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If you believe the website there’s a lot of science to support the use of this, but they fail to cite any proof. No supplements facts is listed either, making it impossible to verify any of the intended claims.

Worse yet, it appears the company is out of business according to the Better Business Bureau, which makes sense when looking at the many spam websites.

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Alpha Levo IQ Overview

Alpha Levo IQ is a nootropic supplement that claims it can affect both the mind and body, supporting proper brain function. All this sounds good but the official website skimps on the details, and all you get are claims with no evidence to support any of it.

We can’t say for certain what makes this stand out, and we don’t even know if it’s still made by a reputable company. There exists a lot of misinformation about this brand, and it’s unclear if it is still produced fresh.

The brands that stood out the most for their nootropic benefits are all outlined in this top 10 list.

Alpha Levo IQ Claims

The claim is that this was made by “scientific minds” though it’s unclear what this means exactly. They also add that there is updated scientific research which helped develop this brand.

Improved energy, hyper focus, and peak performance are all claimed. They also add that some of the ingredients are known to treat certain conditions, though they fil to state specifics on what exactly it’s meant to treat.

The problem in finding claims about this brand is that most of the information is highlighted by 3rd party websites which have nothing to do with it. Only the official website can be trusted, but they don’t say much about this supplement and evidence is also lacking.

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Alpha Levo IQ Ingredients

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Huperzine
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6

Gingko Biloba is a common herb used in nootropics for its ability to help improve memory, enhance blood circulation, and prevent oxidation.

Zinc is a mineral that can affect virility, healthy muscles, and support bone function.

Vitamin B12 is helpful at supporting energy and improving overall mood.

Ginseng can come in many different varieties, and it’s particularly effective at boosting mood and energy. Depending on the specific strain, it can offer additional benefits.

Huperzine is yet another common nootropic ingredient which is used to help support healthy cognition. This is especially used for its claimed ability to improve memory and learning.

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The Science Behind Alpha Levo IQ

We’d like to see much more than just claims, as the official website does not back up any of their claims. They make it seem like it has been studied and that “scientific minds” have developed it, but they fail to mention what h this means exactly. It’s unknown if they mean that scientists have researched it, or only people who are interested in science.

Nowhere is there any actual proof of what’s added, and the official website lacks any sort of reliable details about this. Because we can’t verify the claims, there is no way to know what a likely result is. All that we know are claims about what’s inside, and they fail to list the dosage strength. Without being able to examine this key piece of information, determining its value is impossible.

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Word on the Street About Alpha Levo IQ

We don’t know if anyone has successfully used this supplement since the official website has no testimonials and there are no outside 3rd party reviews. Not a single user has decided to leave a review, making it impossible to know what may result.

This is a common problem with this brand; all they have is clams with no actual poof to back any of it up. Because they have not been reviewed, there is no telling what this may result in. The complete lack of details makes it impossible to see what may result.

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Is Alpha Levo IQ Worth a Try?

There isn’t a good enough reason to suggest that this would be an effective nootropic. At this time there are questions about the companies worth, and it’s unknown if they are still operational. The Better Business Bureau has failed to reach out to them with no success. They claim that when sending mail to their address, but it was not returned with a reply.

There is a website which claims to offer but oddly enough it’s incredibly hard to find, and much harder than the spam websites which market it.

These spam websites will redirect to another product, which is often the case in brands that are no longer made .There is no explanation of the full ingredients list, and the dosage strength is unknown as well. No reviews are provided either, making it impossible to determine if anyone say successful and safe benefits.

After much review we found what the best nootropic supplements are and ranked them in the top 10 list.

Alpha Levo IQ FAQ

  1. Is Alpha Levo IQ a scam?
    We can’t say for certain but they have been overtaken with scam websites which direct to another brand.
  1. Does Alpha Levo really work?
    No reviews are available and it’s unknown what the formula is, so determine its worth is impossible.
  1. What are the full Alpha Levo IQ ingredients?
    No supplements facts list is provided but it’s claimed to have vitamin B12, vitamin B6, zinc, folate, huperzia and gingko biloba.
  1. Does Alpha Levo IQ cause side effects?
    There is no way to determine if side effects are likely since not a single person has left a review, and the dosage strength is unknown.
  1. Can I get Alpha Levo at GNC?
    They do not sell it at this time.
  1. Is Alpha Levo IQ a hoax?
    It may appear to be as there are many spam websites which market it.
  1. Where can I read Alpha Levo IQ reviews?
    There are none available at this time.
  1. Is there an Alpha Levo IQ free trial?
    No official source offers a free trial of this.
  1. Where can I find an Alpha Levo IQ affiliate?
    It appears that the company no longer exists, according to the BBB.
  1. What is the official Alpha Levo IQ website?
    They can be found here:
  1. Can I get Alpha Levo IQ in the UK?
    It’s unclear if it would be safe to do so.
  1. Is there Alpha Levo IQ available in Australia?
    Their website claims they ship to Australia, but it’s likely at a higher rate to make up for shipping costs.
  1. What does Reddit say about Alpha Levo IQ?
    People tied asking if it worked but so far there are no responses.
  1. Where can I buy Alpha Levo IQ?
    The only source appears to be their website but it’s unknown if this can be trusted.

So What Really Works?

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All the possible benefits come from a natural blend of ingredients which have many 3rd party reviews to support its user. We especially liked the high dosage strength blend which his blended in optimal amounts. The company website provides all the information necessary to determine its worth. To learn about what Memotenz can offer with its studied formula, click on this link.

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