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If you want to lose weight, there are products out there that claim to be able to help you lose it faster, or make the process easier. The problem is that not all of those products work as well as they want you to think.

One product has recently been showing up in a lot of internet searches, so we want to find out if it’s worth all the hype. Stay tuned and check out the article below for what we found out, because the results might surprise you.

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PGX Fiber Overview

PGX Fiber is a pill that’s supposed to help you lose weight. Each bottle contains 240 pills, and each serving is 3 capsules, but the serving recommendation changes for users: the first week you’re supposed to take 1-2 capsules three times a day, the second week 2-4, and anywhere beyond the third week you’re supposed to take 3-6. We did the math, and that means that in the first month, those 240 pills will already be used up. Each serving size contains 2250mg of their primary ingredient blend.

PGX Fiber is made by InovoBiologic Inc, a nutritional supplement company based in Canada. They primarily make products designed to help people with weight loss and with controlling blood sugar.

They ran into some legal trouble in 2024 when they were sued by the Environmental Research Center for failing to warn customers that their products contain lead. Also, despite representing themselves as a reputable company, we were unable to find any record of their customer service history on a Better Business Bureau page.

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PGX Fiber Claims

PGX Fiber claims to work as an appetite suppressant. They say that the main ingredients in the pills will absorb the water you take with them to the point where you feel full. The resulting sense of “fullness” is supposed to reduce food cravings and make it easier to adhere to a low calorie diet. They also claim that they can control blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. They say that it works when used as a part of their proprietary weight-loss program.

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PGX Fiber Ingredients

This product contains very few ingredients:

  • Polyglycoplex
  • Medium chain triglycerides

Polyglycoplex is the name of their proprietary blend of konjac root, sodium alginate, and xanthan gum. Konjac is a fibrous root that’s used as a way to help keep the appetite down, also known as glucomannan. There are some health issues associated with it, with Health Canada labeling it a choking hazard because of the possibility of it swelling while still in the throat. It can also cause side effects like gas and diarrhea. Xanthan gum is a thickener used as an additive, and it comes with some side effects like diarrhea and bloating.

Medium chain triglycerides are derived from oils like palm oil and coconut oil, and are supposed to be effective at helping burn fat by “promoting fat oxidation.

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The Science Behind PGX Fiber

The main action of this supplement is the konjac root, which is supposed to swell in the stomach and make you feel full so that you don’t eat as much. Unfortunately, there are side effects to using it, and it’s considered dangerous by some agencies and advisories.

The medium chain triglycerides were put in for their fat-burning properties, but unfortunately there are conflicting reports about how useful they are, or whether they even work or not.

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Word on the Street About PGX Fiber

We wanted to see if this product measures up to its claims, so we checked out some sources of customer reviews. Some people like this product, saying that “helps me avoid snacking” and “keeps you fuller for longer.” Another person said it was “easy to use.

Other people didn’t like it. “It’s too expensive,” one said, adding “it doesn’t work at all.” Another user remarked that they’ve “used it for over a month without any difference in weight.” Others said similar things.

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Is PGX Fiber Worth Trying?

We personally can’t recommend this product. For one, the company that makes it has been in some legal trouble recently, which doesn’t reflect well on them. The main thing, however, is the actual ingredients themselves. There are only two main ingredients, and one of them (konjac) comes with some discomforting side effects, and has been labeled a health hazard because it can block the throat. The other ingredient, medium chain triglycerides, have mixed evidence that they work.

Not only that, but even though the bottle contains 240 capsules, they’ll only last you around a month, which isn’t very promising.

We say to avoid this product and try something that can really help you, not just promise to help avoid food cravings.

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PGX Fiber vs Metamucil

These products are pretty different. While PGX Fiber is primarily an appetite suppressant, Metamucil is mainly intended to help your digestive health (although they have an “appetite control” version of their product). The fiber in PGX comes from konjac root, while Metamucil’s come from psyllium. You get more for your money with Metamucil ($11-$28) compared to PGX (~$40). Metamucil is also lower in calories, with 10 calories per serving compared to PGX’s 30. Metamucil is also available in more stores, it appears.

PGX Fiber vs Chia Seeds

These are very different things. While PGX Fiber is a nutritional supplement formulated in a lab, chia seeds are natural seeds stemming from Central America. Chia seeds contain nutritional benefits like fiber, protein, and vitamins, while PGX Fiber mainly claims to work as an appetite suppressant with no other real nutritional benefits involved. There is a similarity, however: both the PGX Fiber capsules and chia seeds are supposed to expand in the stomach, making you feel fuller. They differ widely in cost, as PGX costs ~$40 and chia seeds go for as low as $3 a pound.

PGX Fiber vs Glucomannan

These are very similar products. While PGX Fiber is a combination of konjac root and triglycerides, glucomannan (also konjac root) is just one ingredient, and is available in a variety of brands. Since they both contain glucomannan, they can both cause side effects like stomach pain and other gastrointestinal discomfort, in addition to posing a choking hazard. Glucomannan doesn’t usually come with medium chain triglycerides. The price will differ between them too, since glucomannan is in a wide variety of weight loss supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I read a review of PGX Fiber?
    You can find them on websites where it’s sold.
  2. Does Walmart sell PGX Fiber?
    We haven’t seen it for sale there, either online or in-store.
  3. What is PGX Fiber made of?
    It’s made of a combination of konjac root and medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil).
  4. Does PGX Fiber come in a powder?
  5. What are the side effects of PGX Fiber?
    They include bloating and diarrhea.
  6. Can I get PGX Fiber at Costco?
    We haven’t seen it being sold there, no.
  7. Has PGX Fiber been recommended by Dr Hyman?
    Yes, Dr Hyman (who writes a popular nutritional blog) has promoted it on his site.
  8. Can I get PGX Fiber from GNC?
    Not from what we’ve seen.

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So What Really Works?

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