22 Natural Summer Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin And Dry Skin

Updates: 04/22/2024

The heat, chlorine, humidity, and salt water take their toll on your own skin in the upcoming summer time. What should you do to protect your skin from those skin enemies and skin related diseases? Here are top best summer skin care tips that you can make use of right now to prepare carefully for the upcoming summer.

I. Natural Summer Skin Care Tips – General Skin Care Regime For Summer

1. Create A Routine

summer skin care tips reviewSkin care, especially skin care in summer, requires some effort on your part. The general advice is to regularly apply sun protection, professional facials as well as quality home skin care regime. This is the best defense against the sun and the damage summer could wreak on your skin.

2. Care Your Skin Monthly With Professional Facials

Your skin should be cared more carefully in the summer. It is necessary for you to follow monthly facials. The high temperature in the summer can trigger the production of oil as well as clog pores. This can also lead to some other skin issues. Monthly facials can give your skin a break, keep the pores clean, and sooth sensitivity.

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3. Sun Protection

If possible, you should stay indoors from 11 am to 3 pm. This is the time when the sun’s rays are the strongest, thereby leading to an adverse effect on the skin. Moreover, you should not forget to apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside. If you have to go out for many hours, remember to apply it again so your skin will be well protected.

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4. Use The Toner

Using a toner in the summer can keep your pores closed and your skin cool. Just make use of the brand which suits your skin or try rose water. The natural cooling properties of rose water make it an amazing toner during hot season.

5. Apply Water-Based Moisturizer

summer skin care tips program

If you skip moisturizing routine, then you are making a big mistake. It is essential for your skin to stay hydrated. Apart from drinking plenty of water, you should also choose a water-based moisturizer to protect your skin as well.

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6. Stay Hydrated And Avoid Aerated Drinks

The human body tends to lose plenty of moisture in the summer. Also, the majority of us tend to reach out for an ice cold aerated beverage to resolve our thirst on hot days. Nevertheless, it is critical to keep in mind these beverages are added sugar that is totally not good for the human skin and figure. Rather than indulging yourself with such kinds of drinks, you should drink some fresh lime, fresh fruit juices, water, aam panna, or coconut water to keep your skin soft and moisturized naturally.

7. Exfoliate

summer skin care tips for oily skinWhen it comes to summer skin care tips, it is really necessary to exfoliate regularly your skin in order to abolish dead skin cells and boost blood circulation to your face. Depend on your skin kind, exfoliate either 1 or 2 times a week if your skin is dry and 2 or 3 times per week if your skin is oily so you can shed dead skin buildup and also slough off previous sun damage. Doing so can also help rejuvenate skin, making it soft and brighter. You can make scrubs at home or choose cosmetic products available in the market. As a simple recipe, you can mix flour, turmeric, rose water, milk, and yogurt together until get a thin paste. Then use it for exfoliating your skin.

8. Cleanse The Face Twice A Day

At least, it is recommended that people should clean their face twice a day, even if they stay at home all day and feel like their skin is clean. Remember that cleaning and moisturizing your skin before hitting the hay is an absolute must.

9. Do Not Skimp On Lip Protection And Eye Creams

Actually, sun exposure may steadily thin your skin, cause wrinkles, and even psoriasis.  Thus, you should protect areas of the face with proper creams as well as balms. Also, use an eye cream, yet your daily creams feels heavy for summer, just replace your current product with a lighter formulation or only use at night.

10. Remove Makeup

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After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is to remove your makeup, but trust us, it is pretty essential. When coming back home, you had better take your BB cream with a mild makeup remover and then rinse with a gentle cleanser or a light glycolic wash. After that, apply a mild, fragrance-free moisturize.

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II. Summer Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

If you are suffering from oily skin, then take a look at your skin. Is there any patch on your chin or near your nose?
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What about the problem on your forehead, hands or feet? Our skin produces oil naturally and it may be hard to keep this oil from causing breakouts and clogging pores, particularly as the heat in summertime sticky skin situations.

Consider these following tips for oily skin:

1. Do Not Scrub Your Skin Too Hard

The skin produces oil to keep it hydrated and compensate for minor skin irritations. When scrubbing the oily patches with too much gusto and use the cleansers based on alcohol, you are stimulating your oil glands. Thus, just use gentle skin cleansers which do not irritate skin and keep the oil production low.

2. Do Not Clean Your Skin Too Regularly.

To remove buildup and dirt, you should wash your face, yet the recommendation frequency is just twice per day. If you wash your skin too frequently can stimulate additional oil production. During the summer months, you should consider making use a cleanser with salicylic acid in the evening. This kind of cleanser can quickly abolish dead skin cells which might clog pores. If you notice your skin turning to dry out from the use of this cleanser, then reduce the frequency of using to once per week.

3. Abolish Temptation.

Some of the oiliest areas of the human body are hands, feet, and face. When touching the face by the hands, people are transferring dirt and oil to different areas already prone to building up oil. Therefore, it is better for you to keep your hands away from making the skin greasy.

4. Oily Skin Requires Astringent Toner summer skin care tips oily skin requires astringent toner

Because astringent helps people reduce oiliness. Wipe the skin a few times per day with it. You could buy an astringent lotion and combine it with rose water as equal quantities. Put that mixture in a bottle and keep it in your fridge. By this way, you can create good astringent-toner that is beneficial for your oily skins. Cleanse your oily skin before bedtime is more important. The pollutants and dirt, which are accumulated on your skin during the day, need to be removed.
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It will not only help you decreased surface oil, but also helps you protect your skin from spots, pimples, as well as other eruptions.

5. Eat Up.

Do you know that vitamin A can help control skin oil? In addition, this vitamin is also vital in the renewal and growth of new skin cells. According to some studies, this nutrient can normalize oil levels in skin. So take vitamin A supplement regularly or consume this vitamin by eating natural foods like spinach, carrots, melons, fish and sweet potatoes.

6. Check Out Labels.

Look for moisturizers and cleansers with ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, niacin amide and caffeine.

They are oil-zapping agents. Wash and care for your face with these oily skin care products once or twice a day.

7. Exfoliate Once A Week.

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Be sure that you will exfoliate once per week to remove dead skin cells. It will help you achieve a glowing skin. However, many exfoliators include ingredients, which soak up an excess amount of oil from skin and make your skin weaker. In addition, you can make your own cleansing scrub with different fruits like lemon or cucumber.

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III. Summer Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, to deal with it properly, it is better for you to know the triggers of dry skin. In fact, the human skin includes natural oil layers. The skin will be cracking, itching, and flaking if these moisturizing layers do not do their task.

Thus, to treat dry skin in the summer, it is essential to know ways to retain the oils of your skin. You need to define that your skin is dry at some points or at large scale. To relieve from the impacts of the heat in summer, you should:

1. Avoid Taking A Hot Shower At The Beginning Of The Day.

Though it can make you feel comfortable, it might wreak havoc on the skin. Besides, if you take a shower for long hours, then your skin will lose more moisture than normal during that day. Sometimes after taking a shower, you feel your skin tight, itchy, or stingy, then you need to change your daily routine. If you still want to take a shower every morning, then you can take shorter, cooler showers to regulate the natural oil attributes of the skin.

2. Take Advantage Of The Suitable Soaps.

Those soaps with heavily scented may be harshly stripping away the natural oil of your skin, and stimulating the drying-out process. In fact, the more you scrub, the more damage you are doing. So, use quality, fragrance-free soaps to protect your skin.

3. Rules Of Moisturizing.

In summer, you may have fewer problems with your dry skin, yet you should still care for it regularly by soothe your dry skin with moisturizing creams, mineral oils and lotions. Actually, dry skin is more sensitive than oily skin, so you should pay attention to choosing cleansers. The best choice is mild cleanser, then remember to apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing your skin. Also, do not forget moisturize hands before and after you cleanse dishes or clothes if you do it with bare hands.

4. Cleanse Gently. summer skin care tips cleanse gently

Ideally, you should stop soaps to cleanse your skin. But if you use it, free-fragrance is the greatest solution. Other skin care products with anti-bacterial and deodorant additives also make your skin dry.
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It is recommended using cleansers that include ceramides because they are fatty molecules, which help build up outer barriers of skin and keep your skin holding in moisture. Beside ceramides, you can use synthetic ceramides to get the same results of moisturized skin.

Going easy on peels, toners and astringents including alcohol can make your skin dry. When exfoliating, avoid scrubbing too hard or too much. It can thicken and irritate your skin.

5. Shave Gently And Smartly

Shaving can make your skin irritated. When shaving unwanted hair, you also scrap off your natural skin oils. Shaving after you take a bath can help protect your kin from being dry. In fact, hair is more pliable and it is also softer after bathing, so you can shave hair easier. Besides, remember use shaving gel or cream while shaving hair. The right way to shave is shaving in the direction that hair grows in order to avoid bleeding and irritate your skin.

Be sure that your razor blade is sharp enough. A dull blade can make you suffer from additional irritation. Change new razor blades as often as the times you shave. If you want to use a razor you have used before, remember to soak it in soap or hot water to clean it.

However, according to other ideas, hair is good for skin. It helps your skin cool during the summer. Therefore, you care about this health issue, don’t shave your body hair.

The 22 natural summer skin care tips for oily and dry skin above are designed for people at all ages regardless of their gender. To get healthy, glowing skin during the summer, you had better take care of it daily and apply the above tips properly. If so, I bet that you will get your dream while still enjoy a “hot” summer comfortably.

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