Truth About Abs Pdf Review – Does Mike Geary’s Guide Work?

How To Get Fit With Truth About Abs

Truth about abs review: This complete review of Truth About Abs covers all things people need to know about Truth About Abs program with 6 below sections:

1. How To Get Fit – The Author’s Claims

2. About Mike Geary – The Author Of Truth About Abs

3. How Truth About Abs Works

4. Truth About Abs – Advantages

5. Truth About Abs – Disadvantages

6. Truth About Abs – Conclusion

How To Get Fit – The Author’s Claims

Truth About Abs was created and published by Mike Geary. He points out that in spite of being an all-around program, the Truth About Abs it still focuses on removing the fat in people’s abs, which is the main problem. He also claims that his program is one of the best body training programs in the current market, which can bring real results to its users in less than 2 weeks. Geary also guarantees that people will find which work perfectly for them when using this bodyweight training program. Moreover, both genders can find routines that work well to help them reduce body fat and attain six pack abs. What’s more, this program also aims to improve people’s general state of health. The author also affirms that the holistic approach ensures that the six-pack abs gained will become a permanent feature of people’s body.

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About Mike Geary – The Author Of Truth About Abs

Mike Geary – the author of Truth About Abs – is also the owner and author of many other popular health and fitness websites and program. Mike has had hundreds of fitness posts in the world. Moreover, he has been the contributing author to the popular Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Oxygen Magazine. Mike holds some certifications in nutrition science and fitness training. Mike graduated from the Susquehanna University with the Bachelors of Science degree.

For more information about Mike Geary, people can visit and contact him here.

How Truth About Abs Works

Truth about abs book is a body training program, which aims to condition people’s body to gain a defined physique. Specifically, this is body sculpting program with simple and not torturous workouts wich are suitable for all people. It is an ideal training program to use if people’s focus is not to lose belly fat, but rather just to carve out their 6 pack for fun at the beach this summer.

Since the program does not base on cardio workouts, people do not need to put up with the monotony. Moreover, the workouts in Truth About Abs can be customized to people’s weight, age, and physical condition. Therefore, people will not feel coerced and have fun while working it out, and losing belly fat.

This is a combination program between losing fat and building lean muscle, and people can apply the program with just a few modifications. Once getting the e-book, people will see that every workout has full descriptions and photos for the various exercises in the book. Geary points out clearly what abs exercises to avoid, and those abs exercises that are not vital to get rid of belly fat.

In addition, the workouts are combined with the custom diet and meals so people will stay in shape.

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Truth About Abs – Advantages

  • This program has a simplified writing style.
  • It ensures that all readers can catch the concepts without many technical terms to pass.
  • The routines in the book can work well for both genders.
  • The pictures in the book provide users with a better understanding about the concepts.
  • The information in the book is expertly researched.
  • The routines do not have to be taken at a gym so that it is convenient for everyone.
  • Fast paced workouts: most only take about 45 minutes to complete.
  • This program does not focus on a fad diet approach, but on healthy food.
  • It is user-friendly: even beginners can follow this program easily.
  • It is realistic for people with busy lifestyles.
  • This package comes with a 100%, 60 day Money Back Guarantee.
  • It has many user testimonials of those who have achieved success with the plan.

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Truth About Abs – Disadvantages

  • The program promotes supplements so that while people do not need to buy them, it still mentions these supplements repeatedly.
  • People will not receive any videos for the exercises, so they will have to seek elsewhere for these, or just can learn from the pictures in the program.
  • The diet plans in the program can be more costly as much of the food suggested is organic or pricier kinds. However, people can buy the cheaper kinds if the food cost is an issue.
  • There is not as much community support as there is with others, so people will have to go about it on their own.

Truth About Abs – Conclusion

Now, after reading this Truth About review Abs, it is people’s choice. It is believable that with this system, people will get the body they dream about. I highly appreciate this product, with it; the success is in everyone’s hand. Try it, and get in fit right now!

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