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Updates: 05/6/2024

There are various birth control options for you. If you are planning to start birth control, it will be so overwhelmed to think about a right method available to you, the way it works, the side effects, the advantages and the disadvantages. In this 2-part writing, I would like to introduce you the new different birth control methods and the most common birth control mistakes to help you keep on track, including the pill, condoms, IUDS, the sponge, vaginal and so on. Keep reading to get more information about these methods and plan your birth control safely.

 I. Different Birth Control Methods

1. Hormonal Intrauterine Device (IUD)

different birth control methods and their side effectsThis small T-shaped device is made of the flexible plastic which release progestin on the regular schedule. The hormonal intrauterine device works to help women prevent sperm from reaching the eggs. The IUD costs you about $500 to $1,000. According to the Planned Parenthood in 2024, there are over 99% cases getting success by using the birth control option.

Advantages: you can use the IUD in 5 years. It is effective and progestin may make your period lighter.

Disadvantages: after inserting, you get backache or mild cramping in a few days. You may have irregular periods in some months.
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2. Copper Intrauterine Device

Similar to the hormonal intrauterine device, copper intrauterine device is also a small device which is made of the flexible plastic, plus the copper. A doctor will insert this T-shaped device into the uterus.
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Copper intrauterine device works by stopping sperm from reaching the eggs. It is priced at $500 to $1,000. According to Planned Parenthood (2024), over 99 percent of women get successful birth control by using this method.

Advantages: this method is highly effective and long-lasting in 12 years. It doesn’t change women’s natural hormone.

Disadvantages: The side effects of the copper intrauterine device are not different to those of the hormonal intrauterine device.

3. The Implant

different birth control methods and effectiveness

A doctor will insert a tiny piece of plastic implant under a woman’s the upper arm skin. The implant releases progestin in the body to prevent sperm from approaching the eggs. It takes a couple of minutes to insert this piece under the skin. It can work over 3 years. The cost for this control birth is about $400 to $800. According to Planned Parenthood (2024), over 99 percent of women get successful birth control of the implant.

Advantages: the implant is effective and long-lasting. It causes no hassles during sex.

Disadvantages: to make an implant, women will have a minor surgery. They might have irregular bleeding in the 6 to 12 months after the implant. But this is not a serious problem. It’s just a small side effect.

4. The Shot

This is one of simple and different birth control methods. A woman will have a shot including hormone progestin in her arm. This method helps women prevent themselves from ovulation and avoid sperm from reaching the eggs. To compare with other methods above, this option just costs you $35 to $75/injection and it makes up about 94% to 99% of effectiveness, according to the latest information released by the Planned Parenthood in 2024.

Advantages: women have to visit doctors to have the shots during 3 months. Progestin can help women reduce their menstrual bleeding as well as cramping. And besides, they won’t get any side effects of the estrogen.

Disadvantages: The effects of this method are safe and long-lasting. Therefore, if women plan to get pregnant soon, they should wait. In addition, the progestin can cause some health problems such as irregular periods, headache, sore breasts or nausea during 3 months. According to the doctors, there are some rarer side effects such as bad sex drive or weight gain.

5. The Pill

different birth control methods chartThis is a common and simple tip to control pregnancy. Women just take pills containing progestin and estrogen in order to stop egg production. The pill price is cheaper than other different birth control methods; it comes with the prices of $14 to $50 a month. According to the Planned Parenthood in 2024, the effectiveness is around 91% to 99%.

Advantages: by taking pills, women are totally free from hassle during sex. They will have some changes of hormones which reduce heavy periods and increase the protection against certain cancers, acne and skin problems, ovarian cysts, inflammation and much more.

Disadvantages: women should pay attention to taking pills gradually. If they skip just a day, it will increase the risk of unexpected pregnancy. Moreover, the combination between progestin and estrogen will increase some health problems such as heart attacks, blood clots and some others.

6. Vaginal Ring

Besides to the implant, the hormonal intrauterine device and the hormonal intrauterine device, women can apply another method of inserting the vaginal ring into their vagina. This is a small ring that is made of plastic. A doctor will insert this device into a woman in one month then it will be left for 3 weeks. This plastic ring works to release progestin and estrogen into the women’s body. While progestin works to thicken cervical mucus, estrogen works to stop the production of eggs. By using this method, it costs you about $15 to $80 a month. According to the Planned Parenthood in 2024, this method brings about 91% to 99% of effectiveness.

Advantages: this is a simple birth control method. Women just remember to use the ring on the 1st day of each month and take the ring out in 3 weeks later.

Disadvantages: women will take some side effects of progestin and estrogen as I mentioned in previous different birth control methods above.

7. Contraceptive Patch

different birth control methods pictures

Next to vaginal ring, women can stick a contraceptive patch to their skin. This is actually a thin patch which is used to release 2 main types of hormones progestin and estrogen into their body. The cost for this birth control is about $15 to $80 a month. The effectiveness of using contraceptive patch is around 91% to 99%, according to the Planned Parenthood in 2024.

Advantages: women put a patch on their skin once/month. Women can balance female hormones.

Disadvantages: women also get negative side effects of progestin and estrogen.

8. Morning-After Pill

This is a type of birth control pill which is used after sex. People can buy it at any drugstores with no prescription. But remember that you are over 17. There are different types of morning-after pill; they are priced at $10 to $70. According to the Planned Parenthood in 2024, there are 89% effective when using this method within 72h.

Advantages: women can use morning-after pill in case of unexpected emergencies.

Disadvantages: there are about 50% of women feel queasy after using this pill, but it will end within 24h. Besides, women can get some side effects such as dizziness, breast tenderness, headache, fatigue problems and abdominal pain.

9. Male Condom

Today, this birth control method is so common. It’s convenient and safe if men use condoms in the right way. It costs just $1/condom. It can bring about 82% to 98% of effectiveness (according to the Planned Parenthood in 2024).

Advantages: condoms are accessible and inexpensive. It also helps couples reduce the risks of transmitted infections such as HIV or some sexual diseases.

Disadvantages: condoms make couple reduce their sexual sensitization and reduce quality of sex drive. In addition, there are also some types of female condoms. They cost higher prices than male condoms: $4 each. The effectiveness of female condoms is also lower than those of male condoms: 79% to 95%.

 II. Common Birth Control Mistakes

different birth control methods helpWhen choosing different birth control methods, people should make sure that they follow the right steps and use suitable methods for gaining the expecting results, avoiding some mistakes, as well. The following are common birth control mistakes people should pay attention. Some mistakes are so simple but if you don’t care about them, it will be the main causes of your unexpected pregnancy.

1. Not Using Protection

This is one of the worst mistakes. Men who forget using condoms will increase the high risk of getting pregnant in women. Women who forget to take birth control pills will also increase the risk of unexpected pregnancy.

2. No Intrauterine Devices

Many women don’t use contraceptive pills and get a hormonal intrauterine device or the copper intrauterine device to prevent pregnancy. In other cases, maybe they have no knowledge of using these methods to make their pregnancy decision.

3. You Are Inconsistent

If women miss 1 or 2 pills of their pack, it means they need 7 days of using a certain birth control method. Progestin pills need to be used at the right time every day.

4. Having Sex At The Fertile Time

At this time, women will increase the higher risk of pregnancy. So be sure that you are able to take control your sex at this period of time.

5. Taking Antibiotic Rifampin

Taking rifampin will undermine the hormonal contraception, consisting of vaginal ring, patch and pill. Some supplements, HIV drugs, yeast infections also cause some problems for your birth control.
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6. Using Wrong Lubricants

Lubricants including mineral body lotions, baby oil or Vaseline which can weaken the effectiveness of condoms and increase the risk of getting pregnant in women.

different birth control methods pros and cons

7. Long Fingernails Nick The Sponge

Fingernails can tear contraceptive sponges during intercourse, which reduces efficacy. So be sure that keep your fingernails short and tear your condoms carefully before using it.

8. On Wrong Pills

Be careful to choose right pills if you don’t want to have a safe pregnancy protection. Because you some pills can affect your current diseases and they lower the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Besides, as terrible side effects of these pills, you can have worse diseases such as heart attacks, vomiting, anxiety, depression and so on. Choosing right anti-pregnancy pills is actually an important issue that you should not forget.

9. Using Condoms In Wrong Ways And Wrong Types

People should pay attention to how to use condoms in the right way and in right type. For example, lambskin condoms cannot protect you against HIV while latex and polyurethane is safe enough for you to avoid pregnancy.

I’ve showed you the different birth control methods and common mistakes in birth control. I hope that this article helps you get clear about all these real-to-life issues and you will be active to control your pregnancy and help your partner widen the knowledge of this field.

As always, your feedback and comments are invited and welcome! Share your ideas with me!

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