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There’s no actual legitimate source of information for this brand, and we can’t say for certain what’s inside of it. All that’s offered are spam websites and old copy and pasted claims, nothing of which can be trusted.

The company also has a poor customer service history, and many claimed they were charged without any warning.

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IQ + Overview

IQ + is a nootropic supplement that currently lacks any official information about what it can do, and what makes it stand out. All we can examine are some old claims that are offered on spam websites which redirect to another product.

What this likely means is that the company no longer makes this anymore, which raises major risks over the purchase of this. Users won’t be backed by a guarantee and there is no assurance that what they are buying is still fresh and safe to take.

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IQ + Claims

Some of the spam websites claim that this offers a boost in overall cognition. They add that it can make users more focused, creative, energetic, and improve overall brain fitness.

It’s been claimed that this may offer up to 6 hours of support, and all without any unwanted symptoms or a crash. Even though this is claimed, there aren’t much details about this process. The problem with all this is because it’s only on spam websites, we can’t say for certain if they are telling the truth, or even if any of this is up to date. The claims of it offering up to 6 hours of benefits is impressive, but as it remains, it’s only a unproven claim at this time.

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IQ + Ingredients

There’s great uncertainty as to whether or not the following is added, as there is no official source which outlines the supplement facts list. It’s said this is included but we can’t say for certain:

  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzia Serrata
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Theanine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Caffeine from WGCP
  • Vitamin B6

Vinpocetine can be extracted artificially and also taken from the periwinkle plant. It’s most often used for enhanced blood flow which can aid mental performance and overall focus.

Huperzine Serrata is most often found in nootropics for its ability to help support memory and aid overall mental output.

Bacopa Monnieri is another common nootropic ingredient that’s added for tis potential ability to prevent mood issues and prevent age related mental issues such as Alzheimer’s.

Rhodiola Rosea can be used to help prevent fatigue and stress.

Caffeine from WGCP is intended to help raise energy levels, productivity, mood, and metabolism. This comes from an unroasted coffee bean which is high in antioxidants. Caffeine should be regulated as overuse can not only cause many side effects, but it may require cycling.

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The Science Behind IQ +

Before examining what the ingredients may offer, we’d have to be able to examine an official ingredients list. All we get with tis brand are claims that are copy and pasted. There is no official explanation about the actual science, and none of the information comes from an official source.

All we get are spam websites which initially promote this brand, but which redirect to another. Without a full review of the dosage strength of the formula, we also can’t say if it’s optimal and safe to use. It’s essential before trying any supplement that users are able to examine not just what’s inside, but at what dosage strength. This lack of important information raises doubts about the overall safety of this. There’s not a single reason to believe that this would offer great and safe results without actual science.

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Word on the Street About IQ +

There’s not a single user review offered anywhere at this time. All the information about this comes from reviews about the company itself, which likely means there were issues as all they had to say was they wanted their money back. We can’t identify whether or not this would likely trigger a positive reaction, or even if it’s going to be useful in any way.

There has to be at least some reviews for customers to feel comfortable before giving it a try. If you were to use it there would be no expectation for what may occur. It’s odd that a brand that has this many spam websites won’t have a single user review.

Without being able to read through the comments on the possible effects this may deliver, there are great doubts about its potential effects, if any.

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Is IQ + Worth a Try?

We can’t see any reason to give this a try, there’s no reliable information and we can’t say for certain if it’s still fresh and safe to take. All that can be examined are some spam websites, review sites, and some marketing images which were copy and pasted. What this means for consumers is that they won’t be able to say for certain if any of the clams made are up to date and official.

All the claims are just that, unprovable suggestions which come from websites that have nothing to do with the creation of this supplement. Without any reliable data we can’t really review this, all that we can say is that there’s a major red flag here. The company appears to have had some major issues related to fraud, and some said they were charged for product they never requested.

Because they seem to have abandoned this supplement for other 3rd party websites to offer, we can’t trust in this at all.

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  1. What is there to be known about the IQ + pill?
    The most important thing to now is that we can’t say for certain what’s inside of it, and there is no official source for reliable information.
  1. What are some IQ + supplement reviews?
    There are no reviews about this brand anywhere online.
  1. Where to buy IQ + supplement?
    There’s only 3rd party sources which may not be reliable as we don’t know if this is still being made.
  1. What are the full IQ + supplement ingredients?
    We can’t say for certain if the following are used, but according to 3rd party sites it has L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, Bacopa monnieri, rhodiola rosea, huperzia serrata caffeine from WGCP, and vitamin B6.
  1. What is the official IQ + supplement website?
    Currently they do not have an official website.
  1. What is the total IQ + supplement cost?
    There isn’t an official source for this which offers it for sale.
  1. Are there any IQ + supplement side effects?
    It’s impossible to say with the lack of customer reviews and limited information about the formula. There is added caffeine in unknown amounts however, which may be dangerous if overused.

So What Really Works?

The best current nootropic formula is within the natural Memotenz. This nootropic has ingredients which make sense, and when combined they can further provide cognitive benefits. Many who sampled it said they felt an immediate benefit and that it offered additional supports beyond what was their intended result. It can have an impact though the herbs, nutrients, and natural extracts. This can help boost brain flow, help the body better adapt to stress, improve mental energy, and improve the mind body connection.

In reviewing it we also found that they optimize it by adding ingredients in amounts which can best provide benefits. There was a lot of support seen in user reviews, who often felt it was good enough to use as a daily supplement. The company website also provides a clear explanation as to what makes it stand out, as well as important details on its function. More information on what makes Memotenz the current best nootropic formula can be examined when you click on this link.

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