Top 8 Common Marital Problems After Baby Born And Solutions

common marital problems after baby

For everybody, having a baby will be a miracle. Although you have a boy or a girl, he or she will be the same as an angel from the heaven. However, there are a lot of couples that have to face many marital problems after baby. You, as well as your family members such as your parents and your husband, have to change the routine. Furthermore, you sometimes have to deal with these problems.

Thus, today, is going to present to you some marital problems after baby born and the solutions for each problem. Now what you need to do is to sit down or lie down comfortably and continue reading it.

8 Common Marital Problems After Baby Born And Solutions

1. Housework

marital problems after baby - housework

One of the common marital problems after baby born is the housework. Before you had a baby, you still washed the clothes, washed dishes, cleaned the house, cooked meals and a lot of different loathsome household tasks. However, there were not so many things which you had to do so quickly. Now when you have a baby, you are not able to delay doing the household chores. Furthermore, after you have a baby, your domestic tasks double up. You still do your housework such as cooking meals, buying some foods for your family and your baby, cleaning your house meanwhile you have to do take care of the baby such as feeding the baby, playing with the baby and so on. The more household chores you have to do, the more bickering you will have. Why is it said like that? While you have to do all household chores but your husband doesn’t do anything to help you without watching TV, playing games or drinking, you will feel terrible. Sometimes, you may have a row with your husband because of this problem. In general, women tend to consider if they say what will need taking care of, the different people will be willing to do it. However, men usually respond better to the direct requests. Therefore, in order to deal with this problem, you can ask your husband to help you with doing the housework or at least taking care of the baby by talking to him directly or posting a list of the daily chores on the refrigerator so he will know what he needs to do.

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2. Couples In The Trench

One of the serious marital problems after baby which you may face is that you may feel like being on the trench. Sometimes, you may hate your husband a little bit. Probably, “hate” is a strong word; however, you may find yourself surly with your husband more than the time before you have an infant. Furthermore, you sometimes despise the way which he follows to fasten the diaper, mix a bottle or wash the whites. In addition, before you had a baby, you and your husband had the romantic time. You used to have a dinner with your husband in the romantic restaurant under the candles. You used to go to the cinema with your husband. However, everything changes when your baby appears. You have to do everything including going to work, taking care of your baby, doing the housework and so on. Occasionally, your relationship is boring and exhausting. Besides that, different thought between you and your husband is also the reason which makes you feel that your relationship is in the trench. Thus, in order to deal with this problem, you ought to share your thought, your feeling as well as your work with your partner.

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3. Money

marital problems after baby - money

After you have got married, money is the serious problem more than you thought. Although you had worked and earned a lot of money and even more than your husband, you had to stay at home after you gave a birth. However, you still have to pay for everything consisting of childcare. For example, you must buy a new baby’s bed, decorate the baby’s room, buy baby’s food such as milk powder, snack powder, vitamins or buy the disposable napkin as well as the safe toys for your baby. In addition, you still spend money on paying the electricity bill, gas bill, water bill along with the different things which are necessary for you and your family.

There is no doubt that money is one of the common and biggest marital problems after baby which you may face. Nevertheless, there are several solutions in order to solve this financial problem. One of the best solutions is that when you and your husband are still working, you ought to try living on by using the salary of one person. And then you ought to open a separate account for your paycheck which you will be saving. And of course, you should cook meals instead of going out for meals. Maybe you ought to spend less money on going to the cinema, buying clothes or having a vacation in other places than you used to do.

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4. Sex

Another matter which is also mentioned as one of the common marital problems after baby born is sex. As you can see, sex is an important thing in your conjugal life. Of course, you are in love and you aren’t in the mood for being nude under your cover. Hence, step one is to get in that mood. And as you know, the best way is to plan to spend time on having sex. But in fact, after you have a baby, you usually feel stressful and tired because you have to work all day as well as take care of your baby. That’s why it makes you not want to have sex. As a result, your conjugal life becomes more different and even worse.

Therefore, you may make date for sex. That must be very funny but it is very effective. Remember that when you are planning to have a date, make sure that you think about when and where you may have sex beforehand. Because of getting married, it doesn’t mean you cannot make a hot date. Now what you need to do is to get a sitter, shave the legs as well as flirt a little. And the important thing which may help you to have a wonderful date for sex is that your bedroom is baby – free at that bedtime.

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5. Parenting Styles

marital problems after baby - parenting styles

When talking about the common marital problems after baby born, it will be a mistake if this article does not mention the parenting styles. It is said that your parenting styles may cancel each other out. It is also very nice to think that you would share the child – rearing philosophies; however, it is usually hard to guess how you will feel about discipline, sleep and food till you are smack in the middle of the fourth night up with your baby. Thus, it isn’t the ideal time in order to recognize that whereas you favor one sleep – training method which allows your baby to cry, your husband are not able to deal with the tears for every amount of time. In addition, you may find that the parenting styles between you and your husband conflict. For example, when you baby begins drumming with the spoons on his or her high – chair tray, you may reach for a pacifier at the first sign of the distress meanwhile you husband says no strictly. That is the reason why the contradiction between you and your husband begins to appear. And if you stay with your parents-in-law, the different opinions of taking care of the baby or teaching the baby will make your conjugal life become worse. Hence, what you need to do when a disagreement between you and your husband comes up is to have a discussion so that you can show your opinions and then find out the most suitable method which you can follow to teach your baby.

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6. Couple Time

As mentioned above, before you have an infant, the time when you and your husband spend staying together is the couple time. You used to have dinners under the candles or go to the cinema with your husband in order to see your favorite movies. Or you used to walk on the road where you and your husband usually went. But now, your couple time is the family time. Sometimes, you may feel like that you cannot have time to do the things which you used to do. Additionally, after you have a baby, it is very hard for you to go out and meet your friends. All the time which you have is to spend on taking care of your baby, working, along with doing household chores. Even you do not have time to take care of yourself. Thus, after you get married and have a baby, couple time is one of the common marital problems after baby born.

In order to deal with this problem, you had better follow two parts of this solution here. One the first hand, what you need to do is to schedule time together. You ought to make a short plan about the dates. For example, you can have a meeting with your best friends and then you can chat with them as well as go shopping with them. Alternatively, you can go out for dinner with your husband after you ask your parents for taking care of your baby. On the other hand, you had better permit for the solo time for yourself. Furthermore, you ought to remember that you shouldn’t look at the time away from the family as the bad thing and you should look at it as the present to them since you are returning happy and refreshed. Moreover, the important rule is not to talk about your kid.

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7. The Grandparents

marital problems after baby - the grandparents

Another problem which you may face after you get married and have a baby is your parents. Or in other words, that means the baby’s grandfather and grandmother. Because of your baby, what they want to do now is to stay at your home 24 hours a day and play with their grandson or granddaughter. Sometimes, they have different opinions about teaching or taking care of the baby from your opinions. That is the reason why the grandparents are also listed as one of the marital problems after baby born.

Hence, what you need to do now is to find a solution for that matter. And the best solution for you is boundaries. Sometimes, you need to say no politely to your parents as well as your parents-in -law although they are so generous to take care of your baby. If it is not effective to talk to parents -in-law, you can speak to your husband and then he speak to his parents.

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8. Other Marital Problems After Baby

Not only having the marital problems after baby, which are mentioned above, there are some different problems that you may face after you given a birth. As you can see, when you have a baby, something new will happen to you. For example, you don’t have enough time to sleep. Why is it said like that? It is very simple. Your baby sometimes sleeps all day and at night he or she stays awake. That’s why you also stay awake and play with him or her all night. If you don’t do that, your baby may cry all night. When you don’t have enough time sleep, you may have bad emotion. You can easily become angry with everything.

Besides that, after you have a baby, you will look older and fatter. Then you may look uglier than the time when you are a girl or before you have a baby. The problem which you may have to face is that your husband may hate your appearance and he will find another girl outside. And sometimes, your conjugal life may probably be threatened.

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In short, there are a lot of common marital problems after baby born which are mentioned above. And we all hope that after you read this article, you may find out the marital problems after baby that you are able to face when you have a baby. However, this article is only for the informative purpose. If you want to know more information, can you spend a little time on visiting our main page Relationship? Furthermore, if you have any questions or you know the different problems, can you let us know by leaving us a message or a comment below? We will respond it as soon as we can.

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