Olive oil for lice treatment: top effective uses

Lice, those crawling, small insects which live on your scalp and also cause itching, are one persistent nuisance. A lot of parents find themselves throwing the hands up in dismay as trying to remove a case of nits and head lice. There are so many over-the-counter pediculide-having shampoos designed to deal with lice, but they are rarely completely effective in a treatment, they expose your kid to harsh chemicals, and also they don’t succeed to dissolve the casing of nits which will hatch into the new bugs. Surprisingly, olive oil is an effective, safe natural way to cope with lice. In this article, VKool.com will show you olive oil for lice treatment: top effective uses. The writing collected a list uses of olive oil for lice from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this article to learn more olive oil for lice treatment!

Olive Oil For Lice Treatment: Top Effective Uses You Should Not Miss

1. Method 1:

olive oil for lice-method 1

Olive oil is one of the best treatments for lice because it works as a suffocating agent.

In order to use this oil for treating lice, what you need to do:

  • First of all, saturate the scalp with some olive oil and next cover a plastic wrap around the head. Ensure that this plastic wraps tightly covers the scalp hence no amount of air may enter. Leave on this oil with that wrap for at least three hours within which these lice will be dead and asphyxiated as well.
  • Then wash the hair by using mild shampoo and next rinse well hence all these traces of this oil and the shampoo are cleaned completely. Gently comb the wet hair to get rid of the lice from the head.

2. Method 2

olive oil for lice-method 2

How to use olive oil for lice? Here are easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Firstly, drench the dry hair with some olive oil. Next saturate this scalp especially well as this is where the lice try to suck to take nutrition. Ensure they will suck up one good amount of this oil.
  2. Pile the hair on top of the head and secure with one shower cap. It will be sticky, uncomfortable and oily, so you can want to put one towel around your neck or tie this shower cap in place with a cotton bandanna or absorbent gauze.
  3. Allow this shower cap on for up to eight hours but no less than three hours. Studies have shown that the lice can survive for up to two hours when submerged in other liquid agents or oils. The longer you leave this cap on, the better.
  4. After that place newspapers or towels on the floor underneath one chair positioned near one bright light. Then prepare a bowl of soapy, warm water to have nearby. You will need it in order to swish this lice comb between combings. You must be prepared to see a lot of dead nits and insects (viable eggs) floating in this water.
  5. Afterwards remove this shower cap and allow the excess oil drip onto floor coverings. Separate hair into 4 sections, and later use bobby pins in order to separate each of these sections into one- to three-inch locks of hair. Then handle each lock of the hair straight away from your scalp and twist it as a rope so you may loop this “rope” over and next pin it to your scalp once the lock has been combed thoroughly. This will help you don’t forget which areas of your scalp have been combed.
  6. Afterwards, use one metal lice comb, such as the Lice Meister, in order to comb each section of the hair. Then keep this lock out straight, tilt this comb at one slight angle and next slowly comb from your scalp to the end of your hair. After that, swish the comb in this soapy water to get rid of any dead nits or lice.
  7. Continue combing till all your hair has been combed and also looks free of visible nits and lice.
  8. Wash the hair using dish detergent in order to remove the olive oil. This acts best if you do not wet your hair first. Rinse, repeat if your hair is still oily and later shampoo with regular shampoo.
  9. Dry the hair with one hair dryer, beginning at your scalp and also working your way out. This heat of your hair dryer can help to fight of any remaining lice.
  10. Look through the dry hair to discover any nits which might have been passed, and use this lice comb once again.
  11. Follow this procedure every three to four days for at least two weeks. It is the only way to ensure you are caught all the lice. The life cycle runs about twelve days, and any nits you might have passed could have one chance to lay eggs if you do not continue curing every couple of days.

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3. Method 3:

olive oil for lice-method 3

Here are detailed directions to use olive oil for lice treatment:

  • Have warm olive oil in one large bowl and add your favorite essential oils (a few drops) such as jojoba, almond or lavender.
  • Massage this oil into your scalp. Make sure that each hair strand and all areas of the scalp are covered with this olive oil.
  • The scalp, thereby, had better be saturated with this oil, as the lice will begin sucking it to take nutrition.
  • Pile your hair on the top of your head and wrap it with a shower cap. If wanting to stay away the sticky, oily and messy feel, you can put one towel around your neck or try absorbent gauze or one cotton bandana to maintain this cap in a place.
  • Allow this shower cap for three to eight hours. The longer time, the better results, especially if having many lice on your head. Studies show that lice can live for minimum 2 hours when submerged in the oil or other kinds of liquid agents.
  • Place towels or newspapers on this floor under the chair. Hold this chair positioned under the light thus you can properly see even the smallest lice.
  • Then prepare a warm and soapy water bowl, keep this nearby, and next use it to swish this lice comb in between these combings. You can see many dead insects and nits floating in the water.
  • Remove this shower cap and leave the excess oil drip on these covered areas of the flooring.
  • Afterwards, separate the hair into 4 parts and use clutches or Bobby pins to keep them in one separate place just like you do when you cut the hair.
  • Thoroughly comb each hair part, and once you will see that all these lice have been cleared away, make a rope as a loop and pin this on the head. You can use a Lice Meister to make sure that the comb reaches every area of your scalp as well as brings down the lice.
  • Continue combing till all the lice and nits have been removed.
  • Rinse your hair using dish detergent to get rid of the excess of the oil and finally wash off using a good shampoo.
  • Dry the hair with a dryer thus the heat of your dryer will fight off the left out nits or lice.
  • Repeat the method at least two times per week thereby all the lice are carried off completely.

To get more information related to effective ways for hair care, go to our main Home Hair page. After studying the writing of olive oil for lice treatment, hope that this article will help you learn more uses of olive oil for treating lice. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other olive oil for lice treatment to us.

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