Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil is more and more popular for its fantastic health and beauty benefits. Sandalwood oil can benefit you because it contains a lot of healthy properties such as Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Astringent, Cicatrisant, Carminative, Diuretic, Disinfectant, Antiphlogistic and Hypotensive. Keep reading this writing on VKool site to get more details about sandalwood essential oil uses and benefits.

Top Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

I. Benefits Of Sandalwood Oil For Health

1. Sandalwood Has Antiseptic Agents

sandalwood has antiseptic agents download

Thanks to the present of antiseptic agents in sandalwood essential oil, it is safe for both external and internal applications. When ingested, essential oil sandalwood helps protect internal ulcers and wounds from infections. Add several drops of sandalwood essential oil to a glass of milk, then drink it.

A regular consumption of this can help prevent you from ulcer and infections in renal tracts, digestive tracts, gullet and throat. When covered on skin, it helps protect sores, wounds, pimples and boils from becoming septic or developing infections.

2. Sandalwood Has Anti-Inflammatory Agents

sandalwood has anti-inflammatory agents download Both sandalwood essential oil and sandalwood powder are beneficial as anti-inflammatory properties. They offer a cooling effect and help relieve different inflammation in the digestive, brain, nervous, excretory and circulatory systems, which result from fevers, infections, negative effects of antibiotics, insect bites, wounds and poisoning. Especially, sandalwood oil is very effective in cases of circulatory and nervous inflammations.

3. Sandalwood Contains Antispasmodic Properties

sandalwood contains antispasmodic properties download Next to sandalwood essential oil uses and benefits, it can help you deal with spasms. Being both sedative and relaxant in nature, this essential oil acts great against many spasms. It can relax your blood vessels, nerves, and muscles; thereby ending contractions and spasms and. Also, sandalwood essential oil is beneficial in treating some problems related to spasms, such as coughs, cramps, throbbing and aches.

4. Sandalwood Has Some Astringent Agents

sandalwood has some astringent agents download Although sandalwood essential oil is very mild, yet this oil has astringent properties that can aid in inducing contractions in your skin, gums and muscles. It proves useful in terms of improving the hold of the gums on your teeth, tightening of your skin and strengthening of your muscles.

5. Sandalwood Has Cicatrisant Properties

sandalwood has cicatrisant properties download

Sandalwood essential oil can help soothe your skin, heal your scars and spots much faster. The oil is actually an old practice using the paste of sandalwood like a skin pack. Its same effects are obtained from applying this oil. In addition, sandalwood essential oil is now used in a lot of skin care creams, soaps and lotions extensively.

6. Sandalwood Contains Carminative Properties

sandalwood contains carminative properties download When it comes to sandalwood essential oil uses, it can work with its carminative properties. Sandalwood essential oil, being a natural relaxant acts to induce relaxation in your abdominal and intestines muscles, hence facilitating the gas removal in your body. Plus, this oil can help prevent your excess gas from forming.

7. Sandalwood Has Diuretic Agents

sandalwood has diuretic agents download Thank to the anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties in sandalwood essential oil, it can soothe inflammation in your urinary system as well as induce relaxation promoting easy passage of your urine. Furthermore, sandalwood essential oil can also boost the quantity and frequency of your urination. It assists in curing inflammation and infections in your urinary system, as it can flush out dangerous waste and toxins out of your urine.

It curbs down soreness of the excretory system, thereby inducing a cooling effect on your system. As a result, the passage of your urine will become easier, your urine amount will increase and the urination frequency will get boosted considerably. In other words, sandalwood essential oil can work as a type of diuretic and keep your renal system healthy.

8. Sandalwood Contains Disinfectant Properties

sandalwood contains disinfectant properties download

It is disinfectant property present in sandalwood oil that can justify its wide use in cosmetics and religious ceremonies. The fragrance of sandalwood can help keep away small insects and microbes. This is a reason why sandalwood is used in sprays, evaporators, fumigants and incense sticks extensively. Furthermore, sandalwood essential oil is mixed with some other oils, lotions and bathing water to apply on wounds and skin to ensure the protection from common infections. The oil is also safely combined with milk for curing some internal infections in the throat, stomach, esophagus, excretory tracts and intestines.

The aroma of sandalwood essential oil can help drive away some pests and other microbes. Thus, it can be used as a major ingredient of insect pesticides and repellents. Mix several drops of sandalwood oil with your body lotion, body oil, or your bathing wash, then apply the mixture on your skin for being free from common skin infections.

9. Drives Away Anxiety & Stress drives away anxiety & stress download Among sandalwood essential oil uses and benefits, it can be used to relieve stress and anxiety. Sandalwood oil is sedative in nature so that it has calming effects on the nervous system. The oil can help eliminate various types of fretfulness, tension, fear and agitation by relaxing the nerves. Hence, you can experience improved focus, positive notions and better vision. 10. Sandalwood Has Antiphlogistic Agents sandalwood has antiphlogistic agents download As mentioned above, the essential oil of sandalwood has antiphlogistic agents and it has a relief from different inflammations resulting from viral infections and fever. Sandalwood essential oil has soothing effects that aid in relieving severe internal inflammations. It is great in treating soreness of circulatory system, nervous system, excretory system and digestive system. If you are among of the following biological systems, getting infected by antibiotic medicines, fever, insect attacks, injuries or toxic materials, sandalwood essential oil can help reduce inflammations considerably by letting the affected areas cool.

11. Sandalwood Contains Hypotensive Property

sandalwood contains hypotensive property download

This is a useful agent of sandalwood oil. You can mix several drops of sandalwood essential oil with a glass of milk and drink. This helps reduce your blood pressure levels and help patients of hypertension improve their condition. The sandalwood powder can give the same effects when applied to the body parts topically.

If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, sandalwood essential oil can work for you the best as the oil is packed with hypotensive components. Especially, you can take sandalwood oil internally to prevent the risk of hypertension.

12. Sandalwood Works As A Tonic sandalwood works as a tonic download Next to sandalwood essential oil uses and benefits, it can work as a tonic. Sandalwood essential oil is a good health tonic, especially for kids. It is safely given to young children while other oils are not. As sandalwood essential oil is soothing on the digestive, nervous systems and the stomach, so it can help these systems work in harmony without abnormalities. It is mentioned that sandalwood essential oil has an excellent soothing effect on the internal organ systems. Thereby, it helps them function in synchronization and helps keep the entire system of kids healthy. 13. Sandalwood Helps Control Body Odor sandalwood helps control body odor download The aroma of sandalwood essential oil has made it an important part of perfumery. The oil can be combined with various deodorants, skin care products and hair care products for eradicating stinking smell on the body. Furthermore, sandalwood essential oil helps keep you cool and fresh for long.

II. Sandalwood Oil Benefits For Skin

Next to awesome sandalwood essential oil uses, this is its beauty benefits for skin. Check out the greatest beauty benefits of sandalwood essential oil for skin below!

1. Sandalwood Oil For Bright & Flawless Skin

sandalwood oil for bright & flawless skin download

Sandalwood essential oil is famous for its skin friendly cleansing agents. It serves as a cicatrisant and acts to soothe skin to a good extent. For those who have scars, spots, eczema or blemishes on skin, make use of this oil as it can help reduce these skin conditions effectively and reduce the chance of developing these conditions again.

Sandalwood essential oil is also a great astringent, which helps tone skin as well as rejuvenate your skin perfectly. Those with dry skin can be beneficial from this essential oil so much as it helps bring younger skin back to their life.

2. Sandalwood Essential Oil For Curing Skin Itching & Infections sandalwood essential oil for curing skin itching & infections download Curing skin infections and skin itching are common functions of sandalwood essential oil. When you apply the oil regularly, you can easily sidetrack different types of skin problems and infections. The greatest part of this oil is that it can be used use through the year. Non-sticky ingredients in sandalwood oil make it beneficial on summer days, too. Try sandalwood essential oil on your itchy and dry skin as well. Although the oil doesn’t mend skin trouble apparently, people can easily enjoy momentary calmness after applying it on the skin. Sandalwood essential oil moreover can help reduce skin itching quickly and provide users with soothing effects. Thereby, the sandalwood essential oil solution is also widely used for treating eczema successfully. 3. Sandalwood Prevents Skin Aging sandalwood prevents skin aging download Among different sandal wood essential oil uses, it is recommended using for preventing skin aging. With age, your skin begins getting old. The effects of your increasing age seem to be prominent on your skin. You should try some cosmetic products available at cosmetic stores, yet they hardly are effective and safe. Moreover, most anti-ageing skin care products are very expensive as well as unaffordable for many people. Sandalwood essential oil is inexpensive so that you can use this oil for long-lasting results.
It is believed that a regular use of this essential oil can help reduce scars and lines on skin. The oil is also good for lightening scars of your stretch marks.

4. Sandalwood Improves Dry Scalp & Hair

sandalwood improves dry scalp & hair download

Yes, beside various sandalwood essential oil uses and benefits, it is very effective to improve your dry hair and scalp. Simply, mix 2 to 5 drops of sandalwood oil with shampoo, then massage into your scalp and hair.

Besides, you can mix 2 to 5 drops of sandalwood oil with hair conditioner, then massage into your hair and gently comb through.

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By now, you might be aware of the great sandalwood essential oil uses and benefits. Feel free to comment on it or share it with other people.

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