5 Home remedies for styes on the eyelid in children

home remedies for styes

Stye is a common disease on the eyelid. The disease causes pain to the eyelid area, combined with the edema, causing patients to suffer from discomfort when seeing things. This condition can significantly affect the daily life of the patients. If the stye on the eyelid is not treated properly it can lead to scarring and loss of aesthetic to your eyes.

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I. Home Remedies For Styes On The Eyelid In Children – General Information:

1. Definition Of Styes On The Eyelid:

Stye is usually caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands (ziss gland) or lacrimal side (Moll gland) right in the roots of the eyelashes. Initially, the eyelid will be red, and then swell to form a pimple and causes mild soreness. After 2 to 4 days, the pain will increase and the stye will form the pus, and then the pus and its root will be broken and escape with the eyelashes. This time, the pain and discomfort will disappear. Patients can wait their eyes to heal itself, but it can easily cause recurrent symptoms.

The outside stye is a red spot on the eyelids, with the size and the solid similar to a bean. The inside stye is more discreet, located inside the eyelids – eyelid’s conjunctivitis. When flip out the eyelids, we can see the styes, and in some cases, we could even see the white pus of the styes. Multiple-stye means many styes’ head lying on an eyelid or both, even the two eyes.

2. Symptoms Of Styes On The Eyelid:

home remedies for styes

– The eyelid and the patient will feel sore, with hard lumps which can be eventually ruptured and moist.

– Eye aches, watery eyes

3. Causes Of Styes:

home remedies for styes

– Due to eating too much spicy food

– Due to digestive disorders, hindering the absorption of nutrients

– Due to the blepharitis

– Due to abusing cosmetics

4. Prevention:

home remedies for styes

– Do not rub your eyes frequently because it can spread bacteria and cause discomfort in the eye. Wash your hands often with antiseptic soap.

– Do not use towel, washcloth with other people.

– After using eye makeup, you need to remove the makeup carefully.
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– Replace mascara at least once every 6 months because bacteria can proliferate in stale cosmetics.
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– When going out or cleaning the house, you should wear glasses for protecting the eyes against dust and preventing the contamination.

– When there are symptoms of styes, you should have a prompt treatment to avoid spreading.

II. Home Remedies For Styes In Children – Best Home Treatments:

home remedies for styes

In this article, I want to introduce some of the best home remedies for styes in children that are proven effective for any case of this condition. The remedies include:

  • Avoid Impacting The Affected Eyelid
  • Press Warm Cloth
  • Let The Styes Broken Itself
  • Use Ointment
  • Steam The Eyes

1. Avoid Impacting The Affected Eyelid: 

home remedies for styes

This is the first out of the home remedies for styes in children on the eyelid that I want to share in this entire article.

You really should not use eye makeup or look at the mirror until the styes on the eyelid are completely healed. For the children, do not let them touch their affected eyes.

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2. Press Warm Cloth: 

home remedies for styes

Apply a warm compress to the eye 3 to 6 times per day to heal the styes on the eyelid faster. A warm compress can also help to open a blocked hole to drain and start healing the styes.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply a warm compress to your kid’s affected eye. Use a clean cloth or gauze moistened with very warm water. You should not extract heat in the microwave because it can get too hot and could damage your eyelids.

Place the compress on the eyes after the kid close his/her eyes until the compressor starts cooling (usually 5 to10 minutes). To speed up the healing process, you can also use dilute salt solution instead of warm water.

3. Let The Styes Broken Itself Naturally: 

home remedies for styes

Another thing patients should do is to let the eye styes on their eyelid broken itself naturally. You should absolutely not let your kid squeeze their eyes to avoid getting infection. This is also one of the best home remedies for styes in children that people should know and apply for good.
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4. Use Ointment To Treat Styes: 

home remedies for styes

Using ointment to treat styes on the eyelids is also very good. Make sure that whatever you buy – any type of ointment you can use without prescription is to treat the eye rather than the ear to relieve the discomfort of eye styes.

Always wash your hands before applying eye ointment or eye drops. Make sure these drugs are clean and try not to let your kid touch his/her eyes, eyelids, or any surface of the medicine tube.

5. Steam The Affected Eyes: 

home remedies for styes

This is the last but very important for styes on the eyelid that I want to introduce in this article and want my readers to learn and apply.

You can help your children to steam their eyes by getting smashed betel leaf, add a cup of hot water, and put the cup close to the affected eye, approximately 10 cm.

This is the list of 5 useful home remedies for styes on the eyelid that will be useful and necessary to know for readers of VKool.com and many people who have their children getting this stubborn condition and want to treat the symptom fast without using any drugs, pills, or medical interventions. These remedies are 100% based on nature so that people should not suspect their effectiveness and safety!

If you see that the list of home remedies for styes in children that I – author Lien Nguyen of Vkool.com – revealed in the entire writing above are exactly what you are looking for to deal with your kid’s current stye problem, and if you want to share this list with other people you know who also have their children suffering from this hateful and stubborn condition, feel free to share this list with others and show me your own opinions by commenting in the form below.

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