10 Best Cannabis Oil Uses You Should Know

best cannabis oil uses

Herbs and plants are definitely not strange medicines in the daily medications. Since science and technology have not appeared in our life and brought modern drugs to the treatment, herbal remedies were the only hope for patients and doctors. Nowadays, the position of these natural ingredients is still irreplaceable. Many people strongly require herbal medicines in their treatment just because they put all their trust in the power of these natural remedies. Cannabis, a flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family, is also one of the familiar herbal ingredients that have been used for medicinal purposes for ages. Despite many arguments about its side effects on patient’s consciousness, making it illegal in many countries, Cannabis applications, especially cannabis oil, are still popular options when people ask for treatment solution. Cannabis oil uses are various and amazingly useful. It will be a pity if its benefits are not judged properly just because of its side effects. Thus, VKool.com will have you understand more about the powerful remedy, cannabis oil and its uses as healthcare solutions.

Top Cannabis Oil Uses You Should Know

I. What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil [1] is basically the concentrated resinous, sticky substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. This oil in recent years has become very infamous and popular due to the legalized marijuana movement in certain countries. Based on many studies, there are a huge number of health benefits for patients or users of cannabis oil to receive. It has been connected to an impressive number of health problems, varying from stress and migraines to lack of appetite. Cannabis oil is also able to reduce the risk of some certain types of cancer, strengthen the heart and reduce pain due to its phytocannabinoid –terpenoid, according to a study by Ethan B Russo [2]. These cannabis oil uses will be mentioned in details later in the following parts.

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II. Best Cannabis Oil Uses

1. Anxiety And Stress

The use of cannabis oil that comes to our mind first is reducing anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety seem to be unavoidable in the daily life. Career, family and personal life are not easy for everyone to balance. When people are under pressure and their mind is a mess, people often look for a cigarette as a way for relief. Marijuana smoking [3] is strongly addictive to people due to the same reason. The natural compounds that are found in both cannabis oil and cigarette will be the key answer. These compounds, including the famed THC, are very useful in releasing pleasure hormones, reducing stress, inducing a sense of relaxation and calm, and finally relaxing the mind. Moreover, another chemical component of cannabis, also called cannabinoids, is believed to activate specific receptors to produce pharmacologic effects in the immune system and the central nervous system. A study published in 2024 pointed out that cannabinoid treatment after a traumatic experience may be able to prevent stress- induced impairment and control emotional response to trauma [4]. These cannabinoids can also minimize stress receptors in the amygdala parts of the brain. Anxiety and stress relief is one of the most common cannabis oil uses applied every day.

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2. Cannabis Oil Uses – Sleep Issues

It is very hard for people who suffer from insomnia to get a normal sleep. The constant anxiety during night time hours and the disturbed sleep prevent these people from restful nights and healthy body. When the sleep issues appear, cannabis essential oil can act like a charm. In many cannabis oil uses, this function is appreciated the most. By relaxing the mind and body, and encouraging a lower energy level, cannabis oil makes it easier to get the heart rate down while clearing your head to prepare for a long night of serene slumber. The calming influences of the cannabis oil also help people to sleep in a calm way, relieving issues of restlessness and anxiety. The THC found in cannabis is responsible for supporting insomniacs and others in falling asleep faster. Many studies suggest that the psychoactive components found in unrefined cannabis, cannabinoids, can regulate neurotransmitter release as well as produce a number of central nervous system impacts, including alteration of memory processes and increased pleasure.

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A direct relationship between the harsher PTSD symptomatology and the greater motivation to use cannabis oil for coping intentions, especially among people with difficulties in emotional regulation or stress tolerance, has been found. During the using cannabis treatment time, military veterans with PTSD have been recorded to reduce insomnia as well as anxiety and improve coping ability.

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3. Appetite Booster

best cannabis oil uses - appetite booster

Another benefit of cannabis oil uses is acting as appetite booster. When people want to gain weight or simply get trouble with eating, especially after an injury or illness recovery, cannabis oil can be an ideal option for them to take a look. This essential oil is supposed to induce hunger and regulate your appetite by stimulating the digestive system to operate at a faster speed and provide better performance.  Cannabinoids can create the induction of apoptosis or cell death in immune cell populations, according to a study about anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis publishes in 2024 [5].  The effects of cannabis oil actually can be good or even bad due to the hormones that are stimulated.  Therefore, not only used as an appetite supporter, cannabis oil is also famous for treating obesity. Many types of research have been done to investigate more the effect of this plant oil on human weight control. Smoking marijuana is a common example of the impact of cannabis on our appetite. The hunger and tasty feeling appearing after one or two cigarettes enchains people and makes the smoking quit more difficult.

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4. Pain Reliever

It will be a big mistake if pain reliever is not mentioned when talking about cannabis oil uses. For a very long time in history, cannabis oil has been known as an excellent pain relief remedy. In treatment, it is used as a pain-relieving substance because this oil proves effective in pain modulation by constraining neuronal transmission in pain pathways. This solution is regularly suggested for people with chronic pain, inflammation, and even emergency pain relief. Especially, people who suffer from fibromyalgia and cancers can come to cannabis-related options, including cannabis oil, as the last resort when the disease itself or the pain of chemotherapy becomes unbearable. For that reason, cannabis oil is also considered as a part of natural fibromyalgia treatment.

Many studies have been conducted to record the effects of cannabis oil on patients’ condition.  A study published in 2024 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal recommends that cannabis oil is useful for patients with chronic pain. Basically, the study provided an experiment on 23 adults with post-surgical neuropathic or post-traumatic pain who were randomly selected to receive cannabis oil at 4 potencies over four fourteen-day times in a crossover trial. Day-to-day average pain intensity was assessed based on an 11-point rating scale. The results received imply that a single daily gulp of herbal cannabis three times for a period of five days improved the sleep, reduced the pain intensity and was well-tolerated.

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5. Cannabis Oil Uses For Cancer Prevention

As one of the cannabis oil uses, the benefit as cancer prevention is still a controversial issue. Although a great deal of research has been conducted or even still going on, the cannabis oil is still an unclear subject to the science. Up to now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not officially supported the use of cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer and any other medical condition. However, the early reports have proved that the active ingredients found in the essential oil can reduce the tumor size and alleviate pain, nausea, weakness, and lack of appetite. The cannabinoid combination is proved to provide a potent clinical outcome, increase specificity, reduce toxicity, and weakened drug resistance complications when used with other medicines for cancer treatment, based on the result of a 2024 study [6]. These anticancer properties are believed to perform preventative effects on cancer, making the cancer treatment easier for patients who have to suffer from this tragic disease.  Dozens of studies have been carried out to link cannabis oil uses and different types of cancer including pituitary, lung, colon, thyroid, breast, prostate, and brain, plus melanoma and leukemia. For instance, some researchers in 2024 found out that cannabinoids and THC in cannabis oil can significantly decrease the development of breast cancer cells. This evidence supports the theory that cannabis oil can benefit cancer patients by cutting off the tumor blood supply and causing cancer cell death. Another report also recorded that the cannabis essential oil is one of non-toxic chemotherapy alternatives that increase energy and strength in patients who are getting acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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6. Heart Health

best cannabis oil uses - heart health

One of the most common cannabis oil uses that have been figured out is the heart health benefit. It is said that the volatile oils found in cannabis essential oil are very good at improving the heart health because they can balance out the negative oils existing in the human system. Moreover, it can also accelerate antioxidant processes, maximize the health of the cardiovascular system and scrape off excess cholesterol. Some studies suggest that a number of antioxidant properties that can prevent cardiovascular disease and benefit the heart by lowering the blood pressure are included in cannabis oil. Cannabinoids in cannabis oil can positively affect blood vessels by making them relax and widen. With that function, cannabis presents a natural way to benefit heart health and improve circulation. The animal studies also provide the supportive results that cannabis oil treatment may prevent a wide range of cardiovascular conditions, from stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and heart attacks. However, more studies and experiments are required to prove the safety of this cannabis oil uses in human because there is only one human trial examining cannabis oil for health conditions.

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7. Cannabis Oil Uses For Skin Protection

Unlike other cannabis oil uses, the skin protection function is not popular among people. Not many people know that the oil extracted from cannabis can benefit human more than affecting the inside organs and human minds. This oil is supposed to stimulate the slicing of dead skin cells, faster re-growing process of health, glowing skin and improve the appearance of skin when it is applied directly and externally to achieve side effects.  Cannabis oil can also be used internally to protect the skin from inside.

It is believed to prevent signs of aging and wrinkles, while also guarding against eczema and psoriasis by minimizes feelings of stress. Moreover, studies also suggest some other effects of cannabis oil on the skin such as supporting lipid production and fight free-radical damage. Therefore, this essential oil can be applied for people with skin problems, for example, acne, dry skin, or dry scalp.

It should be on the top list of home remedies for those people who are struggling with the bad skin condition. The oil is also supposed to fight against free-radical damage, in the meantime, decrease the stress linked with rosacea, eczema, and acne. There are also some other cannabis oil benefits especially for the hair that you should pay attention.

8. Promoting Eye Health

Promoting eye health will be the next benefit that can prove the effectiveness of cannabis oil uses. Research indicates that cannabis oil can help to treat macular glaucoma and degeneration naturally. Glaucoma is known as a disease happening in the optic nerve that can lead to vision loss and blindness. This condition results from a buildup of fluid that puts a lot of pressure on the retina, optic nerve, and lens. The pressure can damage the eye permanently if not treated in time.

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When the optic nerve damage is put under consideration, the degree of intraocular pressure (also known as IOP) is definitely related. Cannabis oil is believed to lower the level of IOP in a short time. Therefore, it is called the temporary treatment. Most of the studies on this side effect require patients with IOP problem to smoke marijuana for at least 3 hours to provide the significant result. However, this method can cause negative side effects such as lung cancer or cognitive impairment. For that reason, more studies on cannabis oil are required for the best solution. In reality, the benefit of cannabis oil for eye problems is still recognized due to the fact that many elderly people turn to cannabis oil as they age.

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9. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

best cannabis oil uses - post-traumatic stress disorder treatment

Post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD) is a psychiatric condition resulting from some life-threatening experiences, for example, natural disasters, serious accidents, or military combat. In a study published in 2024 by the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, researchers point out that cannabis oil is amazingly effective for military veterans who have PTSD. The cannabinoids in cannabis produce neurotransmitter release and increase pleasure. Military veterans with PTSD also have reported significant improvements in coping abilities, as well as a reduction in anxiety and insomnia.

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10. Cannabis Oil Uses To Treat Asthma

It has been a common sense that smoking marijuana can help calm asthma attacks, based on a study published in 1975 by the American Review of Respiratory Disease. The THC found in cannabis is believed to support breathing in asthmatic patients. Cannabis essential oil, on the other hand, is able to improve these asthma symptoms to the same effectiveness level without the risk of potential side effects coming from smoking.

III. Cannabis Oil Uses – Warning

The list of ten most common cannabis oil uses mentioned before can prove the benefit that this essential oil can offer to our health. However, there is one fact that cannot be denied that cannabis oil is a powerful chemical substance extracted directly from a well-known plant with psychotropic substances. The use of cannabis oil nowadays is still illegal in some certain countries for that reason. Even the science cannot be sure about the impacts of this plant oil on the human body. A study by University of Siena and Leiden University suggested that the use of cannabis oil that is prepared by a simple household method is a trade off between loss and gain [7]. Therefore, be careful when applying cannabis oil to your body. First of all, make sure that it is legal to use cannabis oil in your country. Then, every detail of cannabis oil using such as the amount you use or the conditions of your health should be concerned. It is better for you to ask a professional about the present medications as well as mixing essential oils before adding new elements into your health remedies.

IV. Possible Side Effects

There are some problems relating to cannabis oil uses. Keep them in your mind to protect your health from unexpected side effects.

First of all, cannabis oil uses may lead to a decrease in memory, concentration, and the ability to think and learn. Don’t surprise if you cannot remember everything well as usual when applying cannabis oil. It is also not safe for your condition to mix cannabis oil with some certain medications — such as pain relievers, antidepressants, seizure medications, anxiety medications, and muscle relaxers. This combination can cause fatigue and drowsiness.

The second problem about cannabis oil uses is about your health conditions. If you are or going to pregnant, keep cannabis oil (or any form of cannabis product) out of your reach. Many pieces of evidence about the side effects of cannabis on the new-born children if their mothers use cannabis during the pregnant time or conception have been recorded. Birth defects and sometimes, at a very low weight is some of many negative impacts of cannabis on infant’s health condition. Also, keep in mind that it is suggested not to use cannabis oil and other cannabis products if you are breastfeeding.

Because the cannabis oil uses are quite popular, there are many supplies of cannabis existing in the market, and they are obviously not all equal. If you have the intention to use cannabis oil, let make sure this oil is purchased through a lab-tested and reputable company. For the best benefit of your health, choose the legal and safe means to get cannabis oil instead of risking your life with cheap, unknown sources of ingredients.

When cannabis is mentioned, people often think about cigarettes and the negative impacts of this plant. However, it has been proved that cannabis can bring more benefit to our health than expected. Various cannabis oil uses have been recognized and applied in the daily treatment. In spite of these controversies toward cannabis effects, the power of this plant is still worth a trial. Just remember to research it carefully and ask for the instruction of professionals before using. If you have any more idea about the cannabis oil uses, please let us know. For more information, please visit the main page Health

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