Top 20 Ways On How To Treat PMS Naturally

how to treat pms naturally


Premenstrual syndrome refers to the collection of many physical and psychological characteristics and symptoms accompanying monthly cycle of a woman. The symptoms of PMS include water retention, swelling of the breasts, bloating, acne, weight gain, etc. There are many simple ways to get rid of this problem as well as its symptoms. In today’s article, we,, will discuss on how to treat PMS naturally. Continue reading it in the line of Sexual Health.

Top 20 Ways On How To Treat PMS Naturally

1. Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant, which makes a person feel more fatigued, depressed and tired. It removes the minerals and vitamin B from the body. Besides, consuming alcohol can cause disruption in the metabolism of carbohydrate. Thus, to deal with PMS, you need to avoid drinking alcohol.

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2. How To Treat PMS – Eat Healthily

Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, starches, fishes, poultry, raw seeds, and nuts is a great way on how to treat PMS naturally. These foods give all the nutrients to the body to carry out different metabolic processes of the body. You need to avoid oily food such as pakoras, chips, and pooris because they make you feel lethargic and irritate your system further. Thus, it’s advisable to eat healthy to help relieve the symptoms of PMS.

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3. Reduce Intake Of Fat

how to treat pms - reduce intake of fat

Overconsumption of dietary fat may result in the liver malfunction. Therefore, it’s suggested to go for few quantities of fish, lean meat, seafood, nuts, and seeds. In addition, you also should include rice, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in your diet.

4. How To Treat PMS – Crunch On Carbs

Basically, carbohydrates work effectively to deal with PMS. Whole grain cereals, fresh fruits, bread, vegetables, etc. help to reduce food cravings, which is one of the major symptoms of PMS.  Plus, these aid in elevating mood and preventing stress, anxiety, tension, and depression too.

5. Consume Serotonin Rich Foods

Avocados contain natural serotonin. The natural serotonin is an ideal supplement to promote the mood and ease depression, sadness, and anxiety. Besides avocados, plantains, papayas, eggplants, date palms, and pineapples are also rich in serotonin. Consume them regularly to prevent PMS naturally.

6. How To Treat PMS – Get Proper Sleep

Insomnia can make your daily life miserable. This will take a huge toll on the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). It results in irritation and fatigue. It’s always wise to get proper sound sleep, particularly during this phase to stay away from all the unnecessary sufferings. Thus, getting proper sleep is one of the best ways on how to treat PMS naturally.

7. Avoid Stress

Stress can make PMS symptoms worse. It’s best to manage stress to keep the symptoms of PMS under control. To control stress, you can take a walk, listen to music and joint stress management programs. You can also indulge in gossip session or spa treatments.

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8. How To Treat PMS Reduce High Sodium Food Intake

Hot dogs, salad dressings, bouillon, and catsup are the food items containing a large quantity of table salt and high sodium. These foods cause retention of body, breast tenderness, bloating as well as other PMS symptoms. So, avoid them to help deal with PMS.

9. Carry Out Aerobic Exercises

how to treat pms - carry out aerobic exercises

Physical activities and aerobic exercises help to reduce the level of stress. It also helps to take toxic materials out of the body. Instead of the bicycling, elevator, etc.
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jogging, taking the stairs are some of the excellent aerobic exercises that can improve your mood and remove the fatigue and tiredness coming with PMS. You should do these exercises regularly for 20-30 minutes.

However, during your period, you need to avoid doing physical exercises.

10. How To Treat PMS – Drink Herbal Tea

One of the wonderful ways on how to treat PMS naturally is consuming some herbal tea. It’s suggested to drink come cinnamon tea or chamomile tea before hitting the bed. Add some honey to sweeten the tea. It’ll help you to have a sound sleep and relax completely. As a result, all the disturbing PMS symptoms and signs are removed completely.

11. Kitchen Towel

You simply take a towel and soak it in water. Then, place it in a microwave for a minute and afterward, apply it on your belly to ease ovarian or abdominal pains. This is a simple way on how to treat PMS naturally.

12. How To Treat PMS – Use Ice

A cool drink may be useful if you’re suffering from tension and stress. Wrap some ice cubes and use it as a cold compress for headaches and on the muscles. This acts to be a good home remedy to relieve the pain caused due to PMS.

13. Clay Mask

Clay masks aid in absorbing the extra oil secreted by your skin during this time. You just need to apply it one time a day for about twenty minutes or on your affected area and leave overnight. Also, this helps to dry out acne.

14. How To Treat PMS With Bananas

Being rich in potassium, bananas provide tremendous relief from bloating, inflammation, retention of water as well as other symptoms of PMS. Black currants, potatoes, figs, onions, broccoli, tomatoes are also some of the potassium-rich foods.

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15. Sesame Seeds

how to treat pms - sesame seeds

Consumption of pumpkin, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds are helpful during the week prior to your periods. These seeds are packed with Omega-6 fatty acids, which assist in controlling the different symptoms of menstruation efficiently.

16. How To Treat PMS With Cherries

Cherries are one of the natural remedies to get relief from the different PMS symptoms. These symptoms consist of bloating, mood swings, etc. Before the starting of the menstrual flow, you begin to consume 10 cherries every day on an empty stomach for a whole week.

17. Pasta

Basically, magnesium deficiency can give rise to abdominal pain and muscle cramps. Pasta is loaded with magnesium, which helps to maintain the body’s hormonal balance. Other food products high magnesium include cereals, potatoes, and green vegetables. Consuming these magnesium-rich foods can help to combat the symptoms of PMS quickly.

18. How To Treat PMS With Turkey

Generally, turkey meat composes of an amino acid, tryptophan, which helps to get converted into serotonin. It also plays a crucial role in combating the different conditions of PMS. Another great source of tryptophan is cottage cheese.

19. Black Pepper

Simply add black pepper (1 pinch) to aloe vera gel (1 tablespoon). Then, consume this solution three times every day. This remedy aids in providing relief from symptoms such as abdominal cramps, backache, headache, etc. As a result, this works wonderfully to combat PMS to a huge extent.

20. How To Treat PMS With Chicken

Chicken is a rich source of Vitamin B6, which helps to provide instant relief from depression and improve mood and increase the level of serotonin in the body. Besides chicken, fish, milk, whole grains, beans, soybeans, brown rice, walnuts and green leafy vegetables are few other sources of vitamin B6.

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Just try these remedies and tips to get rid of PMS. What do you do to get relief from the symptoms of PMS? Do you know other methods on how to treat PMS naturally? Share with us by leaving a comment in the box below!

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