How to relieve arthritis pain naturally at home – 7 tips

how to relieve arthritis pain

Arthritis is the painful inflammatory disorder which can cause stiffness and pain in your feet and hand. Some people want to seek a relief from medications and painkillers. Unfortunately, many medications and painkillers have side effects on the patient’s health. The good news is that you can find alternative solution from natural tips and home remedies on how to relieve arthritis pain naturally at home.

How To Relieve Arthritis Pain Naturally At Home – The Effective Natural Ways That Work

how to relieve arthritis pain

What is arthritis? You can find the answer for that question in every heath website. I will give you some basic background knowledge and facts about arthritis.

This disease is chronic disorder which affects your joints in hands and feet.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of arthritis’ types. Another type is osteoarthritis. However, osteoarthritis is caused by tear and wear while rheumatoid arthritis happens with joint deformity and erosion. Because this disease is an autoimmune disorder, it will easily occur when your immune system deteriorate and attack your body’s tissues. Not only does it cause joint pain but it also affects other organs of body, including eyes, lungs, skin and blood vessels. Despite the fact that people at every age can experience arthritis, it often begins at the age of 40. Women have the greater risk of developing this disease than men. In order to know the ways to control it, you need to know about its symptoms. Common signs and symptoms include tender, swollen pain in joints, long-lasting stiffness in the morning, firm pumps on the skin under arms, frequent fatigue, sick and weight loss. If not treated properly, the disease will spread to other parts of your body such as ankles, elbows, knees, wrists, shoulders and hips. There are many evidences to prove that immune system is considered as the main trigger of arthritis pain.

Because of weak immune system, the synovial membrane surround the joints is attacked. As a result, inflammation will make cartilage and bone destroyed. The joints will be susceptible over time. Doctors do not have enough evidences to prove that genes are also risk components. However, it is believed that genes will make you vulnerable to environmental factors. These factors include certain viruses and bad bacteria. Researches have continued in order to find the effective medications for this disease. However, with diet, lifestyle changes and home remedies on how to relieve arthritis pain naturally at home, the symptoms will gradually improve. Therefore, on, I would like to share with readers my knowledge and experience. I hope you will enjoy it.

1. The Need To Lose Weight: 

how to relieve arthritis pain

Your extra weight can put the pressure on your joints and bones. Losing weight is considered as the first tip on how to relieve arthritis pain naturally. By reducing your weight, you can avoid the pain and damage in your joints. Moreover, it can improve the mobility. In order to lose weight, you need an effective weight loss program. However, you should make sure that you look for the doctor’s help to decide which program is suitable for your condition. The program needs to combine regular exercise and healthy diet.

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2. Sleep And Relaxation: 

how to relieve arthritis pain

It is the important tip on how to relieve arthritis pain you should not skip. The possible reason may be that your body needs time to repair the problems and restore your energy. Of course, patients with arthritis pain need that than normal people. Getting at least 8-hour sleep at night is the effective way to treat the pain. Moreover, a nap is also as important as long sleep at night. Make sure that you can take a nap for at least 30 minutes at noon. If you find difficult to take a sleep, deep breathing, exercise and meditation are effective to help you relax.

3. Exercise Regularly: 

how to relieve arthritis pain

Nothing is more effective than exercise. It not only helps, you to lose weight but also maintain the joint’s flexibility. Intense exercise like running and walking can be damaging. Fortunately, there are many low-impact exercises you can try such as swimming and aerobics.

4. Keep Your Joints Protected: 

how to relieve arthritis pain

As the best tip on how to relieve arthritis pain, protecting your joint is important in order to avoid damage and injury even when you do not see any symptoms. You should care about your joints every time whether you do small or heavy tasks. If you are prone to suffer from arthritis pain, you should avoid lifting the heavy box. Moreover, use your shoulders instead of your hands to open the door. Another good advice is to hold the book in your palm instead of your fingers.

5. Hot And Cold Therapy: 

how to relieve arthritis pain

Using temperature to reduce the pain is not strange. And for treating arthritis pain, it is effective remedy.

Simple hot and cold treatments are very easy to do and bring the great relief for your morning stiffness. In order to do that, all you need is an electric blanket. Apply it on the affected areas and you can see the relief. Cold treatment also works effectively when you use a gel ice pack to apply on the painful areas.

6. Acupuncture:

how to relieve arthritis pain

If you are interested in traditional Chinese medical practice, you will be heard about acupuncture as the way on how to relieve arthritis pain at home. By inserting some thin needles into particular points in your body, it will help to reduce pain and restore balance. However, if you decide to use this treatment, please ask the help from an experienced acupuncturist.

7. Consume Healthy Diet With Fatty Acids: 

how to relieve arthritis pain

All you know that omega-3 fatty acids are good for your health and your mind. In addition to, fatty acids will help you to reduce the pain. Consuming diet with fatty acids is considered as the tip on how to relieve arthritis pain. Some patients can look for fish oil supplements because it can alleviate stiffness and pain.

These are 7 diet, techniques and home remedies on how to relieve arthritis pain naturally at home. Do you find any effective information? Do you enjoy this article? Let me know your opinion by leaving your feedback bellow. I will glad for your contribution.

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