Rexadrene Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This product claims to enlarge your penis – which is medically impossible. And not all of its ingredients are backed by science. Read on for more about this disappointing product:

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Rexadrene Overview

Rexadrene is a sexual performance pill for men. Created by CybexBiotech, this supplement is mainly supposed to make men’s erections stronger. It also claims to improve stamina during sex, as well as last longer while having intercourse, and to increase penis size.

The product consists mostly of natural ingredients, and since it doesn’t contain any drugs, it’s available without a prescription. It’s offered at $39.95 for one bottle, which should last about a month with regular use.

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Rexadrene Claims

Rexadrene goes pretty hard on their marketing and pulls no punches. While they start off by making promises about the product being able to increase blood flow to the penis for harder and longer-lasting erections, they pivot very quickly to what they hope will convince men to buy their product: that it will make their penises bigger. They say that the combination of ingredients in the product makes it swell the penis so powerfully that the tissues in the penis physically grow and expand, creating a larger penis than before.

They also say it increases sensitivity, allowing men to feel more pleasure during sex, and have larger, more intense orgasms.

The website for this product explains these ideas very weakly, and says that you’d need a degree in chemistry to understand exactly how their formula works – telling us we wouldn’t understand is a bad excuse – and they choose instead to fill their descriptions with exclamation points, bold language. They say things about how average-sized men will get walked over by women (while men with “a big cock” will finally get their respect), and how it’s a “mistake” to try and convince a women to like you, when it’s better to have a large penis instead.

The overall tone from this company is over-the-top, vulgar, and almost insulting as they try and scare men into thinking that they’ll never have success with women with an average-sized penis. Not to mention the fact that, as we will see, “growing” a larger penis is physically impossible.

It’s clear from their focus on penis size and how men desperately need to be larger in order to have relationships with women (as opposed to focusing on sexual performance) that this product is being marketed primarily as a penis-enhancer. This is counter to most similar products, which are content to market themselves simply as ways for men to beat erectile dysfunction. They should have stuck with focusing on libido and erection strength.

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Rexadrene Ingredients

Rexadrene has a small list of ingredients, mostly from plant sources. Here are the ones they provided:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-citrulline
  • Long Jack
  • Arginine
  • Tribulus Aquaticus

Tribulus terrestris is a natural herb that’s been used as a way to balance hormone production. Because it has an effect on availability of testosterone, Rexadrene claims that tribulus helps with increasing the size of the penis. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how this ingredient works (or how testosterone works, either). Instead, it’s typically used as a way to regulate hormones, and to increase circulation in general, so men with low levels of testosterone can get more flowing through their system.

The amino acid L-Citruline converts to l-arginine when metabolized in the body, increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the blood. This substance then dilates the blood vessels and allows for more blood to pass through them.

Long Jack  is another term for tongkat ali, a Southeast Asian herb that has been used for centuries as a sex drive enhancer. It’s supposed to work by promoting testosterone, the hormone responsible for the desire for sex.

Tribulus aquaticus is used in Ayurvedic Indian medicine for several purposes, including (according to health site LiveStrong) as an anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever. One thing it’s not associated with? Sexual activity. We’re not sure why this company chose to include this ingredient when it’s not widely-known to do the one thing the company claims it does.

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The Science Behind Rexadrene

While L-Arginine does legitimately convert to nitric oxide (partly why it’s a common blood circulation ingredient), and tribulus terrestris has been thought to have effects on hormonal balance in both men and women, the overall quality of this product is suspect.

Tribulus terrestris has been used for stamina in athletes, but not as a way to increase penis size, as this company claims. Rexadrene also fails to provide any studies to back up this assertion. Tribulus aquaticus is also a problem for this company, as our sources said nothing about it being used to increase testosterone – only to help with pain and inflammation!

Basically what we have here is a pill that contains ingredients that will promote blood circulation and blood vessel dilation. While there’s nothing wrong with this, per se, the company isn’t marketing it for that purpose – they’re marketing it as a way to make you penis bigger. And that’s where this company has a huge problem.

Back in the 2000s, a company called Enzyte grew famous for claiming their pills would make men’s penises bigger. Remember the “Smiling Bob” commercials? That was them. They were eventually charged with fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering charges, and fined $500 million. Their owner, Steve Warshak, went to prison. He’s still there, as of the writing of this article. That’s how serious people have taken fraudulent claims like this. Honestly, men all over should really beware of products that make claims like this.

Part of why they got taken down is because they lied to their customers, saying their pill would increase penis size. Why is that a problem, though? There is no way to increase the size of a man’s penis through a pill. This is according to an article over at Men’s Health (“Do Penis Enlargement Products EVER Work?
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”) where a urologist at the University of Washington Men’s Health Center was interviewed about these scam products that take advantage of insecure men and try and sell them something that promises to do something biologically-impossible.
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Word on the Street about Rexadrene

Rexadrene has some testimonials on its website, but since such testimonials are usually screened for how good they make products look, we went with what people have said on Amazon, so that we could get a more neutral source of customer impressions. We checked, and it turns out that the results aren’t great:

“Didn’t work like it said it would! Waste of money.”

“Hasn’t done anything for me yet.”

“This boosted my mood, made me more energetic!” (Why doesn’t he say anything about erections, stamina, or penis size?
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“Worked for me! My girl and I went for seven hours.”

“This is a placebo. Worthless.”

The customer reviews speak for themselves. When the majority of people say that your product doesn’t work, you’ve got a huge problem. There also aren’t enough reviews – many products have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of reviews. Those are the kind of numbers you need to really make an impression and give people something to chew on, and right now there isn’t much.

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Is Rexadrene Worth a Try?

Customers for the most part aren’t sold on this product. In spite of a few sporadic positive reviews, most people seem not to have gotten anything out of these pills. Combine that with bogus science about making penises bigger and a manipulative marketing scheme, and you’ve got yourself a product that doesn’t look very impressive. People don’t want to be talked to like they’re idiots, and this product majorly mis-stepped by constantly emphasizing how men won’t be taken seriously unless their penis is enormous. Plenty of studies have already refuted that, and it just makes this company look sad and desperate.

Men who want more help in the bedroom should look to other products that do what they claim to do, and have an established history of customer support and satisfaction. Have a little respect for yourself. Don’t go with trash like Rexadrene.

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Rexadrene vs SizeGenix

Rexadrene and SizeGenix are both natural supplements, and both contain herbal extracts that have been used as aphrodisiacs in natural medicine. They also cost the same, with a one month supply going for $39.95 and a three-month supply costing $79.95, so cost-wise you’re out the same amount of money. Rexadrene looks like it contains more ingredients, so it’s possible you’re getting more product for your buck, but that doesn’t take into account dosage sizes.

Rexadrene vs Rexavar

Despite the similar names, these products are a little different from the other. While they’re both based in herbal medicine, they contain different amounts – Rexadrene contains nine or ten ingredients, while it looks like Rexavar only has five. They also cost the same, about $40 for a month’s supply. It was hard to figure out exactly what Rexavar’s return policy is – they say that it’s “iron-clad” but don’t specify how long you have to return, and likewise Rexadrene makes it hard to determine how long this period lasts. They look to be of roughly-equal quality, that is to say, not much.

Rexadrene vs Vigrx

These products are fairly similar, in that they’re both based on natural ingredients. Vigrx, however, specifies the length of time their refund period lasts (60 days) while Rexadrene does not. Vigrx also seems to have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, something that can’t be said for Rexadrene. Both products make similar claims, in that they’re both supposed to increase a man’s libido and sexual stamina, but Rexadrene claims to make the penis bigger, while Vigrx just claims it helps with a man’s sex life.

Rexadrene FAQ

  1. Where to buy Rexadrene?
    You can buy Rexadrene on Amazon, as well as from the product’s main website.
  2. Does Rexadrene have customer reviews?
    Yes, but many of them are pretty poor.
  3. Does Rexadrene have side effects?
    We didn’t see any side effects associated with this product.
  4. How long does it take for Rexadrene to work?
    This product promises very quick results, and claims that benefits can be seen as soon as the evening you take it.
  5. Do you know how to take Rexadrene?
    You take this product by mouth, two pills per day. Each bottle is supposed to contain a one-month supply.
  6. What are the ingredients in Rexadrene?
    Tribulus Terrestris, L-citrulline, Long Jack, Arginine, Tribulus Aquaticus.
  7. Does Rexadrene give results?
    As far as we can tell, many people have not seen results from this product.
  8. What is the phone number for Rexadrene?
  9. What is the Rexadrene website?
  10. Are there before and after photos for Rexadrene?
    We haven’t seen any before and after photos, and if there were any, the website would definitely have to be X-rated.

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So What Really Works?

So Rexadrene is a bust. What else can you try? Well, out of all the male sexual enhancement supplements we’ve reviewed, Viritenz is the most impressive one by far. It has a formula of natural, well-known ingredients, and it’s clean, having been made in a GMP-certified facility. That stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, so you know that it’s going to be high-quality and come taint-free and residue-free. It also promises no side effects, which is amazing especially when you consider that drug-based products for sexual enhancement like Viagra come with major side effects (like deafness and blindness!)

When taken as directed, Viritenz can help men to not only get stronger and longer-lasting erections, but to also have more confidence with their sexual partners when it comes to lovemaking. To read more about Viritenz, and how it can help men get their groove back, click here.

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