8 best home remedies for freckles on face

home remedies for freckles

Freckles are clusters of melanin, which can be seen visibly on people with some fair complexion. People also call freckles as ephilis and it can cause many skin tones in people, contrast with moles and lentigines. Freckles are normally flat, light-brown spots, and harmless, but it affects your appearance when it is visible on your skin. In this informative article, VKool.com will show you top 8 best home remedies for freckles. This writing is for informational purpose only and you should go to consult a doctor if the problem is serious.

Learning Top 8 Best Home Remedies For Freckles On Face

home remedies for freckles

Freckles are just one of the most common skin problems that affect your appearance. Before going to see the doctor or use any creams or medications, you might try natural treatments and here are top 8 best home remedies for freckles you should try:

Hope these remedies will provide you lots of advantages for skin.

1. Papaya 

home remedies for freckles

Many women use papaya to lighten and improve skin complexion. Actually, papaya includes papain enzyme that can exfoliate your skin, produce new skin cells, remove freckles, dark spots, and make your skin look fresher. So it is valuable ingredient like other home remedies for freckles you should get. The ways to use papaya to get rid of freckles is to mash papaya, apply it on your affected region for 10 minutes before you wash with water. Or you get some papaya pieces, blend and make a good paste, add some lemon juice, and apply it into freckles for 15 minutes before rinsing off with water.

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2. Licorice Root 

home remedies for freckles

Licorice root contains glabridin, which is a tyrosinase like lactic acid to inhibit producing melanin pigment. Additionally, licorice can become a useful lightening agent. To get more effectiveness, you can mix this ingredient with another one, for example jojoba oil. Now, you just need ½ teaspoon of licorice extract, 4 teaspoons of jojoba oil, mix two ingredients together, store in a small bottle, use a cotton ball and apply the mixture on your affected skin for 30-40 minutes before washing off with water. You can use moisturize after applying this method. You can do it every day to get faster effect.

3. Lemon Juice 

home remedies for freckles

Using home remedies for freckles is a smart way you should do. Actually, it is not difficult to find foods or natural ingredients to beautify your skin. For example, lemon is a useful fruit for your health and your skin, hair, and nail. For treating freckles, you should apply lemon juice on freckles, massage it gently, and leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. You can apply this solution twice per day. Another way to use lemon is to cut it in half, add ½ teaspoon of sugar, scrub on your affected skin for a several minutes, and wash with fresh water.

4. Sour Cream 

home remedies for freckles

Sour cream contains lactic acid, which is helpful for removing freckles. Especially, this ingredient is useful for sensitive skin. Simply, you use sour cream to apply it into affected area, let it dry naturally for some minutes before you rinsing off with water. You should use a soft towel to wipe off skin and apply light moisturizer as usual. This method can help you prevent dryness and irritated skin. Alternatively, you can use sour milk to rinse your skin every day. If you do not have sour milk, you can use yogurt instead.

5. Honey

home remedies for freckles

In order to fade freckles and brown spots, honey is an excellent ingredient because it includes enzymes that can lighten your skin complexion. Honey also moisturizes your skin very well, so you can use it to treat freckles and moisturize your skin. You just need to combine water, honey, heat the mixture in microware, and apply it on affected skin for some minutes before rinsing off with water. Alternatively, you can mix warm honey with wheat germ, apply the mixture for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with water. Or you can combine yogurt and honey, apply the mask for 30 minutes before washing skin with fresh water. You can do this method every day to get the best results.

6. Onion

home remedies for freckles

Onion is great in sulfur, exfoliative property that can eliminate brown spots and freckles well. The best ways is to use red onions for the purpose. You cut onions into thick slices, rub those slices on freckled skin and you can do this method twice per day. Another way to use onion is to grate red onion, extract juice, and apply the juice on freckles every day. To get be better effect, you can add some vinegar to onion juice and apply the mixture on your skin.

7. Buttermilk 

home remedies for freckles

Buttermilk is valuable as other home remedies for freckles you have known. The reason is that buttermilk contains bleaching property that can fade freckles and lighten your skin dramatically. Also, this ingredient can make your skin supple and smooth. Simply, you use buttermilk and apply it on affected skin for 10 minute before washing off with lukewarm water. Or you can mix buttermilk with oatmeal, apply the mixture on affected skin for 30 minutes, and then rinse off with water as usual. Another option is to combine lemon juice and butter milk, rub it on our freckles for 10 minutes, and then you wash off with fresh water.

8. Castor Oil 

home remedies for freckles

Seeking for effective home remedies for freckles, castor oil  is suggested to add it in your book list. This oil will be helpful to fading your freckles and toning your skin. Now you just need to apply castor oil on freckles before going to sleep and you remember wiping off in the next morning with lukewarm water. You can use cold castor oil to avoid odor or taste overnight.

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After reading the article about top 8 best home remedies for freckles, I hope that you already got some helpful ways to get rid of the problem naturally and effectively. This article is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor immediately if you cannot get better effect from those home remedies. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.


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