Yoga poses for high blood pressure: 17 best choices

High blood pressure remains a silent killer till it affects organs such as kidney and heart. However, high blood pressure can be diagnosed with some symptoms such as headache, giddiness, hazy vision, abnormal kidney function and ringing in the ear. Aside from keeping a well-balanced diet, you should take up physical activity such as yoga to regularize high blood pressure. In this article, will show you yoga pose for high blood pressure: 17 best choices. The writing collected a list of yoga poses for high blood pressure from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this writing to learn these 17 yoga poses for high blood pressure in more detail!

Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure: 17 Best Choices You Should Follow

1. The Bound Angle Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-the bound angle pose

Hypertension is more of one lifestyle problem and the effective way to treat this condition is to follow one yoga lifestyle.

This is one of the best yoga poses for high blood pressure. Here are detailed directions:

  1. Sit straight and put the legs straight out forehead you. Put the pelvis on top of one blanket in case the hips are tight.
  2. Then, breathe out and bend the knees and bring the heels towards your pelvis region.
  3. Afterward, gently bring the knees towards your sides and leave the soles of the feet to press together.
  4. After that, hold your big toe of each foot with the fingers.
  5. Force both your knees in the downward direction. Allow the bones of the thighs hit the floor.
  6. Later, you have to sit in this position for the following two to three minutes.
  7. Return back to your first position right after it.

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2. The Bridge Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-the bridge pose

This is also one of the top yoga poses for high blood pressure. The bridge pose will boost up your muscles, stretch the neck and spine, combat anxiety and depression as well as take care of digestive troubles. This asana had better be avoided by people who have back and neck injuries.

  1. To start, lie down on the back.
  2. Bend the knees and maintain them around hip distance apart.
  3. Your ankles and knees should be in one straight line.
  4. Place the arms beside the body with the palms facing downwards.
  5. Then inhale slowly and lift the back off the ground. The thighs had better be parallel to your ground.
  6. Breathe easily and then continue to keep yourself in the position for the following minute or two.
  7. You should continue doing this yoga pose three times.

3. The Dolphin Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-the dolphin pose

This Dolphin pose is also considered among the best yoga poses for high blood pressure. It fights digestive problems, speeds up the shoulders, hamstrings and calves. Plus, it decreases menstrual discomfort as well. Here are detailed directions for you to follow:

  1. Come down on the hands and knees. The knees had better be exactly below the hips, and your forearms had better be on the ground, absolutely below the wrists.
  2. Then, directly press your palms on the ground. The pose is ready.
  3. When you breathe out, take the knees away from your ground.
  4. The forearms had better be firmly placed on your ground, and your head must be maintained between the upper arms. Do not allow it to press or hang on your floor at all.
  5. You can also straighten the knees. You had better look like one triangle at the end of your pose.
  6. Hold lengthening the tailbone and then lift the top section of your sternum away from the ground.
  7. Keep this position for round 30 seconds to one minute.

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4. Hero Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-hero pose

For best results, what you need to do:

  1. Kneel on your ground first and keep the back straight. The feet had better be slightly apart.
  2. Next, breathe outwards and then sit halfway. Ensure the torso is leaning outwards. Afterwards, place the hands on the thighs and form a circle with the thumb and index finger.
  3. You had better sit in this pose for one whole minute. Take some seconds of rest and then repeat.
  4. You should try to push this up to 5 minutes.


You can clasp both the hands and allow the arms to extend forward. Leave the palms to turn away from your torso and later raise your arms as you inhale. The palms are to be facing your ceiling. Allow the body to actively stretch through the base of the index fingers.

5. Standing Forward Pose

This is also one of the best yoga poses for high blood pressure. The pose assists you handle headaches, fatigue, stress and insomnia. Also, it opens up the hips as well as helps you find relief from your neck and shoulder region. Here are detailed directions:

  1. Begin off with standing straight. Hold your feet together.
  2. The hands should be on the hips.
  3. As you breathe out, you bend forward towards your hip region. Then lengthen the front of the torso.
  4. Don’t lock the knees whatsoever.
  5. Leave the fingertips to come in line with the toes and the palms had better press on the mat.
  6. Leave the weight to come to your balls of the feet and hold your hips aligned.
  7. Every time inhaling, you lengthen your torso and breathe deeply.
  8. You continue to maintain on to the pose for the next a minute.
  9. You may take a break and then continue this for 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Reclining Your Hand To Big Toe Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-reclining your hand to big toe pose

This is also one of the effective yoga poses for high blood pressure. Here are step by step directions for you to follow:

  1. Lie down on your floor and keep the legs extended. As you breathe out, you bend your left knee and bring the thigh towards your torso. Let the thigh touch your belly.
  2. Next, you’ll have to loop one strap around the left foot and hold your strap in both the hands.
  3. Keep the hands as high as you may on your strap and press the shoulder blades very lightly on your floor.
  4. You can rotate the leg for one bit if you like.
  5. Keep for 1-3 minutes. Release your strap and then repeat for the next ten times.

There are a lot of other effective yoga poses for high blood pressure presented in this article, so continue reading!

7. Palm Tree Pose

Palm tree pose is also one of the most excellent yoga poses for high blood pressure. Here are detailed directions for you to follow:

  1. Lie down on your join feet and the back such that your big toes touch each other.
  2. Hold your palms by your sides of the body.
  3. As inhaling, you raise the hands over the head and stretch the toes downwards.
  4. Stretch your whole body and then inhale and exhale slowly.
  5. Thereafter, bring the hands down as exhaling and keep your eyes closed.
  6. Repeat this two times. The asana opens up spine, lungs and heart, easing blood flow in your arteries and thereby preventing high blood pressure.

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8. Half Wind Releasing/ Ardha Pavanamuktasana Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-half wind releasing, ardha pavanamuktasana pose

  1. Lie down on the back with palms besides the body.
  2. Take one long deep breath and then raise your right leg. Bring the thigh near the abdomen and keep this posture for several seconds.
  3. Breathe normally. As inhaling stretch and bring your leg back on floor. You repeat it with your other leg. For high blood pressure, do not raise the head against the bent knee.
  4. Regularly performing this pose gets rid of all ailments of your stomach and other organs as well. All the benefitting organs acquire a good boost in the capabilities, making the mind joyous and peaceful and let your body feel relaxed and light. This has one calming effect on the blood pressure.

9. Parvatasana/ Mountain Pose

  1. First of all, sit with both legs crossed, close your eyes gently and join the hands in namaskara mudra just above the head.
  2. Keep hands stretched and elbows straight. Feel your heartbeat and slowly bring the hands down from both your sides, while exhaling.
  3. You should perform this around 3-4 times. Because this pose provides a good massage to your heart and lung muscles, it’s very effective in settling hypertension.

10. Shavasana/ Corpse Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-shavasana, corpse pose

This is also one of the best yoga poses for high blood pressure. Here are detailed guides:

  1. Comfortably lie down on the back with feet apart and hands extended round 6” away from body. The palms should be ½ closed as well as be facing upwards.  Close the eyes gently and concentrate on the feet first in order to relax them, later bring the concentration to the knees, after that your chest and arms and finally concentrate on your head.
  2. Now, concentrate on the rhythmic breathing for around 10-15 minutes. It’s a highly relaxing pose and aids releasing stress and tension physically and mentally, thus is very effective in arterial hypertension.

11.  Anuloma Viloma

  1. Sit with the legs crossed, or in any relaxing sitting yoga pose.
  2. Place the left hand on the left knee in the jnana mudra and then close right nostril with the right thumb making the nasikagra mudra.
  3. Exhale slowly through your left nostril and later inhale very slowly through your same nostril.
  4. Thereafter change the finger in order to open your right nostril and close your left nostril with small finger and ring finger.
  5. Again exhale and inhale slowly through your left nostril. You should repeat this for 4-5 minutes minimum. Along with the other advantages, anuloma viloma raises the serenity of mind, keeps flexibility of arteries, capillaries and veins, thus helping to control the blood pressure.

12. Child’s Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-child’s pose

Kneel down on your floor and rest the buttocks on the feet. Then, bend down in one fetal position and next face the floor. Put the arms either to extend sides or your sides in front of you. Your forehead had better touch the ground and your chest may go in between your knees. This pose releases tension from your back and helps remove belly fat.

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13. Cat Pose

Firstly, get on all the fours with the thighs straight and the hands perpendicular to your ground. Then inhale and rise up the head back as pushing down your navel. Thereafter exhale and curve out the spine towards the sky and then push your head inwards. This pose increases blood circulation in your body as well as tones back muscles.

14. Diamond Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-diamond pose

First of all, sit flat on your floor and fold up the legs as illustrated. Then, rest your palms on the knees and now practice breathing exercises. This pose helps cure acidity as well as urinary tract problems as facilitating smooth digestion.

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15. Corpse Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-corpse pose

Firstly, lie supine on your floor and spread the arms to the sides. Keep your legs wide apart, close the eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Consciously concentrate on each body part and also with each round of breath feel that one specific body area is getting relaxed. This pose cures insomnia and is effective for those suffering from diabetes and neurological disorders.

16. Wind Relieving Pose

Simply, lie down supine on your floor. Press your thighs and knees against your tummy and chest. This pose facilitates good bowel movement as well as stretches lower back.

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17. Cobra Pose

yoga poses for high blood pressure-cobra pose

Cobra pose is also one of the greatest yoga poses for high blood pressure. Begin from the prone position, that’s, lie on your floor facing downwards. Then, get onto the hands and lift up the chest, keeping the rest of your body as it was. This pose relieves from fatigue and stress while firming up your buttocks.

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If you want to know more about effective and simple exercises for health problems, go to our main Home Fitness page. After reading the article of yoga poses for high blood pressure: 17 best choices, hope you learn more some yoga poses to reduce high blood pressure. You can follow these effective and simple exercises to control hypertension. You may easily do these yoga poses at home without any personal trainer. If you have any question, or you want to know other yoga poses for high blood pressure, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also, you can share the experience if you know any other yoga poses for high blood pressure to us.

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