Quick And Easy Homemade Jam Recipes Without Using Pectin

easy homemade jam recipes

Jams are the women’s favorite foods thanks to their good taste. There are plentiful kinds of jams such as dry jam or marmalade jams which can eat with bread. Most kinds of fruit can be cooked into jams you like with different homemade jam recipes. It is rather as easy to make as you learn photo editing.

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How Can You Do With These Quick And Easy Homemade Jam Recipes?

homemade jam recipes

Jams are really very good and safe for your health if they are made at home by yourself. The following homemade jam recipes without using pectin will give you quickest and simplest ways to make jam safely at home.
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Try to make and enjoy handmade jam by yourself with the following jams

1. Strange Taste With Green Tea Coconut Jam:

homemade jam recipes

This jam has a mild flavor with green tea taste, which will make you feel strange and delicious. Try it with the following recipe:


  • Copra: 1 kg
  • Sugar: 400 gram
  • Green tea powder: 10 gram
  • Condensed milk: 1 bottle
  • Vanilla powder: 1 tube

How to make:

  • Firstly, you need grating copra into long and thin strands or cut it like some funny shapes. Soak them in water about 4 to 5 hours in order to keep jam longer. After that, clean them again with water and let them drain.
  • Next, scent coconut with sugar for 3 to 4 hours. And then, mix with green tea powder and condensed milk. When coconut turn slightly discolored and sugar is completely dissolved, it can be condensed.
  • Now, put this mixture in the big pan with thick bottom and cook with medium heat; sometimes, move them around in order to make this mixture not burnt. When sugar starts viscid, lower the heat and stir continuously to make coconut not burnt and sugar clings on to pieces of coconut.
  • Finally, when sugar clings on to pieces of coconut, dust with vanilla powder on the mixture and stir. The best way to preserve is to let it cool before putting it into the bottle.

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2. Strawberry Jam:

homemade jam recipes

Strawberry jam is also a favorite food for many women. And here is the way how to make it simple and easy:


  • Strawberry: 1 kg.
  • Sugar: 1 kg.
  • Lemon and vanilla

How to make:

  • Firstly, you must remove the stalk of strawberry and soak them in slight salt water and clean up. After that, cut in two and scent with sugar for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Next, place the pan on the cooker and put strawberry in the pan until sugar starts to boil, then lower the heat at minimum and stir this mixture slightly. When it is nearly dry, add lemon juice to make sugar not to crystallize into pieces and jam has a mild taste. Cook until sugar becomes dry-up, turn off the cooker.

      And dust with vanilla on the strawberry jam and let it cool before putting it in the bottle.

3. Delicious And Healthy Orange Marmalade:

homemade jam recipes

Orange is one of the healthy fruits which is very rich in vitamin C that can help the body enhance the resistance. The following homemade orange marmalade will help you get a delicious, healthy marmalade.

It could be used with bread.


  • Yellow orange: 1 kg (green orange will make the marmalade bitter)
  • Sugar: 1 kg.
  • Lemon: 1 ea.

How to make:

  • Clean orange with cold water and remove its stalks. After that, cut it in thin slices.
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    Now, throw all orange slices in to the pot and pour water equal to orange. Boil orange 3 times,10 minutes for each time. After finishing, pick it out and grind.  Put ground orange, sugar, lemon juice in a big pan and wait until sugar dissolves. Cook this mixture with medium heat until boiling and decrease the heat. Turn off the cooker when the mixture becomes viscid and turn to golden brown.

4. Mulberry Jam: 

homemade jam recipes

It is one of the quickest and easiest homemade jam recipes without using pectin. This jam is very great if you enjoy mulberry jam with bread or pudding, smoothies. And here is the way to make healthy mulberry jam.


  • Ripening mulberry: 700 gram
  • Refined sugar: 250 gram
  • Lemon: 1 ea.

Clean mulberry with water and let them drain. Put a half mulberry in to a pot, dust with sugar on the top, and then put the rest of mulberry on the above and continue with sugar on the top.

  Keep about 1 to 2 hour until sugar dissolves and soak into mulberry.

Place the big pot on the cooker and boil the mixture of mulberry with medium heat. When boiling, decrease the heat. Add lemon juice and stir lightly and keep low heat about 30 to 40 minutes until mulberry becomes soft and viscid. Turn the cooker off and let it cool. It should be preserved in fridge.

5. Mango Jam With Two Flavors: 

homemade jam recipes

Among 5 homemade jam recipes, mango jam is the strangest tastes: spicy and sour taste. Mango jam is slightly sour and not too sweet will be easy to enjoy. It can be loved by many people, especially children.


  • Green mango, sugar, hydrated lime, alum, chilli powder.

How to make:

  • Green mango needs peeling and removing its seed. Cut it into slices and mix 10 gram hydrated lime with 1 liter water, let it deposit and take the pure water. Soak sliced mango into this liquid for about 4 hours. After that, wash them again with clean water for several times.
  • Now, stir a dessert spoon of alum with 2 liters water. Boil this liquid and pour boiling water on mango for 1 to 2 minutes and continue to clean with cold water and drain.
  • Mix mango with sugar: 1 kg mango mixed with 500 gram sugar. Let this mixture overnight. After that, use a pan with thick bottom to cook this mixture with lower heat until sugar becomes dry and mango slices become slightly discolored. Put mangos in a well-aired area to make them cool and dry surfaces. If you want spicy, you can add little chilli powder before cooking.

Here are some quick and easy homemade jam recipes without using pectin, which are very healthy and safe for the body. You can share these above homemade jam recipes in this website with your relatives. If you have any question or any recipes for other dishes, please feel free to write your comment in the following form. We are always ready to get your useful ideas.

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