it will hard for you to keep your happiness regularly.

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6. Love Yourself

love yourself

Yes! Just be kind to yourself. Respect yourself, treasure yourself and love yourself first. Then, you will be able to share your happiness with each other. Nourish your soul, body with care and good things. Behave to yourself kindly, honor your value and take time to do significant things or anything that make you truly happy.

Do not think negatively. Forgive yourself and fix your mistakes instead of blaming yourself. This is the shortest way on how to find inner happiness and peace within yourself, I think so.

7. Create Your Morning Ritual

create your morning ritual download

Start a new day each early morning with breakfast, exercise, yoga, meditation or anything that can make you motivated through the day. By creating your morning ritual, you will be active and productive. You will also get rid of foggy brain and empower your mind.

When everything you do goes on track, you will get rid of worry, stress, anxiety, and depression; and as a result, you will have your inner happiness with ease. What are you waiting for to find happiness in this way?

8. Look For Opportunities

look for opportunities

Opportunities will come anytime without telling you in advance. So, if it comes, welcome it, take your chance to challenge yourself. For instance, you can apply for a new job to get higher salary and better benefits. On the other hand, if you take chance to have new relationships; you will have more fun with them. So, do not give up any chance. Just think about the “take” and “give”. If you can take more things than give your things, you can share some with other people. If you give more things than you get them, just think about your value and lessons you have learnt. So, you have nothing to lose. All are opportunities for you to look for and take action.

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9. Live With Gratitude

live with gratitude

Among ways on how to find inner happiness, learn to live with gratitude. Focus on the things you’re grateful for. For instance, before going to sleep each night, remember things you have done and list out what make your feel grateful for. Keep in mind lessons you have learnt from them and do more better things next times.

Don’t forget to say thank you. Learn to say these words with a smile. By showing your gratitude to someone, it is the way you are sharing your happiness and spread it around.

10. Dream Big & Take Risks

dream big & take risks download

Be ambitious to do big and significant things in your life. No one taxes your dream, so why don’t you dream big? But think about possible and practical dreams that you can do with your capacity. If you have a dream, this will be a way you find a goal in life and try to reach your goal with more efforts. By visualizing good things, you will be more energetic. If you take some risk to follow your big dream, you will have abilities to challenge yourself to achieve incredible results that amaze people around you.

11. Spread Your Happiness Around

spread your happiness around download

Your happiness naturally can make people feel better because this is an original reaction between positive-to-positive things. For example, if you are invited to take part in a wedding ceremony, accept this invitation and come. Say happy wedding and look forward to the same happiness to you or your beloved ones. In the side of the groom and bridegroom, when they invite you to their wedding ceremony, they spread their happiness to you and to other people.

spread your happiness around download

Sharing your happiness in a natural way when you think this is significant to make your feel happier. This is as simple as you share a post or a status via Skype or Facebook.

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Bottom line:

In short, these are just ways you change your mind and take action to find inner happiness. Shift your positive thoughts; reset your mind to be happier. This is not too hard to attract happiness and well-being. Just follow these tips on how to find inner happiness and peace within yourself and notice some changes in your life.

For any feedback about this article on how to find inner happiness, drop it at the end of the post. Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about how to find inner happiness and peace, Peace Feels Like This is the best guide you should read.

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