8 Best makeup for oily skin with acne 2024

best makeup for oily skin

In summer, women often have to face a lot of the impacts coming from the hot weather. The most annoying problem is that the heat is one of the reasons making the women makeup do not easy to implement. After doing makeup about 1-2 hours, the skin begins to become shiny, leading to the unconfident feeling and making women look a few years older. A few tips on the list of best make up for oily skin 2024 below will help you control the “obnoxious” oil layer on your skin when using makeup.

Best Makeup For Oily Skin With Acne 2024 – Best Tips To Apply:

There are some effective tips on how to do proper makeup for oily skin that I want to reveal in this article, including:

  1. Remove The Oil
  2. Protective Makeup Layer
  3. Skin Lining Powder
  4. Foundation Cream
  5. Makeup Powder
  6. Eyebrows And Eyes
  7. Blush
  8. Oil Blotting Paper

1. Remove The Oil On The Skin: 

best makeup for oily skin

This is the first out of the best makeup for oily skin 2024 that I want to introduce in this full writing and want people to learn and apply. Avoid using the usual cleansers arbitrarily. You can use the type soap dedicated to cleansing oily skin. Wash your face thoroughly, focusing on the T area, to reduce the amount of oil on the skin, dry the skin, and make it clean.

Use a piece of cotton to dip in the pore astringent solution and spread over the entire surface of the face.

2. Protective Makeup Layer: 

best makeup for oily skin

Before learning useful tips on makeup for oily skin, do not forget to protect you first basic protective skin layer: using sunscreen. Whatever type of skin you have, you also want them to always be protected in good condition. Therefore, use sunscreen with spectrum, protecting your skin from UVA, UVB high; have light weight and no oil.

3. Skin Lining Powder: 

best makeup for oily skin

It is surely that you may already be familiar with types of face lining powder which can help to extend the longevity of the makeup layer on your face. For women with oily skin, in addition to skin lining powder, it is necessary to apply an additional layer of anti-gloss cream onto the T area (eyelid and nose). In this case, many women even use the gel with pure aloe vera as the skin lining powder for eyes and lips because the usual lining cream cannot work well for their own situation. This is actually one of the best tips on the list of best makeup for oily skin 2024 that I want to introduce in this article.

Read more: Moles, Warts, And Skin Tags Removal to learn more ways to get smooth and beautiful skin.

4. Foundation Cream: 

best makeup for oily skin

You need to know which type of foundation cream is suitable for your skin type. Do not think that for oily skin, you should choose the thick foundation cream for enhancing the traction on the skin. Instead, choose the type of foundation cream which is moderated for not clogging the pores even in low temperature.

5. Makeup Powder: 

best makeup for oily skin

Perhaps you will feel surprised if we say that you should not consider the makeup selection as a heavy duty. That is because applying too thick makeup layers just can make your face stiff and false while the pores are clogged, leading to excessive oil secretions on the skin.

You just need to spread the powder in order to get a thin makeup layer on your face and focus on the prominent part of your face to get an attractive appearance.

6. Eyebrows And Eyes: 

best makeup for oily skin

Use a makeup pencil to shape the eyebrows and then use powder to rub slightly onto the skin for creating the softness. Especially with oily skin, you should not hesitate to draw shaggy and a little edgy eyebrows. Oily skin is very suitable for neutral colors. They make the face appears without the feelings of hotness as the surface of the skin secrete more oil. Therefore, people should use the copper and brown colors for the eyebrows and stern the eye to make the eyes look deeper and naturally beautiful. This is actually one of the most effective tips on the list of best makeup for oily skin with acne that people should learn and remember to apply.

7. Blush: 

best makeup for oily skin

The advice for oily skin people is that they should not use blush with too bright or too dark colors, such as carnation, dark soil color, or reddish-brown soil color. Choose pastel pink and spread from top of cheeks and spread outwards.

The lipstick with pale soil pink will make the lips look a lot sharper. Dab a little more gloss lipstick in the middle to create a sexy smile.

8. Oil Blotting Paper: 

best makeup for oily skin

This is the last but very important thing to remember and apply on the list of best makeup for oily skin with acne that I want to introduce in this entire writing.

One way to maintain the makeup powder on oily skin is to use oil blotting paper. They will absorb all of the oil that the skin secretes, helping your face to avoid falling into the situation of becoming begrimed due to the mixture of the skin oil and the makeup layers.

After using oil blotting paper, you can re-spread the makeup powder on your face to ensure the natural look.

If you have oily skin and if you are suffering from acnes, then this article is perfect for you and also other readers of VKool.com who also want to learn how to do makeup properly to beautify their oily skin, as well as stop the oily skin issue without using drugs, pills, or medical interventions. In fact, these best makeup for oily skin 2024 are 100% proven effectively, so people should not concern about this!

If you think that the best makeup for oily skin with acne that I revealed in this article are very good for you and other people who also have oily skin issue and want to learn how to makeup their face properly to address the problem, do not hesitate to share this list widely. Remember to comment in the form below to let me know your personal opinions.

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