10 Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts You Should Know

benefits of alfalfa sprouts

It is so magical to see that there is a wide range of natural remedies around us, which are used for many purposes varying from health to beauty. Among these natural remedies, alfalfa or alfalfa sprout is considered as a type of herbs that are very healthy for your body.

In fact, researchers have found out many health benefits of alfalfa in addition to its own beauty ones. For centuries, people have made use of alfalfa for medical and beauty care purposes so that today, we would like to share some useful facts about consuming alfalfa. If you spend a little amount of your time on VKool.com blog, you will perceive a huge load of information.

Regarding benefits of alfalfa, this article is talking about the advantages of consuming alfalfa sprouts for your health, skin, and hair. You may be surprised a lot by the amazing benefits of alfalfa sprouts consumption. They are not only a great natural treatment for many conditions but also a nutritious food for your general health improvement. Personally, I am so impressed by what alfalfa sprouts can do for our health. That’s why I highly recommend you reading this article. Let’s discover the magical benefits of alfalfa together.

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10 Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts You Should Know

For those who do not know alfalfa sprouts, we would like to show you some facts about this nutritious plant. Actually, people often mention alfalfa as an important foraging crop in the world. Alfalfa sprouts are harvested before the alfalfa seeds become full-grown plants. In other words, they are, actually, the shoots of alfalfa plant. As you know, sprouts often contain a high amount of nutrients and are low in calories. Alfalfa sprouts are not an exception. In fact, they are categorized as one of the most nutritious foods on Earth with many beneficial usages associated.

Let’s have a look at the nutrition content of alfalfa sprouts. You might be surprised by the following figures. In 100 grams of this sprout, you will be served with a big deal of nutrients. Alfalfa sprouts contain only 23 kcal of calories, nearly 4 milligrams of protein, up to 1.9 grams dietary fiber, and 2.1 grams carbs. Good news for those who are attempting to lose weight is that this food has only 0.69 milligrams fat, thereby being advised to add it to your balance diet.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, alfalfa sprouts are extremely significant sources. Specifically, every 100 grams of sprouts provides up to 38% and 14% of the daily value of vitamin K and C, respectively. 9% of copper, manganese, and folate that you need in a day will be supplied by 100 grams of sprouts. Moreover, this food also includes other essential nutrients such as phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamin A as well. You can see that a lot of nutritious elements are contained only in a small portion of alfalfa sprouts. That is the reason why people call it a little powerhouse of nutrients.

1. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Control The Healthy Level Of Cholesterol

In our opinion, when mentioning the health benefits of alfalfa sprouts, people often think of its ability to lower the level of unhealthy cholesterol. In other words, this plant can contribute to eliminating the harmful cholesterol from your body. That is thanks to a high concentration of dietary fiber contained in alfalfas, which plays an important role in fighting against unhealthy cholesterol. As mentioned above, every time you consume 100 grams of sprouts, you are provided up to 1.9 grams dietary fiber. One of the most important benefits of fiber is to attach to cholesterol in your body, which means this element can prevent the unhealthy cholesterol from locking onto the arterial walls. In turn, the sprouts help to lower the level of bad cholesterol in your body. At the same time, they contribute to balancing the healthy cholesterol levels. Thanks for that fact, alfalfa can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis as well. In conclusion, we recommend you adding alfalfa sprouts to your regular diet to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol.

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2. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Reduce Blood Sugar And Support To Treat Diabetes

benefits of alfalfa - reduce blood sugar and support to treat diabetes

In addition to lowering the level of unhealthy cholesterol in your body, consuming alfalfa sprouts also helps to reduce the blood sugar, which, in turn, contributes to treating diabetes as well. This is good news for diabetic patients who are looking for another type of foods to add to their strict diet.

In general, reducing the blood sugar and treating diabetes are two important benefits of alfalfa that you should perceive.

Alfalfa sprouts can treat diabetes because of its ability to decrease your blood glucose levels. Moreover, they have the capacity of managing the fluctuation in the blood sugar. As a result, diabetic patients are recommended eating alfalfa sprouts in their regular diet in order to control their health condition well. We will provide you a great recipe to make a plate of salad with alfalfa sprouts, which is good for your health and weight loss as well.


  • Handful of alfalfa sprouts
  • Spring greens mix: 3 cups
  • Chopped cucumber: 3/4 cup
  • Snow peas: half a cup
  • Chopped carrots: 1/4 cup
  • Blueberries: 1/4 cup
  • Avocado: 1 (peeled and chopped)
  • Chopped onion: 1/4 cup
  • Bread croutons
  • Tomato: 1 (seeded and chopped) or you can use grape tomatoes for convenience and decoration
  • Handful of pepita seeds
  • Crushed pepper
  • Lemon: 1
  • Finely grated ginger : 1 teaspoon
  • Oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar: 1 teaspoon


  • Firstly, add all the greens mix to a large bowl, then add all the chopped vegetables, fruits. Mix them well.
  • Secondly, make the dressing from crushed pepper, ginger, lemon juice, oil, and sugar. Shake well and set aside.
  • Transfer the salad to a plate and pour the dressing over it. Top with pepita seeds.

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3. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Improve Heart Health

As mentioned in the previous benefits of alfalfa sprouts, we know that this plant can reduce the level of unhealthy cholesterol as well as glucose in your blood. These benefits of alfalfa contribute to reducing the risk of heart diseases in people. You may not know that the high concentration of nutrients in alfalfa sprouts can protect your heart from other unhealthy conditions.

For example, alfalfa contains a significant amount of iron and potassium, which are beneficial for your heart health, in general. On the one hand, potassium acts as a vasodilator that contributes solely to lowering the blood pressure. On the other hand, iron can promote the production of red blood cell in your body, thereby improving circulation and make sure that the organs in your body will be oxygenated appropriately. Thanks to that, this will not require our heart to overwork. Which means the extremities demand less oxygen and blood.

Moreover, there is a study result showing that alfalfa sprouts may contribute to preventing atherosclerosis, which is known as a serious cardiovascular disease. In fact, it is considered as a root of other heart diseases. Therefore, you are advised to consume alfalfa sprouts for further heart health improvement.

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4. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Boost Your Immune System

The immune system plays an important part in your general health. If you have a strong immune system, you might have a good health because your body has the natural ability to fight against factors causing illness, which is like a thick fence preventing your body from harmful factors. Among the great benefits of alfalfa, boosting the immune system is highly appreciated. As you know, vitamin C is considered as an ideal booster for the immunity. It can not only enhance the white blood cells production but also get rid of oxidative stress thanks to its powerful antioxidant property. Fortunately, alfalfa contains a high amount of vitamin C, thereby boosting your immune functions. Besides, vitamin E and B are categorized as antioxidant and metabolic regulators, in turn. This demonstrates a fact that alfalfa is very beneficial for your immune system.

Moreover, according to researchers, there exist phytonutrients including chlorophyll and L-canavanine in alfalfa sprouts, which are associated with the improvement in the ability to resist to diseases. It is great to eat alfalfa sprouts regularly. Don’t be hesitate, go to the supermarket and buy some of them for your dinner.

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5. Reduce The Risk Of Cancers – Valuable Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts

valuable benefits of alfalfa sprouts

Another reason for us to call alfalfa sprouts a superfood on Earth is this food has the ability to reduce the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer in women. It is undeniable that women, particularly, should increase the portion of alfalfa sprouts in their regular diet because they not only act as a good ingredient for beauty care but also have preventive impacts on breast cancer.

Some investigations have stated that phytoestrogen that is known as the impressive chemical compounds in the plant, included in the alfalfa can fight against the chronic disease, especially coronary heart disease as well as cancer. Scientifically, phytoestrogen is an essential hormone in your body. It has the strong antioxidant property and contributes to preventing mutations jhey, thereby declining the risk of cancer. As said above, that alfalfa sprouts help to prevent women from breast cancer is owing to the significant content of isoflavones they provide. In fact, isoflavones [1] are demonstrated to be able to curb breast cancer. Besides, as mentioned, alfalfa also contains a high amount of canavanine that contribute largely to lowering the risk of cancer as well.

In summary, alfalfa or alfalfa sprouts have the ability to prevent your body from cancer, especially breast cancer. Therefore, women are recommended adding this food to their regular diet.

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6. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Reduce Inflammation

The ability to reduce inflammation is also one of the health benefits of alfalfa sprouts. Humans have realized that alfalfa is a traditional treatment for reducing inflammation for such a long time. In fact, many types of research have shown the same result like that. This plant is also used as a type of herb, which can treat arthritis as well as other inflammatory conditions.

Why is that? The reason was mentioned in the previous part already. It is thanks to the high content of vitamin C, vitamin B, and calcium as well. Along with other antioxidant compounds, they can help to reduce inflammation around your body, generally, and in the joints, particularly. In the case of getting hurt and injury, you should consider eating a larger portion of alfalfa sprouts in order to reduce inflammation.

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7. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Prevent Osteoporosis

In the previous section, we did not mention the advantages of manganese included in alfalfa. Actually, manganese is the essential element contributing to reducing inflammation. More importantly, it is considered as a necessary nutrient for osteoporosis prevention. That makes preventing osteoporosis become one of the amazing benefits of alfalfa intake.

In terms of preventing osteoporosis [2], we cannot skip the central role of vitamin K. As you see in the nutrition fact of alfalfa sprouts, vitamin K accounts for a large percentage of the total nutrient contained in this plant. In fact, vitamin K creates many health and beauty benefits of alfalfa sprouts. Especially, it helps to not only prevent but also treat osteoporosis in humans. Scientists have concluded that vitamin K is essential in the bone building because your body needs the role of vitamin K to utilize the calcium. In turn, consuming alfalfa sprouts can help to build bones. You may not know that there is a close connection between the increased level of vitamin K and the bone health. As a result, you should increase the consumption of alfalfa sprouts in your diet. We hope that, by eating this superfood, you can improve your bone health and have a strong bone system. Tell your family that fact and let them know great benefits of alfalfa in terms of increasing bone health as well as preventing osteoporosis.

Another recipe for you will be released right now. Let’s write it down on your cooking handbook and serve your family a good meal with alfalfa sprouts and salmon.


  • Alfalfa sprouts: half a cup
  • Smoked salmon: 4 ounces
  • Herbed cream cheese: 3/4 cup
  • Pitted olives: 12
  • Dark pumpernickel bread: 4 slices


  • Cut olives in half, cut salmon into thin slices, remove crusts from bread and soften cream cheese.
  • Place some slices of dark pumpernickel bread on a cutting board.
  • Then spread cream cheese over the bread.
  • Place a slice of smoked salmon on top.
  • Cut each of the bread slices into six small squares.
  • Finally, put alfalfa sprouts and pitted olives on top.
  • Hope you enjoy it!

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8. Benefits Of Alfalfa – Great For Your Skin

benefits of alfalfa - great for your skin

In addition to great health benefits of alfalfa, people, especially women would like to consume this food because of its own wonderful effects on your skin. In general, if you take a proper portion of alfalfa sprouts regularly, you can maintain your skin in the healthy condition. Actually, you know that alfalfa is a rich source of vitamin A and essential enzymes, which makes it effective for your skin. Like other food sources of vitamin A, alfalfa helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin as well as construct your skin cells, making it healthier and more glowing. Although there is no recipe to make a facemask or something else, it works well from the inside when you consume more, then produces the effect on the outside.

It also has a great impact on the dry skin. Therefore, people who own a dry skin should have this food in their diet. In fact, thanks to a high concentration of vitamin A, alfalfa sprouts can help to prevent dry skin and cure this problem, at the same time. Scientifically, it improves the texture and complexion of skin through various types of vitamins and minerals that your body absorbs when consumed. If you want a healthy, glowing, and elastic skin, you should not ignore these great benefits of alfalfa sprouts.

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9. Benefits Of Alfalfa For Your Hair

It so impressive to see many benefits of alfalfa sprouts for your hair, in addition to your skin. I recommend you taking this plant often to achieve a lot of beauty effects. It seems to be a great plant for women because alfalfa is not only good for your health but also for your skin and hair. Since alfalfa is high in vitamin B1 and B6, it acts as an essential element for the hair’s health and growth. Initially, it is so amazing to know that alfalfa is considered as an effective remedy to prevent hair loss and treat baldness as well. However, if you experience these situations and use alfalfa sprouts as the supporter, you will find its benefits magical.

More detailed, the high content of protein in alfalfa sprouts helps to promote the hair growth. Regarding vitamins for healthy hair, alfalfa has not only vitamin B1, B6 but also vitamin C and E. All of them have the positive effect on the hair growth. It should be a mistake if we do not mention the essential role of minerals contained in alfalfa. Owing to the fact that this plant simultaneously brings a high amount of calcium, iron, and zinc, it helps a lot in preventing as well as treating hair loss. For example, zinc is considered as an essential element for hair growth while an iron deficiency can be one of the main reasons for hair loss. In general, the combination of many minerals in alfalfa makes it become a great natural remedy for hair loss.

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10. Support Weight Loss

If you are on the weight loss diet, you should consider adding alfalfa sprouts to yours because it has the ability to aid in weight loss. In comparison with other benefits of alfalfa, this is one of the most favorable ones for women. In other words, the number of women who use alfalfa sprouts for weight loss is very high.

From all the information about the nutrition of alfalfa sprouts, you can realize that this plant provides you a very low calorie content and a huge load of dietary fiber when consumed. In my opinion, I highly appreciate the benefits of alfalfa sprouts for weight loss because it is natural, healthy, and effective. Rarely is there such a superfood with the high concentration of nutrients working well for weight loss. A dish of alfalfa sprouts salad will be proper if you are on the balanced diet. Regular sprouts intake will help in weight loss, generally. It seems that you may desire for another recipe to turn those benefits of alfalfa into a dish. It is the time for you to look at our recipe of Vegan burger.

Ingredients: (for four servings)

  • Oats: 1/4 cup
  • Alfalfa sprouts: 1 cup
  • Tofu crumbles: 14 ounces
  • Nutritional yeast flakes: 1/4 cup
  • Chopped onion: 1/4 cup
  • Water: 1/3 cup
  • Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Dried rosemary: half a teaspoon


  • First of all, preheat the broiler
  • Combine oats, rosemary, chopped onion, water, and salt in a large bowl
  • Next, chop half a cup of alfalfa sprouts. Add them to the bowl.
  • Then add the faux-beef to the bowl and mix well.
  • Make four thick patties and then put them on a broiler.
  • Broil for 6 minutes and turn them over. Keep broiling for 6 minutes more.
  • At the same time, divide the yeast into 4 equal sections.
  • Place 1 section on each patty after broiled.
  • Put alfalfa sprouts on top of the patty.

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We have introduced you nine benefits of alfalfa sprouts for your health, skin, and hair. We hope that the article can help to raise your awareness about the beneficial uses of this plant. In general, because it is very healthy to consume alfalfa sprouts, you should add this superfood to your regular diet. However, we could not list a big pity out all the benefits of alfalfa in this article. Actually, alfalfa has other good benefits. If you have any other information relating to this topic, you can share with us. All of your comments and recommendations left below are highly appreciated. For more information, please visit our main site Health. We always welcome you to refer to our blog. It will be helpful for you in many situations.

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