Top 17 Uses Of Vaseline For Beauty And Skin Care

Vaseline has been considered one of the indispensable cosmetics of people who love beautifying their appearance because it brings about several of beauty effects, from softening the lips to brighten the skin. Today, in this article, I will introduce 17 most common beauty uses of vaseline and uses of Vaseline on skin that will be very effective for you to beautify your appearance and make your life more convenient.

1. Highlighter


This is the first out of the most common beauty uses of Vaseline for you. This cheap product is a must-have for everyone. You should apply some vaseline under your eyes and on your cheeks to get a dewy and cleanfacelook. In fact, Vaseline has many benefits that will help you pamper yourself or “rescue” you from a sticky situation. Vaseline can be an useful replacement ofmany beauty products and will help you save a lot of money. People should stock up vaseline because it will come in handy.

2. Clean The Gum Stuck In Your Hair

clean the gum stuck in your hair download

This is also one of the most popular beauty uses of Vaseline that not many people know. You should do this right after the gum has gotten stuck and remember to be patient with this process. If some of your hairpieces are stuck in gum, you just need to rub vaseline in the area where the gum stick and it will slide right off.

3. Inserting Earrings inserting earrings Have you ever experienced this vexatious situation? When you want to wear a pair of earrings that have not been used for a long time, this terrible circumstance will happen. Forsome people, this situation can happen when theychange their earrings for the first time. They might feel painful when trying to insert them into their ears.Vaseline will help to make earring insertion pain-free and much easier! This goes for any piercings, not just ears! 4.Hair Dye Stains hair dye stains Most women dye their hair at least once time in their life. Some women even change their hair color time to time. The colour may look cool but what you do not want is the dye dying around your hairline and your forehead. To escape from this terrible issue, you just need to apply vaseline before you start dying your hair. The result should be your hair looks amazing and your skin free of dye.This is also one of the uses of Vaseline that not many people know.

5. Eyelash Glue

eyelash glue
This may sound strange but there is a fact that Vaseline can be a beauty assistant when it comes to the situation when you are stuck with a sticky thing like eyelash glue. It is very difficult for you to get off eyelash glue especially when it stayswith you throughout the day. To be free from sticky eyelash glue, you should apply some vaseline on the needed area and rub it along the lash line to remove it easier.

6. Remove Stains remove stains One of the best uses of Vaseline for every family is to remove stains. You should use it to remove makeups (especially lipsticks) from clothes. You can also use Vaseline to remove dry paint streaks by softening them with Vaseline and then use turpentine to remove them. However, Vaseline can also leave their own stains. Do not worry about this. You just need to use a little soap or dishwashing liquid to remove them immediately. 7. Split Ends split ends Girls are always looking for ways to make the hair look more beautiful, bright, and shiny. One of the greatestbeauty usesof Vaseline is that you can use it to make up a gentle layer that nourishesyour hair. Split ends can be quite noticeable depending on how long it has been since a trim. To hide split ends, your just need toapply a small amount of vaseline to the ends of your hair. You can also put a little Vaseline on your hands and claws onto your hair to get shinier hair.

8. After Shaving

after shaving

After you shave, you should also apply some vaseline to the shaved area.This can help to smoothen and soothe your skin effectively. This is also one of the best uses of Vaseline on skin you should remember and make use of!
9. Moisturize Skin

moisturize skin

This odorless, tasteless wax can osmosis quickly on the lips or hands. Vaseline is very famous for its ability to moisturize the skin as it provides moisture without leaving a greasy or oily skin. You should always keep a small tube of Vaseline in your wallet to be able to save your lips in emergency cases or simply apply one layer on your lips at night to wake up with sexy soft and filled lips. In addition, it can be used to soften the elbows, knees, and heels in winter.

10. Wash Off Make-Up wash off make-up As I mentioned in a tip above, Vaseline can remove even some of the most stubborn makeup!And this use will not for your clothes: it is for your skin itself. You may not want to sleep at night with the stubborn makeup layers that cannot be completely removed. For this situation, you just need to rub the needed area until it comes off then wash it off with lukewarm water. 11. Emergency Make-Up emergency make-up Just used the last of your blush, lipstick, oreye-shadow? Do not worry, just takean old lipstick or some food-colouring shade and mix some them with vaseline. Add the amount of color depending on how dramatic you want. After that, you can immediately apply this healthy lipstick to the area your want on your face (lips or cheeks).

12. Long, Full Lashes

long, full lashes

To get long, gorgeous eyelashes, you just need to take an old mascara brush, wash it clean, and cover it with vaseline. You should ensure to have no make-up on and apply it to your lashes with mascara. You can do this trick on the days when you are lazy at home or just want to lay in bed. You will see desirable result within just a short time!

13. Chapped Lips chapped lips Vaseline is one of the best moisturisers ever and it can also act as a great lip balm. For getting rid of chapped lips, you just need to buy a small tub of Vaseline and carry around in your bag for those times where your lips feel chapped. Remember to apply this cream before going out in the winter to relieve the pain of chapped lips and protect your lips against the dry weather. 14. Long-Lasting Perfume long-lasting perfume This unwell-known little secret is also one of the greatest beauty uses of Vaseline. To ensure your perfume scent can be stored longer, you should take a little bit of Vaseline to the skin and apply it before you apply perfume. This will help the scent last much longer compared to normal. Vaseline can partially retain aroma and allow it to be spread throughout the day. Vaseline can not only save the perfume scent longer but also moisturize your wrist. Two great uses in a small tube of wax!

15. Exfoliation


Does anyone still need the too expensive exfoliating creams when you can do it yourself with a little Vaseline and sea salt?
Pour a small cup of coarse sea salt or brown sugar into a large jar of Vaseline to form a type of exfoliation that is very cheap and easy to implement. You can use this homemade exfoliating cream to scrub dead cells. It can be used for years, and you can also use it to exfoliate your lips.

16. Reduce Swelling, Rash

reduce swelling, rash

If you have problems with swelling in the thigh in the summer, you just need to apply a little amount of Vaseline on your thigh to prevent swelling and inflammation. One of the greatest uses of Vaseline on skin is to avoid rashes. For good, you can apply a little amount of this cream on your neck to avoid rash from neck shirt or elsewhere rash can form.

17. Brighten Teeth

brighten teeth

For getting strong and shiny teeth, you just need to mix a small amount of Vaseline with sugar and use this mixture to brush your teeth instead of toothpaste. You will be surely amazed because of the quick effect after just one night. 

This is the list of 17 uses of Vaseline for beauty & skin that are very useful and simple to remember for my readers who are visiting

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