23 Soothing Tips To Treat Nausea, Diarrhea & Upset Stomach At Home

Updates: 05/20/2024

In general, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of a certain disease and condition such as kidney disease, overeating, heart attack, bulimia or other psychological illnesses. Nausea is the sensation that your stomach wants to empty itself while throwing up or vomiting. Sometimes you can predict it, sometimes you cannot. The underlying causes of the illness causing nausea or vomiting need to be identified and treated. This article will provide you with 23 simple yet useful tips to treat nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach at home that you can make use of them right from the comfort of your home. Check them out now!

23 Easy Ways To Treat Nausea, Diarrhea And Upset Stomach At Home

I. Natural Ways To Treat Nausea

1. Make Use Of Clear Liquids

If the stomach is upset, it might not need the extra burden of digesting food. In that case, you can stick to fluids until you feel better and have stopped vomiting. The liquids of clear and room-temperature, such as water or pure fruit juices will be the great choices for you to digest. Besides, they are also essential to prevent the dehydration which might result from diarrhea or vomiting.

2. Take A Rest

It is recommended that the best treatment for your 24-hour “stomach flu” is bed rest. The more rest you take, the more energy your body will have to devote to defeating the invader.

Rest is usually the best treatment for whatever’s causing your nausea as well as vomiting.

3. Avoid Alcohol

In fact, alcohol can be very irritating to your stomach. If you already have an upset stomach, then it is not the best time for you to imbibe, especially alcohol because it just makes you sicker. The same also goes for highly seasoned foods or beverages with caffeine, and cigarette as well. Giving up cosuming alcohol not only helps you quit nausea but also assists you in preventing IBS disease naturally, a common digestive problem.

4. Let It Flow

The worst thing you could do for vomiting is to defeat it. It is because nausea or vomiting is just the way that your body wants to get rid of something that is causing harm in the stomach. Thus, if you try to hold back that urge, it can really cause tears in the esophagus. When it comes to tips on how to treat nausea, perhaps the fastest way you can do is to let your stomach do its job.

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In order to avoid nausea, you can discover some tips on creating healthy eating habits and steps to plan a simple yet healthy diet in our website.

5. Glorious Ginger  

Ginger included in the form of ginger ale, tea, or even raw is the safest way to help stop nausea and vomiting in its tracks. As its function, ginger can enhance the secretion of different digestive juice and enzymes that can neutralize the acid in stomach. It also consists of phenols which can relax stomach muscles and also act similar to a sedative on the irritated stomach issue, decreasing over activity of your stomach.

Concurrently, the phenols will help the intestine move digested food and toxins via the system faster, and get bad stuffs which might be making you feel bad pass more quickly. It can be taken in capsule form, nibbled as the root raw, or grated some into a soup. Here is a quick sample of ginger tea that will be useful for nausea and calm your upset stomach:

– 1 ginger root of 2 inches.

– A peeler / sharp knife as well

– About 3 cups of water

– Honey (optional)

– Wax paper

– And one cutting board.

how to treat nausea in dogsFirstly, you wash the ginger well before peeling it. Then, slice it into many pieces and cover them with the prepared wax paper. Crush it or make those pieces additional small. After that, boil 2 to 3 cups of water over the average high heat, add the ginger, and let it boil about 3 to 5 minutes. Then remove from heat and strain if you want. Just pour them into the mug. Add a little honey if you want. Sip slowly and freely relax.

6. Manage Anxiety 

When it comes to nausea, sufferers tend to feel stress and anxiety and feel sick because of it symptoms. This occurs particularly in places that are unfortunate to vomit, such as during a meeting or in class, on a date, etc. If you keep worrying and feeling sick, you should try:

  • Accept the fact that you may throw up. Acknowledging the thought will help you feel lighter, then you can let it go easily. This will master the fear that causes the nausea. Also, managing the feeling of anxiety and stress will help to calm your body down.
  • Breathing and sipping water. It will help you focus and feel better than doing nothing except for vomiting. Hyperventilating could also make people nausea and even make them vomit.

You can check out some ways to get rid of fatigue and tiredness fast at here.

7. Eat Milk Toast

Bland foods could help tame the tummy. Bread can absorb excess acid when milk can coat the stomach. This is similar to the case that you are recommended to eat when taking aspirin because it can hurt your empty stomach. Nevertheless, you do not want to drink milk straight because consuming dairy alone might cause upset. Thus, make milk toast for creating a happy medium. Remember that you should not make this if you have gastroenteritis called stomach flu as this can react poorly to dairy. Milk toast will be the best when your stomach is irritated by the OTC pain medicines. Prepare a cup of milk and one piece of toast plus with unsalted butter. Then heat up the cup of milk until it is warmer and then pour it into one cereal bowl. Toast a piece of bread and spread a tiny bit of unsalted butter on it. Just crumble toast into the milk, then eat slowly.

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8. Stretch 

The condition of upper back and neck pain might cause nausea. At that time, vomiting or nausea will be the way that your body reacts to the uncomfortableness in the neck and back. Try to do some simple yet effective flexibility exercises for stretching the neck and back in order to release the tension that causes the queasiness.

  • With the back exercise, you can lie on the flat, solid floor. Then, put down a certain yoga mat or something similar if you love. Lie down and keep the position as if you are doing a push-up, yet instead of lifting up the whole mid-section, now you just lift up the upper body. Let the back arch, then stretch as you tilt your head back as far as possible. The underneath of the chin will face the ceiling.
  • With the neck exercise, you need to keep in mind that you should not do actual neck rolls. When stretching out in warm up stage, rolling the neck will be not good. It could pinch nerves, make people dizzy, and grind on the disks. Also, the vertebrae of the necks are not shape for motion which will follow a circular path. Over the time this hyperextension can have negative effects. Instead of tip the head forward and touch the chin to the chest. Keep the position for about 10 to 15 seconds. Follow this by titling, not rolling, the head to the left; keep holding for 10 to 15 seconds. Then, do this routine on the other side.

9. Take A Slice Lemon 

how to treat nausea and vomitingThe smell of citrus could lessen the murky feeling of vomiting or nausea, also calm the stomach as well as the body.

All what you need is one fresh lemon and a knife. Slice that lemon in half. Put it close to you so that you can smell it, but keep for not overwhelming. Ensure that you inhale and exhale fully.

10. Cool Compress

Applying a cool compress, not too cold, on the back of the neck when you want to vomit will help to kick the queasiness. Take a cool compress, and take up one of the above positions. If you lie down, place that compress under the neck. If you sit, drape it across the back of the neck. Both of two methods are useful to relieve anxiety for yourself.

11. Frozen Fruit

Just keep a few slices of lemon or lime in a plastic baggy in the fridge. Similar to the smell of lemon that can help you feel better, this method will take your mind off nausea. While nausea feeling might create a rush of saliva, frozen fruit may transform that feeling into an experience better than the “wet-mouth” you get before vomiting or being sick to the stomach.
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You need some slices of freshly cut lime or lemon. They can be frozen, or unfrozen, both okay.

When you do not feel in, just cut some wedges of lemon or lime before tossing them in a plastic baggy. After that, put them in fridge. When you begin to feel vomiting, lie down (if you feel good with this position) and then suck on that slice. If you do not have any lemon slice, fresh one can be an alternative.

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12. Get Air

Stepping outside into the nature and inhale fresh air is a good remedy for your nausea. Another way you can take advantage is to get the air flowing over you.
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This will help to calm your body down. Just place a fan so that you receive its blow across the face. When starting to get that flushed and hot feeling and break into clammy sweat, a little air could allow you to stop the awful feeling of vomiting or nausea.

13. Do Something Fun

 One easy way on how to treat nausea is to find something fun. Forget about the nausea. You can watch a movie or talk to someone. Or, try playing a video game, listen to your favorite songs. Do anything that makes you forget about the feeling of nausea. Sometimes nausea is just in the mind. If you can get over it, it will not be your problem.

Because nausea can be symptoms of some diseases or condition, including overeating, kidney disease, heart attack, bulimia or other psychological illnesses, so you can check out: natural tips for treating kidney disease, ways to decrease the risk of heart disease, and treatments for getting over bulimia

II. Natural Ways To Treat Diarrhea

1. Control Your Eating

Limit eating saltine crackers during the first 24hrs of your diarrhea.

Add mild foods like rice, pasta, plain toast, eggs, baked potatoes, pasta, bananas and cooked cereal to your diet as these foods are easy to digest and keep your stomach healing fast. Remember to drink plenty of water.

In addition, you can eat foods such as apple, boiled carrots and citrus fruits, which are high in pectin. Pectin is a nutrient that hardens softened stool, caused by your diarrhea. Pectin helps slow down the passage of the foods through intestines.

2. Take Probiotics

When you get diarrhea, good bacteria in the GI tract are running low. To increase the numbers of these good bacteria and lessen your illness, take probiotics found in kefir and yogurt. Continue your normal diet after your diarrhea has ended.

3. Take Herbs With Tannins how to treat nausea with take herbs with tannins

There are different types of herbs that have positive effects on treating diarrhea such as chamomile tea, black tea, ginger tea, peppermint and so on. These herbs are high in tannins and they are beneficial in curing diarrhea naturally and quickly.

Chamomile tea helps relax your colon and treat intestinal inflammation. Drink 3 cups of chamomile a day that help the body absorb liquid.

Black tea is also effective to protect you against diarrhea. Tannins in black tea can help fluid retention.

Beside, you can drink water that is supplemented with potassium and sodium. Normally, these electrolytes are low when you have diarrhea.

4. Extra Sleep

When you have diarrhea, your body is lack of water. Beside to drinking more liquid, you also should sleep more and avoid doing heavy things that can make you feel more exhausted and uncomfortable.

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III. Natural Ways To Treat Upset Stomach

1. Massage Your Stomach

Many people experience upset stomach from their diarrhea. To ease your stomach, gently use your hands to massage abdominal area to relax intestines and muscles.

2. Use Carob Powder

When it comes to easy ways to treat nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach at home, you can think about carob powder. It’s easy to find this powder at food stores. Mix carob powder with honey and applesauce for sweetness. Drink it once a day for relaxing and soothing your intestines and upset stomach.

3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar how to treat nausea with use apple cider vinegar

Simply, take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and pour it into a glass of water, add water and 3 teaspoons of honey together and mix well. Drink this liquid for producing less stomach acid that bogs down your digestion.

Read on: Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Eat Papaya

Papaya fruit are effective at helping your digestion. This fruit contains a large amount of chymopapain and enzymes papain that are not different to digestive enzymes in human. Papain is also used in commercial meat tenderizers as it breaks down proteins.  Eat fresh papaya for your better digestive system and get rid of your upset stomach naturally.

6. Drink Baking Soda

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to water, mix them well and drink this liquid down to ease your stomach pressure fast and reduce acidity in your stomach.

There are many reasons of why you might have nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach. Fortunately, by following the 23 easy tips to treat nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach at home above, you will get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of vomiting naturally.

If you think this article of 23 ways to treat nausea, diarrhea and upset stomach at home is useful for you, leave your ideas/comments at the end of this writing to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond as soon as possible.

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