Improving Your Posture Fast With Simple Exercises

Posture is great concern to those people who do office work or those who are aged. The reasons that cause a bad posture are various. It could be due to long hour sitting in front of the computer and somehow you unintentionally slouch or it may be because of wrong sleeping position. No matter what reason causes your wrong posture, the harm that it brings to our health is undeniable. Your spine, a core that is attached with millions of nerve will be damaged. In this “Improving your posture fast with exercises” article, we will find out the exercises that does not only rectify your posture but also straighten your spine.

I. Improving Your Posture Fast – Basic Information

1. Why You Need To Have A Good Posture?

good posture review

If a picture of someone who is hunched over, walks slow and has to suffer chronic joint pain is not what you are looking for in the future, try to stand up straight. In other words, you should start working on your posture which is, like your parents have always said, very important.

Keeping your body in proper alignment, maintaining balance and that alignment are what make a “good posture”. When you start to lose these parts, you will have to suffer some great health risks.

According to Steven P. Weiniger, D.C., author of Stand Taller, Live Longer: an Anti-Aging Strategy, you will have trouble breathing if your head is pulled forward, your torso is rolling forward and your chests curls. It is proven that people with poor posture tend to have cardiovascular problems and pulmonary issues. Women whose heads are pulled forward, instead of placing on a straight line with their torsos, have bigger risks of dying than those whose head lined up over their torsos. The reason of this is because the heart has difficulties in pumping in order to get blood out of a collapsed chest.

You will face troubles breathing, difficulty walking, joint pain if you own a weak posture. Your joints will be misaligned, causing pain in every step you take. Moreover, those with posture issues tend to look years older than their friends.

2. What Is The Best Way To Improve Your Posture?

best way to improve your posture review

Not everyone was born with weak posture. You are not getting any good by sitting hunched over a table or slumping in our chairs. Fortunately, you can improve your poor posture in a couple weeks by training yourself to a better one. When you have achieved better posture, practice these exercises below to maintain it.

3. Some Notes Before You Begin

Ask someone else to take a photo of you from three different angles: in front, behind and from the side. Try to keep your head and neck at the center of your torso, and your forehead stay in line with your chest. Your backside should not stand behind you. Try to correct if one of your hands stays lower than the other, or if one of your hips is higher than the other. Try to avoid these imbalances as much as you can.

If you have these problems, adjust your posture to the correct alignment. Then start to practice these exercises after consulting your personal doctor.

II. Improving Your Posture Fast – Simple Exercises For Good Posture

1. Achieve Balance

achieve balance review

Stand against a wall or a doorway. Adjust your posture. Slowly lift one leg up, keep the knee bent, making the thigh parallel to the ground. Hold still for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Try not to swing your arms or twist and slant your body in an attempt to keep balance. Reach to the wall to stabilize your body if you cannot hold still. After practicing, you will be able to stand still and hold the pose without reaching the wall.

This exercise helps you keep your balance better by training your muscles since balance requires an even muscle control. By trying to keep balance on one leg, you will be able to awake those muscles and lead them to symmetry. Achieving balance exercise is also very useful, if later you want to do some kind of balancing related yoga exercises. This exercise will also help to straighten your legs.

2. Correct Alignment

Place your heels against the wall. Step one foot forward away from the wall. Then try to lean back and touch the wall with your buttocks and back. Push your head back until it touches the wall, try to keep it level. Most people will have to lift their chins up so that they can touch their heads to the wall. However, that is not what you are searching for. If you cannot push your head back without lifting it, try to maintain level and get it back as far as possible. Hold still for 20 seconds.

A good posture is controlled by your core muscles. This exercise awakes these muscles so that you will achieve a better posture. When you try to lean back against the wall, you are teaching your muscles so that they will gradually remember the posture alignment and put everything into place when you are doing other activities.

3. Correct Alignment In Movement

correct alignment in movement review

Find a stability ball/balance ball, which often found in gyms, and use it. Make sure that it is an anti bust ball. Sit down with your knee bent at a 90 degree angle.

Try to sit with your best posture. Keep your knees, torso and head still. Then try to use your pelvis to move the ball in a circular motion. Draw three circles toward the left and then three circles toward the right. Try not to move so fast. Try to move slowly and smoothly, allowing your breath to draw the motion. By doing this, you can fire the sleeping core muscles, forming a strong posture.

People tend to be surprised at the fact that going to the left and going to the right are different. People usually think that they are moving with symmetry. However, when they slow it down and concentrate, it is easy to see that they lack motion smoothness. The imbalance in your body can be easily seen. Therefore, the purpose of this exercise is to find and train neglected muscle fibers, and take control over them.

4. Sit Up Straight

sit up straight review

This is probably one of the most common sentences that you have ever heard from your mother. However, she is right, at least in this case. If your job requires you to sit all day, it is crucial to follow these basic guidelines:

– Try to choose a chair that is designed for good support and specifically made for your height and weight. However, not everyone has this option. In that case, try to use a small pillow for extra support.

– Try to sit with your back aligned with the back of the chair. This will help you avoid sagging or hunching over.

– Keep your shoulders straight and squared. Place your head upright. Keep your neck, back and heels on a straight line.

– Place both your feet on the ground or on the footrest.

– Adjust your chair height and your position so that your arms do not have to straight out in order to work. Your elbows should be about 75 to 90 degree.

Even if you own the best posture and the most comfortable and perfect chair in the world, you need to stand up and stretch once in a while. Stand up, walk around, do some exercises or even just stand there for a few minutes should be fine. Your body was not born to sit all day.

5. Walk With Good Posture

This is another version of standing with good posture. While walking, remember to keep your head up, shoulders back, roll your chest out and look straight. Try to avoid pushing your head forward or backward.

6. Sleeping Position

sleeping position review

Since you do not have the ability to maintain a certain posture while sleeping, how your sleep will have an impact on your waking posture:

– You can maintain proper back support by using a firmer mattress.

– Try to sleep on the back since it will help keep your shoulders straight. Moreover, it is more comfortable than sleeping on the side or on your stomach.

– However, if you prefer sleeping on your side, try inserting a small and flat pillow between your knees. By doing this, you will be able to keep your spine straight and aligned.

– Provide good support and alignment for your head and shoulders by using a pillow. However, do not use too many since your head will be bent unnaturally. You will wake up feeling stiff, uncomfortable, sore and groggy.

That is it for this “Improving your posture fast with exercises” article. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will learn ways to fix your posture. If you like this “Improving your posture fast with exercises” article, please tell us what you think by leaving a comment below and if you have further query, please do not hesitate to reach us any time. Last but not least, there are many other fitness and exercise related article from the site vkool. Please take your time to pay them a visit. We are sure you will find useful information that can improve your health dramatically.

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