12 Ways On How To Be The Prettiest Girl In School Without Makeup

how to be the prettiest girl in school without makeup

During the mature period, teenagers always want to make themselves special and attractive on the ground, particularly at their school. If the boys appear to be handsome and easy in front of girls, the girls try to make them more sophisticated with various ways on how to be the prettiest girl at school. Whether wearing a uniform or not, doing makeup or not, girls can absolutely make themselves prettier and more confident with some certain ways.

It is time for VKool.com to show you 12 ways on how to be the prettiest girl in school without makeup. All of the suggested ways are really necessary for all the female teenagers who want to impress themselves at the school with unique images. Spend little time reading the article to know more ways to make a girl prettier at school.

12 Ways On How To Be The Prettiest Girl In School Without Makeup

1. Create Your Own Image


Creating your own image is an important way on how to be the prettiest girl in school which all of the girls know and want to reach. You should have your own a unique style, particularly not wear all clothing from a label as this makes you look absolutely unoriginal.

To create a unique image, you can follow a style icon from someone famous, dressing well, and suitable for your body’s feature. You can follow Kate Moss who keeps a natural and simple style with T-shirt and short in common. You can also like Paris Hilton who chases extensive lines of jewelry and clothing or Blake Lively with diversity in clothes mix. And there are many other celebrities with unique styles that you want to bring them to your own wardrobe.

Having decided to create a unique style as a way on how to be the prettiest girl in school, you may pay more for shopping but you should feel free to buy your clothes as well.  If you have little money because of no jobs ever, don’t give up when there are many types of simple and cheap clothes outside. If your school requires the student to wear a uniform, you can make it more attractive by mixing it with some cute accessories. And if wearing a uniform is not compulsory in your school, you can find one store where sells jeans, T-shirt, and accessories fitting you to make yourself younger and more dynamic. For a preppy look, you should drop by some stores like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Gap, and Aeropostale. But for a higher fashion look, you should search fashion outlets like Forever21 and Loehmanns, or stores named Juicy Couture and Nordstroms.

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2. Keep Skin Clear And Beautiful

People always consider a nice skin as the second necessary factor following a standard body of a beautiful girl. That means keeping your skin staying clear and beautiful is one factor on how to be the prettiest girl in school.

There are many types of face wash available on the market, so you have to choose a good one to clean your face at least once a day. You have to remove out all your makeup before going to bed otherwise, you will appear really badly. And remember to use a toner after cleaning your face skin in order to eliminate any traces of makeup as well as impurities. Along with doing a face wash each day, you should also use some natural face masks 2 or 3 times a week to keep your skin smoother, softer, and stronger.

If you have acne, you should invest to buy some good acne cream that is suitable for your skin type. As estimated, up to 80% teenagers appear with face acne, so you don’t have to worry about this problem and try to treat it as soon as possible. Don’t let your confidence down because of acne and quickly improve it to make you the prettiest girl in school.

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3. Switch Hair Style


After caring your skin, making hair style is the next step on how to be the prettiest girl in school. In addition, you should switch your hairstyle quite often in order not to bring the bother even make yourself more attractive. Before your semester starts about 2 weeks, go to a salon and make your hair done. You should choose a professional salon to ensure your hair most beautiful on your first day at school. You can have highlights and lowlights as others that are not expensive while making you look more sophisticated.

Switch your hair is also a way to choose the most suitable one for you. When being young, you should try as many new hairstyles as possible, which attracts attention to you in positive ways. You can try different wavy or straight style, twists, and buns to improve your look. By these ways, people begin being aware of how much effort you give to your look and even ask you for some beauty tips!

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4. Whiten Your Teeth

Having natural white teeth with the fresh breath is important for not only a girl but also for everyone. This will make your smile shinier, prettier, and more noticeable. Feel free to smile whenever you meet a friend even you do not know each other, which gives other a comfort and decision to make friend with you. And all of the other ways, a charming smile is the most effective way on how to be the prettiest girl in school. As an advice, you can chew gums to keep your breath fresh all the time, particularly after having a lunch.

5. Care Your Nails

Every girl wants to have beautiful nails that are beauty weapon of a girl making her more attractive. Therefore, you should care your nails as well as make them thoroughly as a way on how to be the prettiest girl in school. You should regularly cut, form, and buff to keep them clean as the first reason. Plus, you can make your nails nicer by painting them fun and cute with diverse colors. However, you should choose the paints that suit your clothes for the student as well.

6. Do Some Makeup

It is certainly important for a girl to do some makeup before going out, especially going to school. It is not only the method on how to be the prettiest girl in school but also makes you confident all the time. There are many ways to make up that you can search in beauty websites and choose your favorite style. If you want to look excellent, create bright and enormous eyes with the full lips, which receive the approval of both men and ladies. You then put on the lipstick utilizing a brush in order to control the edges around more easily and create full lips. For your eyes, apply highlighter powder quite lightly under and around the area of the eyes. And if you want to make your eyes bigger, draw a white line on the inward edge of the eyes and a dim color on top lining the lash line. In addition, remember to use unbiased eye shadows for strong shades because they will open the eyes and make you look regular pretty. If you want to have a soft look when adding redden, never use unforgiving bronzers or reddens because they don’t look common indeed.

On the other hand, you should not wear a lot of makeup because it is not suitable for an educational environment. If you are invited to a party, doing makeup thoroughly is really necessary instead. You only need some basic stuff like Concealer for a flawless face skin that should be bought from Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown, or Yves Saint Laurent. Plus, you can consult a makeup professional to find the best color for foundation or blush as a wrong color may make your face look tired even dirty. For lip gloss, you should search for some brands like Lancome’s Juicy,  Sephora, or YSL Golden Gloss. Covergirl’s last blast is recommended for your mascara try and Bobbi Brown is also suggested for eye makeup. Don’t make yourself weird at school because of too much makeup and a light makeup style is much more preferred.

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7. Always Smell Fabulous

A good smell is also essential for a girl because it gives the earliest impression for people around! Therefore, always keeping yourself smell fabulous is a way on how to be the prettiest girl in school. You should let others aware of your own signature scent but remember just to spray your perfume. A light scent of perfume can give positive effects that everyone can smell when passing you only. To find your individual scent, you can ask for samples of Bath and Body Works, La Perle Charme, or Pacsun’s. In addition, choose your shampoo and conditioner with great smells to make your scent more fabulous.

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8. Do Exercises Before Class

It is advised to spend at least 30 minutes doing some exercises to stay in Body Building which makes your body look fantastic and more confident. You can go to a gym, an exercise center and take a class. Doing exercises is not only for being thin but also the way to you understand and love your body more because the endorphins hormone becoming active after doing exercises can make you more satisfied and profitable. Nowadays, there are many ways to get fit including maintaining running each day, doing workout features, or going to a gym. It is obviously more effective when going to a fitness center because of diverse facilities and professional coach. However, if you feel that running on the road gives you more satisfaction, let do that. By anyways, these exercises will increase your stamina and provide you an improvement which makes you more noticeable. They also make your skin shiny while your clothes fit better besides making your body more fascinated. In conclusion, maintaining a good body by doing often exercises is one of the ways on how to be the prettiest girl in school.

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9. Be Confident

how to be the prettiest girl in school-be confident

You may hear that a girl though without beauty also needs certain confidence to make her more special. Thus, you should be always confident as a way on how to be the prettiest girl in school. No matter what you wear or how you make up, always appear to be confident that you are pretty and styled indeed. Don’t let anyone transform you or show the signs of change in yourself! In addition, you will certainly look prettier when you always look sure about your way to do something as the best one rather than dealing with your appearance on the ground.

In addition, you should keep good grades to make yourself always confident. It is no doubt that the main purpose going to school is study and anyone having good achievement certainly receives the admiration from the others. So, if you want other students always keep eyes on you, let try to study well. An image you sit studying in the library is really a good hint.

Finally, on the way how to be the prettiest girl in school, don’t act fake to be nice in front of other people but never be rude as well. Let be yourself, not anyone else.

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10. Not Be Cold Blooded

You may see many celebrities looking cold but also be famous and loved by many others but this really does not suit a student. Don’t think that keeping yourself cold blooded can attract people around, which sometimes bring annoyance as well.  On the way how to be the prettiest girl, you should be friendly, warm-hearted, and humble in any cases. By this way, you will receive the love from not only boys but also other girls so that they then give more positive opinions about you and praise you on both appearance and characteristic.

In addition, you should increase conversation with friends, which creates you a friendly image and also gives you chances getting in a relationship with any boy. Feel free to give a compliment for someone such as “Your dress is so amazing!”, or “I love your purse!”, or even “I wish I could do the makeup as well as yours!”. When you are natural and popular, you are really nice.

Furthermore, you should spend a little time overlooking people around particularly other girls. Feeling confident is necessary but you should also study from others, not only their style but also their posture at your school. And don’t forget to expand your relationship as much as possible so that you then will give more opinions and approval for you to be well matured.

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11. Have Good Posture

Having good posture is the certain factor of all students in common and a girl in particular.  You should know that people around always look at your posture and that whether they like you or not depends on how you act. When you have all a pretty face, an excellent style, and even good grades, you may have to make others love you because of your right posture. The ways you greet your teachers, you treat your friends, even the eating habit are all important for a pretty girl.

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12. Pay Attention To The Lunch

Because you have a lunch each day at school, you should also pay attention to it as the other way on how to be the prettiest girl in school. Firstly, you should not sit the same table all days and try to talk with others who even did not know before to expand your friend system alternatively.  It is not difficult to start a conversation with a strange person like a compliment “Hey, I like your hair! How do you make it well wavy?”. And avoid just paying attention to your phone screen during your lunch without talking with friends because this makes you isolated and more tired after class.

Secondly, you have to notice your meal that has direct effects on your health, your body, and brain. You should consume more vegetables, fruits, and products of the soil that all make a significant difference to your skin as well as keep you feel better all day.

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