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Not every diet pill is going to be what it says it is, and not every product that works is meant for everyone. That’s why you need to make sure you do your research into the products you’re considering buying – especially when it has to do with your health.

If you’re trying to lose weight you might have heard about the product we’re looking at today, but before you make any decisions, read our review and see what we learned.

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Bontril Overview

Bontril is a prescription diet pill intended for people who need help losing weight. Although the dosage may differ from person to person, Bontril is generally meant to be taken two to three times daily, either an hour before each meal or as your doctor tells you. It’s not advised to take this pill later in the day, as it can cause insomnia. It’s also meant to be taken in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. WebMD warns customers that this pill can become habit-forming, and that those with a history of substance abuse are more likely to become addicted to it.

Bontril is made by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, an international pharmaceutical company that makes both prescription and over-the-counter drugs based in Canada. This company has run into numerous legal troubles over its history, often having to do with serious ethics and finance law violations. They were sued in 2024 for insider trading prior to a merger, and in 2024 they were investigated by the SEC for inflating drug prices.

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Bontril Claims

Bontril is supposed to help you lose weight, but the exact mechanism isn’t known. Apparently it’s supposed to help suppress your appetite, and by doing so, help you to eat fewer calories and stick to your diet without suffering from hunger pangs (which may tempt some to go off their diet). Unlike other diet pills, it doesn’t claim to help you burn more fat or increase your metabolism.

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Bontril Ingredients

Bontril contains only one active ingredient:

  • Phendimetrazine tartrate

Phendimetrazine tartrate is a stimulant that’s supposed to affect the brain directly, causing a suppression of the appetite that is supposed to help some people eat less and lose weight as a result. It’s a Schedule IV drug, and so can only be purchased with a prescription.

This drug comes with a lot of possible side effects including diarrhea, heightened blood pressure, and vomiting. As we mentioned before, it’s also possibly addictive, which is why users are told not to take more than their recommended dose, or to take it for longer than they are supposed to, or they could have withdrawal symptoms as well.

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The Science Behind Bontril

Bontril works by causing a release of norepinephrine and dopamine in the body for a sustained period of time, and is supposed to suppress the appetite. With a reduced appetite, it may be easier for some people to avoid overeating and therefore to be able to cut their calories down to a point where they can lose weight.

This drug is FDA approved, which means that the evidence for it working was enough to convince the highest medical regulatory agency in the country. However, just because there’s evidence that it works doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone, or that it’s always safe to take.

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Word on the Street About Bontril

Bontril has its advocates and its detractors. We checked out, a place where patients can write about their experiences with various prescription drugs.

Some people had positive experiences, with some saying they “went from a size 13 to a size 4” and that “I only gained back the weight when I stopped taking it.” Others replied simply “It works.

There are lots of bad experiences with this drug, however. Some users reported “horrible side effects” which included “depression.” Another user said that “it worked at first, but didn’t lose any additional weight after the first week.” One poor user reported that their wife was prescribed Bontril and afterwards mysteriously developed schizoaffective disorder, and died a few months later.

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Is Bontril Worth Trying?

There are a lot of problems when it comes to this product. Even if you discount the fact that the company that makes it has been caught multiple times breaking the law and committing securities fraud, the main problem is the active ingredient, phendimetrazine. While it may help to suppress the appetite, it causes some serious side effects. If what you’re looking for is an appetite suppressant, there are fiber supplements that can do that just as well, without causing side effects that can include psychosis and depression.

We don’t see any reason to try Bontril if losing weight is your goal. There are better options out there.

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Bontril vs Adderall

These are very different products, both in their composition and their intended use. Bontril is an appetite suppressant intended for people who want to lose weight, while Adderall is a stimulant that is supposed to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Both require prescriptions in order to purchase, as both are controlled substances under federal law. Bontril costs between $13 and $30, while Adderall costs between $100 and $300 – but of course the cost you pay for either of these is going to be affected by your insurance plan.

Bontril vs Didrex

Both of these products are intended to help people lose weight. Both other them work as appetite suppressants that affect the brain and central nervous system in order to change different chemical levels in the body. Both of them are considered addictive, and so people with substance abuse issues are at risk of abusing them if prescribed them. Both come with serious side effects including gastrointestinal distress, insomnia, and psychosis. Didrex in general seems to cost more than Bontril, but that again could be mitigated by an insurance plan.

Bontril vs Contrave

Again, we have two very similar products. Bontril and Contrave both are sold as a way to help people lose weight by controlling the appetite. Bontril contains phendimetrazine, while Contrave contains both bupropion and nalxetrone. Contrave claims that while its ingredients aren’t approved for weight loss, they nevertheless market it as a weight loss pill. These pills both affect the brain’s chemistry, and so both could cause side effects that include depression (although Contrave specifically mentions it can cause suicidal thinking, while we haven’t seen with Bontril).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the right dosage for Bontril?
    For adults it’s 17.5 to 35mg, taken 2 to 3 times a day, for the regular capsules. Extended release capsules are supposed to be taken once a day (105mg).
  2. Where can I read Bontril reviews?
    You can read them at, where we found them.
  3. How do I buy Bontril?
    You have to get a prescription from a doctor and get it from a pharmacy.
  4. Does Bontril work?
    It’s considered to work well enough to be approved by the FDA, but not all patients have the same reactions to it.
  5. How does Bontril perform vs Adipex?
    They both appear to be amphetamines that help suppress the appetite, but how they perform will differ person to person because they’re different substances.
  6. Where can I read Bontril reviews from 35mg users?
    Possibly on
  7. Where can I read Bontril success stories?
    You might find some on weight loss blogs.
  8. Is Bontril a controlled substance?
    Yes, phendimetrazine is a controlled substance (Schedule 4).

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So What Really Works?

If you don’t want to worry about side effects – especially when one of those could be psychosis – then we have a better option to suggest: Sletrokor. It’s an all-natural diet pill that contains high-quality plant-based ingredients. What do you get? You can burn more fat and have more energy all around, so you can get the most out of your exercise plan. It’s made in a facility that’s cGMP-certified for quality, so you know you’re going to get a great supplement. It contains zero artificial ingredients and (unlike Bontril) has no side effects.

If you want more reasons to try it, how about this: there’s also a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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