54 Simple Yoga exercises for women to do at home or wwork

Updates: 05/13/2024

Yoga started in India over 3,000 years ago and people worldwide are still practicing today for both mental and spiritual health. If you do morning Yoga exercises in a regular basis, you will be getting one of the best ways to energize your body throughout the day ahead. This writing will show you more details of 54 simple Yoga exercises for women to do at home or work. let’s take a look at these Yoga instructions below:

I. Simple Yoga Exercises For People Worldwide:

Simple yoga exercises for people worldwide

You can practice yoga every time in the day. However, I think that you should do yoga in the morning – that is a great time to wake up and energize your body before handling daily tasks flowing. In fact, not many people know how to do yoga at home the right way and where to learn simple yoga poses.

Actually, you do not need to have experience or well-educated skill to practice these poses. Just going on with energy, determination, and passion, you can start practicing yoga right away. If you feel that your life is really exhausted, stressful or blue, you should throw these exercises into your pocket and practice yoga regularly. 

1. Simple Yoga Exercises – Savasana:

Savasana pose

The first of the yoga exercises I would like to introduce today is Savasana. Infact, there are a lot of yoga exercises can help to relax your body. Savasana may be the most important pose that does this favor. Savasana is the final stage at the end of a physical practice where you just lie down and feeling about what you have practiced.

However, savasana is not just lying down, so you should learn more about it concretely:

–  Lying down on the floor, putting a pillow underneath your head.

– Using a blanket underneath your back to avoid feeling cold.

– Keeping your feet a foot apart and relaxed.

– Keeping arms by your sides, with palms facing up.

– Pointing your shoulder blades toward your spine while keeping shoulders down.

– Inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly, let each part of your body fully relaxed and focus on controlling your breath.

2. Simple Yoga Exercises – Seated Forward Bending:

Seated Forward Bending

The next of yoga exercises that I want to introduce is the seated forward bending pose. This pose is also simple as everyone can do anywhere on a clean plane. The concrete steps include:

– Before bending forward, you need to sit and put your legs straight out ahead.

– Taking your left fingertips and pulling the flesh of your glute up and away from the sit bone.

– Repeating with the right hand moves right cheek. You need to move the cushion of your seat out to target your hamstrings better in the stretch.

– Keep sitting upright; stretch the backs of your legs even more by pressing the backs of your knees gently into the floor.

– Flexing your feet to engage your shins and calves, but keeping your heels on the floor and do not hyperextending your knees.

– Rolling both thighs inward actively and creating a more grounded base for your hips to hinge from.

3. Simple Yoga Exercises – Mountain Pose:

Mountain pose

You just need to stand, feet hip-width apart, and spread your weight evenly with arms at your sides. Then, you should breathe deeply and slowly at your certain pace, and keep your neck aligned with the rest of your spinal column. You can move your arms and hands when you put in focus.

4. Simple Yoga Exercises – Child’s Pose:

Child Pose

To practice this pose, you will sit upright on your heels as you feel comfortable. Then, you need to roll your torso forward and rest your forehead on the ground in front of you. After that, you need to extend your arms forward, lower your chest towards the knees as close as possible (when you start feeling a bit comfortable, you should stop this). Then, keep the pose stay still and breathe into your torso. Finally, exhale and release to get a deeper fold.

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5. Simple Yoga Exercises – Alternate Nostril Breathing Pose

Alternate nostril breathing pose

Alternate nostril breathing pose helps you relax and keep calm effectively. This breathing technique is particularly good to help people sleep better as it soothes the central nervous system.

– To practice this pose, you need to sit in a comfortable position, raise your left hand facing you and rest your right arm in your lap

– Taking a deep inhalation, then, exhale entirely

– Closing your left nostril with your left thumb

– Inhaling through your left nostril slowly

– Pausing after your inhalation

– Releasing your left nostril simultaneously and closing your right nostril with the ring finger

– Exhaling out of your left nostril

 – Inhaling through your left nostril

– Releasing your right nostril and close your left nostril.

– Exhaling out of your right nostril

– Repeating this performance until you feel more relaxed

– Ending with an exhalation out of your right nostril

6. Simple Yoga Exercises – Knee Bending Pose

Knee Bending Pose

– Sitting down and extending your legs, folding the left knee slowly into your chest, and keeping the right leg flexed and extended

– Clasping your two hands together under the left thigh closely to the knee.

– Inhaling and slowly extending the left leg upward until it is straight, then lowering it extendedly in front of the body

– Hovering a few inches above the floor

– Exhaling when folding your knee and bringing it back toward the chest

– Repeating this exercise, breathing 5 – 10 times before switching to the other leg

7. Simple Yoga Exercises –  Seated Heart Opener

Seated Heart Opener

This pose is really good for human health because the movement it brings about is the opposite of the hunched over position that a lot of people are in during the day.

– Sitting in a kneeling position if possible (if you cannot do this because of any knee issue, then you can sit with your legs extended out ahead)

– Putting hands on the ground behind with your palms on the floor and fingers facing away from the body

– Inhaling and lengthening your spine

– Exhaling and leaning backwards, “curling” the back, and lowering your head behind

– If you are on your knees, push the hips into your heels.

8. Simple Yoga Exercises – Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

This pose is extremely helpful for those people who bend over and lift things because it engages the muscles of your back in the opposite way with these kinds of activities. This pose can also help to stretch your abdominals, chest, and shoulders. To do this pose, you will need to follow these steps:

– Lying down on your tummy

– Putting the palms flat on the floor right besides your chest

– Keeping the elbows towards 2 separate sides, inhaling and lengthening your body while expanding the chest forward and raising your head up.

– Remembering to come up as far as you can and keeping your hips on the ground.

9. Simple Yoga Exercises – Plow Pose

Plow Pose

In fact, plow pose can help to stretch out your neck and back muscles, reduce physical tension, and help your body relax. To perform this pose:

– Lying down with your back on the floor

– Engaging your abdominal muscles to elevate your legs over the head till your toes touch the floor behind (if your toes cannot touch the floor, you need to do this pose against the wall to have your feet supported by the wall)

– If it is possible, interlace your fingers behind your back. Then, straighten your arms slowly. Besides, you need to keep arms at your sides and the palms facing downwards.

If you want to stop practicing the pose, you need to carefully and slowly roll out of it, one vertebra at a time.

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10. Simple Yoga Exercises – Reclined Spinal Twist (Right And Left)

Reclined spinal twist

– Lying flat on your back

– Bending your left knee in towards the chest and crossing it over the right side of the body

– To soften the stretch, you should place a pillow underneath your left knee

– Stretching your arms outwards, creating a T-shape with your body (you can also look to the left or keep your head facing up for deeper neck stretching)

– Repeating this pose on the opposite side

11. Simple Yoga Exercises – Reclined Butterfly

Reclined Butterfly

– Lying down on your back

– Putting a pillow lengthwise, underneath your spine

– Bringing the soles of your feet together until they touch and then let your knees gently drop to the sides

– Make sure to keep your hips off of the pillow

– Stretch your arms out to the side, away from your body, with your palms facing upwards

Besides, if you want to increase the intensity of the stretch in your hips, you can put a pillow underneath your knees.

12. Simple Yoga Exercises – Triceps Dips

Triceps Dips

– Putting your hands shoulder-width (about 16 inches) apart on a stable chair or a secured couch

– Sliding your butt off the front of the bench with your legs extended out in front of you

– Folding your elbows slowly to lower your body towards the floor until your elbows create a right angle

– When you reach the bottom of the movement, you need to press down into the couch to turn your elbows straight, then, return to the starting position

13. Simple Yoga Exercises – Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist

To perform this pose:

– Sitting on the left hip and swinging right leg forward

– Bending right knee over your left leg and placing right foot flat on floor.

– Resting the left elbow on outside of the right knee, raising left hand and pressing thumb and forefinger together.

– Lying your right hand on floor behind

– Inhaling, lifting torso, then exhaling, twisting further to right

– Holding the pose for 5 to 8 breaths.

– Returning to Child’s Pose and repeating the performance on the rest side.

14. Simple Yoga Exercises – Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose

– You will start by placing your feet spaced 3 – 4 feet apart with your arms loosely hanging at the sides.

– With palms facing downwards, gradually lifting your arms sidewise till both of them are at the shoulder height

– Firming your hands and arms

– Giving a mild downward push to your legs gradually by squeezing your thighs while your arms are at the higher position compared to your head

– You should keep your palms facing the front with fingers pointing to the ceiling above.

– Remain bending your knees while exhaling

– Keeping your chest forward and arms straight

– Staying in this pose for 3 – 6 seconds as you look forward

– Returning back while slowly exhaling

– Repeating this exercise for 10 – 12 times and closing at the initial standing position.

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15. Simple Yoga Exercises – Crescent Lunge

Crescent Lunge

– Practicing the downward dog pose

– Extending the left leg back behind you and swing it in between your hands, finding a deep crescent lunge pose

– Bending your front knee to reach a right angle

– Aligning your knee over the heel of your front foot directly

– Bringing your back knee to the mat and un-tuck your back toes

– Holding this shape for 5 deep breaths

– Reaching the arms forward for 5 breaths, then lifting the arms up above the head for 5 deep breaths

– Rolling the shoulders down the back and reaching back to make a fist with hands for 5 deep breaths

– Turning again to the downward dog pose and all arm variations of the crescent lunge on the right side.

16. Simple Yoga Exercises – Crocodile Pose

Crocodile Pose

Crocodile pose (or Makarasana) is one of the best poses which gives people of all ages mental peace. You should follow these steps to perform crocodile pose the right way:

– Lying flat on the stomach on yoga mat

– Relaxing your lower torso

– Bending both the hands from the elbow

– Placing the palms below the cheeks for support

– Raising your shoulder and neck

– Remaining conscious towards the body

– Keep adjusting the elbows so that tension is evenly spread out between the neck and the lower back

– Breathing deeply and closing your eyes

17. Simple Yoga Exercises – Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

– Start practicing Mountain Pose with your hands on your hips

– Exhaling when you bend forward at the hips, lengthening the front of your torso

– Bending your elbows and holding on to each elbow with the opposite hand

– Pressing your heels into the floor when you lift your sit bones toward the ceiling

– Turning the tops of your thighs slightly inward (remember not to lock your knees)

– If you can keep your knees straight and the front of your torso long, you should place your fingertips or palms on the floor besides your feet

– Putting your fingertips in an alignment with your toes and pressing your palms on the mat.

– Engaging the front thigh muscles and drawing them up toward the ceiling

– Bringing your weight to the balls of your feet

– Keeping your hips aligned over the ankles

– Lifting and lengthening your torso slightly with each inhalation

– Releasing deeper into the pose with each exhalation and letting your head hang

– Holding the pose for 1 minute.

– To release, placing your hands on your hips, then drawing down through your tailbone and keeping your back flat when you inhale and return to the mountain pose

– Repeating this exercise 5-10 times

18. Simple Yoga Exercises – Forward Bend With Fists

Forward Bend With Fists

This pose is especially great if you do it at work or whenever you are feeling exhausted, and you want to get everything back on track right away.

– After your twist, swinging your legs off the bed and standing with bent legs

– Making fists and placing them in the opposite elbows

– Folding over your bent legs, and leting your back, shoulders, and head completely relaxed.

– Breathing, feeling any unwanted tension draining into the floor

– Keeping the pose for up to 1 minute, then roll to stand slowly and reaching overhead to get a full body-stretching inhale

19. Simple Yoga Exercises – Seated Eagle

Seated Eagle

– Rolling onto your left side slowly and gently pressing up into a cross-legged simple seat

– Wraping your left elbow over your right, bending the arms, and touching right fingers towards the left palm

– Lifting your elbows to shoulder height, but dropping the shoulders

– Keeping a long spine, and after a few breaths, try rounding the spine, chin to chest to stretch your upper back

– Taking 5-10 breaths, then uncross arms and repeating with the right elbow on top

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20. Simple Yoga Exercises – Mermaid Pose

Mermaid pose

This pose is simple. You just need to roll up to your knees, sit on one side, stretch your top arm over the ear, and stay 5-8 breaths. Come back to your kneeling position and switch to the other side.

21. Simple Yoga Exercises –  Supported Shoulderstand

Supported Shoulderstand

– Taking the pillow from behind your head and bending your knees to lift hips and place the pillow underneath.

– To fully detox, you must elevate your hips and legs above the heart, heart above your head

– Lifting your legs into the air, or resting them on the wall to support

– Holding on for at least 10 breaths

22. Simple Yoga Exercises – Plank Pose

Plank Pose

– Getting into pushup position on the floor

– Bending your elbows 90 degrees and resting your weight on the forearms (your body should form a straight line from the head to feet, and your elbows should be directly beneath your shoulders)

– Holding the position for as long as possible

23. Simple Yoga Exercises – Lunges Pose

Lunges pose

– Keeping your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed and chin up.

– Pushing the back heel away and encouraging both the hips to drop down low, while lifting the chest and pushing it forwards

– Push the front knee forwards as far as it will go without any strain

– Lifting your the head and looking forwards

– Holding for a few breaths before returning to Standing Forward Bend and repeat with the opposite leg.

24. Simple Yoga Exercises – Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

May be this is one of the most common poses out there.

To practice this pose:

– Starting on all fours with your knees directly under your hips and the hands underneath your shoulders

– Placing palms flat on the yoga mat and lift your knees away from the floor by your fingers

– Straightening your legs while pushing your tailbone to the sky (remember to keep your core pulled in)

– Straightening your legs as much as possible and attempting to stretch your heels to the floor as much as you can

– Keeping your shoulder blades back, relaxing your neck, and holding this pose for 5-10 breaths

– Releasing from the downward facing dog pose and turning to practice child’s pose before repeating the whole exercise

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25. Simple Yoga Exercises – Upward Facing Dog

Upward Facing Dog

Lie facedown on the floor with your thumbs under shoulders, legs extended with the tops of your feet on the floor. Tuck your hips downward as you squeeze your glutes. Keep your shoulders down, push up and lift your chest off the ground. Relax and repeat.

26. Simple Yoga Exercises – Camel Pose

Camel Pose

This pose helps to free the energy in your throat, heart, and chest.

– To get into the pose, you should start with your body in the kneeling position

– Gradually bending your upper torso backward until your arms are extended backward

– Getting your hands touched the soles of the feet and your head completely extended

– Holding for 30 seconds to one minute

27. Simple Yoga Exercises – Standing Backbend And Side Stretches

As soon as you wake up, you should try to get outside. Or else, you can open a window, breathe some fresh air and practice this pose to energize your day:

– Inhaling your arms up straight and bend back slightly to feel elongation throughout your entire body

– Exhaling and letting a hand slide down the side of your body with the other hand still raising

– Relaxing your head and neck, feeling an even deeper stretch in the ribs and side body

– Repeat this 5 times on each side.

28. Simple Yoga Exercises – Tree Pose

Tree pose

– With feet hip distance apart, spreading your toes wide to stand yourself firmly on the ground

– Bringing the hands to heart’s center or onto the hips

– Inhaling to bring one foot up, placing it either on the calf or the thigh

– Keeping the core engaged

– If you can balance well, you should stay here for 5 rounds of breath

– Exhaling to place the foot on the ground slowly, switching legs

29. Simple Yoga Exercises – Extended Side Angle Pose

Extended Side Angle Pose

This pose is another standing yoga position that will help you to improve strength, posture, and flexibility. The extended side angle pose is extremely good to strengthen your legs and stretch the side of your body. To practice this pose, you should:

– Spreading your legs wide towards 2 separate sides of your body

– Turning your torso sideways with one arm pointing to the ceiling and the head looking upward

– Bending the right knee, then you will have your left arm reaching up to create a straight line and your right palm planted on the ground outside the knee from your left foot all the way up the side to your left arm

– Holding for about one minute and then repeating on the other side

30. Simple Yoga Exercises – CatCow Pose

Cat – Cow Pose

This is one of the most interesting yoga exercises that I introduce in this article.

Cat – Cow Pose is a wonderful stretch for your back in the morning.

– While gazing up at the ceiling, you should lie down your back towards the floor as you inhale

– While looking down at your belly button, arching your back up as a cat and exhaling

– Coming down onto the hands and knees

– Making sure that the wrists are directly below the shoulders and the fingers are spread widely

– Keeping the knees in a hip distance apart and the tops of the feet are on the ground, the big toes are touching

– Inhaling into cow with your head and tailbone lift up, dropping the stomach towards the ground, heart extending forward

– Exhaling into cat (arching the spine upwards, tucking the chin towards your chest, drawing the navel in towards the spine)

– Continuing this for 2-3 minutes, slowly moving at first and steadily increasing your speed as you gain flexibility.

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31. Simple Yoga Exercises – Warrior I

Warrior I

The warrior I pose is a standing position that can stimulate and signify strength

– You will start by standing up straight, and then stepping your right leg back 3 and a half to 4 feet

– Bending your left knee so it is directly above the ankle, and turning your right foot in slightly

– Raising your arms directly above you, reaching strongly and looking up

– Holding the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute before repeating it, reversing leg positions

32. Simple Yoga Exercises – Warrior II

Warrior II

Warrior II is pretty same with Warrior II, but the arms are held out to the side with your head looking forward, and the back foot is at a right angle, not slightly turned in. You can do several morning stretches within 20 minutes or you can also practice meditation and have a morning yoga session, which lasts at least one hour.

33. Simple Yoga Exercises – Warrior III

Warrior II

This pose is extremely good for women who want to lose weight and get in shape quickly.

– Standing on one straight leg, leaning forward with your chest till it is aligned with your lifted back leg and parallel to the ground

– Extending your upper chest and gazing forward when flexing your back foot, straighten your leg and all of your toes pointing down

– Staying here or extending your arms straight out in front of you and keeping them shoulder-width apart or joining your palms together

– Holding this for 8 breaths

34. Simple Yoga Exercises – Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

– With your knees folded, pressing your feet into the floor when you lift your hips

– Clasping your hands under your lower back and pressing your arms down for help

– Lifting your hips till they are parallel to the ground when you bring your chest to your chin

35. Simple Yoga Exercises – Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

To practice this pose, you will need to start with the warrior pose on your right side without lunging into your knee.

– Reaching up to the ceiling with your left hand

– Turning your gaze toward and past your left hand to stretch your back (you should not forget to switch to the other side)

– Placing your left foot forward and your right foot behind to keep your feet about 3 – 4 feet apart

– Rotating your feet outward slightly

– Holding your arms out to the side and squaring your hips forward.

– Exhaling while bending forward from the hips and rotating your torso to the left, keeping your belly pulled in.

– Placing your right hand on the floor on the outside of your left foot and stretching your left arm over your head, looking upward if possible

– Holding for 3 breaths

– Straightening and repeating on the opposite leg

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36. Simple Yoga Exercises – Seated Twist

Seated Twist

This pose is very charming at all. To do this, you will need to stretch your knee and thigh on each side.

– Sitting on the floor and extending your legs

– Crossing your left foot over the outside of your right thigh

– Bending your right knee while keeping your left knee pointed toward ceiling

– Keeping your left hand on the floor behind to stabilize your body and placing your right elbow to the outside of your left knee

– Twisting to the left as far as possible and moving from your abdomen

– Making sure to keep both sides of your butt on the floor

– Switching to the other side and doing it again

37. Simple Yoga Exercises – Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose

– Starting in a push-up position when your palms under your shoulders

– Placing your right knee on the floor near your shoulders with your right heel by your left hip

– Pressing your hands to the floor and sitting back with your chest lifted (you can also lower your chest closer to the floor to get a stretch)

– Switching to the other side and doing it again

38. Simple Yoga Exercises – Crow Pose

Crow Pose

– To start this yoga exercise, you will need to practice the downward facing dog pose

– Stretching your feet forward until knees touch your arms

– Bending your elbows and lifting your heels off the floor

– Resting your knees against the outside of your upper arms

– Engaging your abs and pressing your legs against arms

You can place your toes on the floor. Or else, if you are professional, you can lift them off and hover. To do this, you should attempt to keep tucked tight, with your heels close to the butt. If you are ready, you can push your upper arms against your shins and draw your inner groins deep into the pelvis to aid you in lifting your body up.

39. Simple Yoga Exercises – Legs Up the Wall

Legs Up the Wall

The tight legs, swollen ankles, and stiff lower backs of desk-dwellers will find comfort in this simple but important posture:

– Lying down on the floor so that you are perpendicular to an empty wall

– Placing your legs on the wall and scooting your hips as towards where the wall and carpet meet together, stretching your legs up the wall as far as possible

– Placing your arms by your sides with the palms facing upwards

– Closing your eyes and taking deep, cleansing breaths

40. Simple Yoga Exercises – Chair Pose

Chair Pose

To practice this pose, you should follow these steps carefully:

– You should start standing with your feet together

– Bending your knees and dropping your hips while brining your weight into the heels

– Dropping your tailbone, firming your front ribs in, and lifting your arms up shoulder-width apart

– Keeping your shoulders relaxed in their sockets, and rotating the outer edges of your arms inward to broaden your upper back

– Gazing upwards

– Holding for 8 breaths

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41. Simple Yoga Exercises – Revolved Half Moon

Revolved Half Moon

You need to start this position in a standing forward bend. Then:

– Placing your fingertips on the floor and sweeping your right leg up to a right angle behind or enter from Warrior III, placing your fingertips onto the ground

– Keeping your hips square and moving your base fingertips under the shoulder

– Revolving your chest towards your standing leg and firming your base shoulder blade to open the chest

– Reaching your top arm up till it points straight to ceiling

– Stacking your shoulders while keeping your hips square

– Holding for 8 breaths

42. Simple Yoga Exercises – Side Leg Lift

Side Leg Lift

As other yoga exercises, performing this pose will help to stretch ligaments, muscles, and tendons, which remove lactic acid and alleviate pain and stiffness.

This pose is developing from the standing forward bend. To do this, you should start with the standing forward fold.

– Hooking one of your big toes and keeping your other hand on fingertips on the ground

– Stacking your shoulder over fingertips and lifting your leg and big toe up to the side, so it will have to be parallel (or close) to the ground

– Firming and straightening your standing hip as the other leg goes higher

– Holding for 8 breaths

43. Simple Yoga Exercises – Leg In V Pose

Leg In V Pose

To increase the flexibility of your legs, you should try practicing the Legs in V pose regularly:

– Sitting on the floor with your legs spread apart in a V shape comfortably

– It does not matter if the V shape is not that wide to start with. This is really important for you to stretch comfortably

– Grabbing a bunch of firm pillows and placing them in front of your body

– Leaning forward, keeping your neck long, and using a pillow to support your upper body

– Breathing 6 times, allowing yourself to hang and feel the stretch along the legs.

44. Simple Yoga Exercises – Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose
This is one of the most interesting and relaxing yoga exercises that you can practice to strengthen your back and improve your joint. To perform this pose:

– Lying down on your back and hugging your knees into the chest

– Separating your knees and bringing each ankle directly over its knee so that the shins are perpendicular to the floor

– Flexing your feet and holding onto them from the outside when you draw your knees downward

– Rolling a bit on your sacrum side to side if it feels comfortable

– Resisting the urge to put your toes in your mouth

– After five breaths, stretching your legs out on the floor and rest

45. Simple Yoga Exercises – Head To Knee Pose

Head To Knee Pose

This pose will need you to make a bit more efforts because your back will need to be stretched and you may feel strained.

– Sitting and bending your left leg

– Bringing the sole of the left foot inside your right thigh

– Using the same technique to deepen the pose using your breath

– After five breaths, sitting up and switching legs

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46. Simple Yoga Exercises – Staff Pose

Staff Pose

– After catching your breath, swing your legs around so that they are outstretched in front of you

– This is the seated equivalent of mountain pose, in that it seems very simple but has a lot going on

– Your legs will stay strong with the feet flexed

– The shoulders stack over the hips so that the spine is straight and long

– The arms may be straight or slightly bent

47. Simple Yoga Exercises – Garland Pose

Garland Pose

This is a position that is quite natural for children but we lose the knack for it as adults. It will be great for your hips and to counteract the effects of too much sitting in chairs and riding in cars. To do this pose:

– Moving your feet out to the edges of your mat and bend your knees, coming into a squat

– If it is necessary, your toes should turn out

– If your heels do not reach the floor, you should take a rolled up blanket under them

II. Yoga Exercises Kids Love

Yoga Exercises Kids Love

In fact, my article is about the best yoga exercises that everyone can and should practice every day because of their good effects on human health and overall life. Besides, the following part I want to give you additional simple yoga exercises especially designed for kids.

1. Sunrise/Sunset Pose

This is one of the excellent stretch yoga exercises that can warm up your child and make them interested in doing yoga. To start this pose, you need to tell your child to stand up straight, then, teach your child the ways to breathe deeply.

– On an inhale, having your child bring their arms up high above them and imagining that they are the sun rising high in the sky

– Making sure they plant their feet firmly into the ground

– On an exhale, they can bring their arms back to their sides

– Repeating this 5-10 times.

After completing the sunrise pose, your child will need to do the sunset pose. After breathing in deeply, you should tell them to imagine that they are diving into a pool, raising the shoulders and bending deeply at the hips to touch the ground. This will make them look like the setting sun. This is exactly one of the most interesting yoga exercises that you should encourage your child to perform every day.

2. Frog Pose

Frog Pose

Frog pose is an excellent pose that gives your children fun, laugh, creativity, and hip flexibility.

– Your child should start on the mat by standing with his or her feet hip-width distance apart.

– While breathing out, your child should bring his body down into a deep squat

– Bringing the hands in and wrapping them around the back of the feet to resemble a frog. They should remember to tighten their biceps to the calves and inner thighs for improving the stretch

– You can also make it fun by telling your children to let out a few frog hops or “rib bit” sounds.

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3. Butterfly Pose

butterfly pose kids

Doing this pose is a great way that helps you to promote your child’s imagination and posture by strengthening their upper back muscles:

– Let your child start by sitting on the ground, holding their feet tightly and bringing their legs downward so that their feet are touching at the soles

– Telling your child to sit up straight and imagine that there are long butterfly wings are raising from their back

– You can increase the visualization by telling your kids to describe the color and motion of the wings and the flight of the butterfly.

All of the above yoga exercises are backed by science and proven good for human health. I have studied them for a long time, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to improve health by practicing yoga in a regular basis.

4. Starfish


Kids like to have a challenge, so give them a chance to perform this balancing Yoga pose for strengthening their core and arms. Start in the Down Dog pose. Step the right foot forward 2 inches. Next, plant a sole of the right foot on the mat while the toes are forward the left. Then, roll to the right side and lift the left hand off the ground. Raise the left leg up. Stay balanced for 3 to 5 seconds. Actually, this pose is not easy for kids to practice. But kids will love it because they love the name of this pose and want to learn to be a starfish.

5. Dancer

Most girls love dancing and this pose is really interesting for little kids who always dream of being princesses and dancing with prices. In fact, this dancer pose can help kids to have balance on their legs, strengthen their quads while building flexibility in their spine.

Stand with the 2 feet. Bend the right knee; hold onto the right foot with the right hand. Lean forward, then kick the right foot away as you extend the left hand to balance the body. Kids find this pose fun to twirl around. Remember to remind kids balancing on their left legs, too.

6. Boat Pose

Boat Pose

This pose is performed without holding onto the feet, and it is easier for children to balance. The pose benefits kids to tone their abs. To start, let kids sit on their tush, then bend the knees have the balance on the bum while holding onto the big toes. When kids feel stable, ask them to straighten their legs.

This pose seems simple, but it’s not easy to perform as it require intense arms and tush workouts. Let kids start by sitting with their 2 legs together. Place the palms behind the hips about 6 to 8 inches away, the fingers are pointing toward the toes. Press into the feet, lift the hips off the floor and gazing behind them. In this pose, kids tend to slide down their body at the playground. If they perform it too hard, it’s no problem for them to bend the knees.

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7.  Down Dog


Down dog

Kids can hang out in this pose naturally though it is an advanced pose for adults. From the standing position, ask kids to stand with their 2 feet. Spread the toes and balance the 2 feet. Keep the back straight. Next, hinge forward to the waist; plant the palms flat on the ground, let the fingers point forward and bend the knees. Step the foot back. The hands are beneath the shoulders and the palms flat on the ground. Lift the hips toward until the body become the inverted “v”. press the chest toward the knee. Keep the eyes on toes. Press the heels toward the ground. Try to breathe deeply. Depending on the kid’s flexibility, they can bend to touch the ground with heels or not. Don’t try to do too hard as it can cause some muscle pain, after then.

If you feel these Yoga exercises for women to do at home or work that I offer in this article are interesting and useful for you, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

If you feel the yoga exercises I offer in this article are interesting and useful for you, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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