8 Best Vitamins For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

vitamins for dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a popular skin problem. And if you have this problem, you may look exhausted and much older than your age. Air pollution, loss of collagen, poor nutrition or diet, nutritional deficiencies, medication, allergies, fatigue and so on are the causes of dark circles. And as you know, vitamins play an important role in maintaining our health and our beauty. Therefore, if you boost your intake of proper vitamins, your skin may return to its natural glowing state. In this article, VKool will show you 8 best vitamins for dark circles under the eyes with no any harmful effect. The article listed the best vitamins that have been used to remove dark circles naturally at home from reliable sources. However, the writing is not intended to give medical advice, so it is solely for the informational purpose. Please keep reading to know 8 best vitamins for dark circles under the eyes.

Top 8 Best Vitamins For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

1. Vitamin B3

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin b3

Vitamin B3 is included in the group of B vitamins which can help to keep you healthy. According to the naturopathic physician Alan Logan’s book “The Clear Skin Diet”, getting vitamin B3 from your diet or taking its supplement is able to help to remove the dark circles by increasing the circulation to the skin under your eyes along with fighting inflammation. In addition, The University of Maryland Medical Center has confirmed that vitamin B3 helps to improve the circulation and decrease the inflammation.

2. Vitamin K

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin k

When talking about vitamins for dark circles, vitamin K should be mentioned too. Vitamin K can be found in Brussels sprouts, liver, broccoli, carrots, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, and spinach. This vitamin can help to increase the blood circulation and coagulation. Because the poor circulation is able to raise the dark circles’ appearance, you had better consume enough K-friendly foods in order to lighten the circles under the eyes. As a result, many eye creams include vitamin A and vitamin K.

3. Vitamin C

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin c

Vitamin C known as ascorbic acid can be classified as one water soluble vitamin. Also, it is considered as the potent antioxidant that helps to promote the tissue growth along with repairing the damage tissues. Plus, it helps to produce collagen for the skin rejuvenation too. And topical vitamin C is unstable. For foods, cabbage, cauliflower, and spinach are the great sources of vitamin C. For fruits, you can find vitamin C from limes, guavas and lemons.

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4. Vitamin E

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin e

When you are finding vitamins which can help you to treat dark circles, vitamin E is one of them. It is considered as a fat soluble vitamin. At the same time, it is concerned as a wonderful source of antioxidants. The capability of its antioxidant helps protect the cell tissues from free radical damage, the sun’s ultraviolet rays and environmental pollutants.

Therefore, in order to treat dark circles under your eyes, you can use vitamin E capsules. First of all, you wash your face and let it dry. Now you clip the vitamin E capsule tip off and then apply the liquid of vitamin E under your eyes by using your fingertips. This process will work to both soothe and moisturize, along with healing the dark circles under the eyes. In addition, you are able to consume foods which contain a lot of vitamin E like milk, nuts, fish, vegetable oils and eggs.

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5. Vitamin B12

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin b12

One of the vitamins for dark circles is vitamin B12. When your body is lack of vitamin B12, it will lead to anemia or you are lack of red cells. According to “Textbook of Functional Medicine”, the symptoms of anemia which is caused by the lack of vitamin B12 contain pale skin and tiredness. As a result, these symptoms can emphasize the dark circles under your eyes. Although lack of vitamin B12 is not a direct reason causing dark circles, it may be a major contributing factor. Therefore, increasing your vitamin B12 intake is a good idea to treat dark circles. You can find it in seafood, meat or green leafy vegetable. Vitamin B12 supplements are also a good suggestion.

6. Vitamin A

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin a

Vitamin A helps to maintain skin health along with repairing the damaged tissue under your eyes. It is also known as a rich antioxidant which can help to fight skin thinning, wrinkles as well as the signs of aging. Lack of vitamin A may lead to easy tiring of the eyes, sensitivity to light variations, and dry eyelids, which cause dark circles. Vitamin A can easily be found in pumpkin, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, Romaine lettuce, carrots, butternut squash, liver, red peppers, eggs and some fruits.

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7. Vitamin B6

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin b6

As mentioning above, vitamin B3 or niacin is one of the vitamins which can help to cure dark circles under your eyes. And according to some studies, they found that if you are lack of vitamin B6, it might lead to lack of vitamin B3.

Therefore, you also need to supply vitamin B6 when you want the dark circles under your eyes to be taken away. You can find vitamin B6 in blackstrap molasses, chicken, avocado, banana, grain, cereal, orange, bread as well as potato.

8. Vitamin B9

vitamins for dark circles - vitamin b9

If your body is lack of vitamin B9, you may have anemia. As you know, anemia is one of the reasons which make your skin look pale. And when you have pale skin, it is very easy to see your dark circles. Just like vitamin B12, lack of vitamin B9 is not a direct cause but it is a contributing factor.

Thus, what you need to do is to supply vitamin B9. You can eat cereal, beef, broccoli, avocado, peanut, papaya, spinach, strawberries, orange, banana, egg, corn and beans.

In conclusion, each vitamin has its own function in helping to cure dark circles under your eyes. In order to get the best result, you should combine all the vitamins together by eating diversified diet every day.

To know more information about skin care recipes and natural treatments for skin problems, go to our main Health page. After studying the writing of top 8 best vitamins for dark circles under the eyes, hope that this article will help you learn more some vitamins that are used to remove dark circles at home. All these vitamins are safe and effective for eliminating dark circles. But do not forget that you should consult your doctor before using these vitamins to keep dark circles at bay. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also, you can share your experiences with us if you know other best vitamins for dark circles under the eyes.

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