Reduce Waist Size Quickly In 2 Weeks At Home

Owning a small and toned waist is the goal of many people who are overweight or don’t have natural sexy waists. Some don’t have belly fat, yet their natural waists are not charming and they want to sculpt their waists to be smaller. So, how to have smaller waist? How to reduce waist size quickly in 2 weeks at home? Read this article on VKool site in the line of Fitness & Exercise to find out diet tips and workouts to reduce waist size fast.

Reduce Waist Size Fast In 2 Weeks At Home

I. Nutrition Tips And Advice

1. Create A Balanced Nutrition

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Be sure that you have a balanced nutritional plan by eating meals including protein from fish, poultry, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Besides, remember to reduce your sugar intake, your excessive fat and limit consumption of all processed foods as these foods and ingredients usually contain things that don’t help reduce waist size.

2. Reduce Calorie Intake

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Lowering calorie intake by 100 calories can help burn about 12 lbs (about over 5 kg) a year. So, cut down on calorie intake by avoiding all high fat foods such as sugary foods, fried foods and sweet beverages.

3. Eat High-Protein Breakfast

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Nutritionists recommend that having high protein breakfasts in the morning can help speed up the metabolic system and burn extra calories through the day. Foods high in protein can also help you feel full longer, thereby reducing your hunger and desiring to eat more during the day.

4. Eat Small Meals

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It is good to eat more small meals than eat only 1 or 2 big meals a day. Eat small meals, but consider consuming healthy foods. If you just eat snacks and skip mail meals, your plan to reduce waist size can’t be successful. This will just be a way to slow down your metabolism and prevent from burning more calories efficiently.

5. Reduce Stress

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Stress can cause excessive fat to accumulate in your belly. By learning to handle stress and relax, you can avoid unhealthy eating habits. For instance, you can practice meditation or practice deep breathing techniques to relieve stress and have peace in mind.

6. Have Enough Sleep

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Adequate sleep (about 8 hours at night) can help you relax, balance your mind and body health and release hormones that help you increase appetite. Those who lack adequate sleep usually have a tendency to consume more foods. Thus, it is good to get enough sleep and rest everyday.

7. Stay Active

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Staying motivated can help you improve the metabolic system and burn more calories. So, instead of sitting in the office, be active to move around, walk and stand up to increase blood circulation and feel more energetic. Also, you can take stairs, instead of using an elevator. You can go out with your friends, instead of sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

8. Quit Tobacco

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Many studies indicate that smoking cigarettes is linked to the development of body fat, including belly fat. Even, passive smoking can also been related to the development of waist size increase. Hence, if you are addicted to tobacco, quit it as soon as possible to trim your waist size.

9. Release Growth Hormone

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Pay attention to a weight loss program as it is important for your growth hormone release. The diminished secretion of your growth hormone can be responsible for the age related decrease in the lean body and the expansion of the adipose tissue. It has been found to produce big changes in the body composition that include the increase in lean body and the reduction in fat.

The injections of growth hormone are out of question for all people due to its cost, medical concerns about side effects and some other factors. However, ingesting the arginine amino acid has been proven to result in the natural release of growth hormone from pituitary gland, and to provide similar benefits of increasing lean tissue and decreasing fat.

10. Reduce Stored Fat

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Most people over 40 find out that the older they are, the harder for them to keep their fat off. According to fitness experts, caloric reduction is important for weight loss. This is to be completed by cutting fat consumption of a diet rich in carbohydrates drastically.

The problem with this is that it won’t work for most people. In a long run, 95% people losing weight by fat or caloric restriction gained their lost weight back. Unfortunately, they gained it back as fat rather than lean bone or muscle.

II. Exercises To Reduce Waist Size

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Scientific studies have shown that there is actually no exercise that can help to reduce waist size and waist fat exclusively. Rather, to shed pounds and inches off the waist is to combine a low calorie with low fat diet and aerobic exercise. When you can adopt a daily cardio routine and modify your healthy eating habits, then you can consider incorporating waist reducing workouts into your regimen. The following workouts work in conjunction with an aerobic routine and a diet plan to firm and tone and your waist:

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1. Side Bends

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First, stand straight on the flat surface with the knees bent slightly and the feet apart. Then, lower the torso slowly several inches to your left side and back again to your right side. Next, try to keep the legs and upper body in a line. Don’t bending backwards or forwards. Repeat about 15 times with each side.

2. Torso Twists

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Start by standing straight on the flat surface with the feet shoulder-width apart. Then, gently twist the torso to your left side and to your right. Limit movements from the hips. While you are twisting gently, the torso should stay upright. Make sure that you do not bending. Additionally, be careful, don’t twist too far because you may pull your muscle if over rotate. Repeat for about15 times with each side.

3. Seated Torso Twists

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Start by sitting tall in a chair, with the feet flat on the ground. Then, imagine that you are holding a bag of rice, flour or sugar; or holding a medicine ball in your arms. The arms must be extended forward (at chest level). Next, breathe out and twist the waist to 1 side slowly. Be careful, don’t lean forward. The neck and head should be in a line with the arms and torso. Repeat for about 15 times with each side.

4. Belly Button Exercises

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Start by sucking in the belly button area, avoid affecting your upper abs. Next, keep this until you feel as if you’re touching your spine. Then, hold this for 20 seconds and release. Repeat this for 5 minutes.

If you practice regularly and perform properly, you may see significant results fast.

5. Seated Knee Drop

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Start by sitting on the flat surface. The knees are bent and the feet flat on the ground. Next, slightly place the hands on the ground behind the hips and press the ankles together. Then, lower both the bent legs to your left, keeping them together slowly. Next, contract the abdominal muscles and return the legs slowly to the center. At last, lower them to your right slowly, allowing the abdominal muscles to do the work not gravity. Continue the alternating sides until completed about 15 reps with each side.

6. Flow Yoga

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 This is an excellent workout to reduce waist size for both men and women.

The best part of this exercise is to tone your waist and focus on your waist for trimming your waist fast.

In general, flow Yoga can keep cortisol, a fat storing hormone in check, improve your posture, lengthen your spine, and strengthen the natural corset muscles in your body and a lot more.

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7. Waist Turns

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Start by using a pole between the shoulders and let the arms hang over it for balance. Next, let the feet spread below your shoulders to keep your back straight. Then, turn from the waist from the left to the right, remember to look straight ahead. You can repeat rotations from the right to the left. Do about 50 rotations.

8. Quick Squats

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The most effective way to reduce waist size is to burn calories with quick squats.

Start by standing with the back straight and performing squats. Make sure to lightly let the fingertips touch the floor when you go down. Repeat about 100 squats in 5 minutes, then build up to another 100 ones in the next 10 minutes.

Increase the intensity of squats by handing dumbbells.

Bottom line:

Hope that this article on how to reduce waist size quickly in 2 weeks at home will help you understand more about your big waist size and you will know how to reduce waist size by combining a healthy diet plan and a proper workout plan. For any feedback about the writing, please drop it into the comment box.

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